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Cheryl Sheffield

February 27, 2015

KWL Charts for Faculty Development Activities

Want to Know
I know that I need to find
I want to know who my
I learned that my
a preceptor for this
preceptor is and where I
preceptor is Beverly
education course.
will be doing my
Smith RN, MSN and I will
observation hours.
be doing my observation
at San Jacinto College in
the ADN program.
I know my preceptor must I want to know how the
I learned that the
sign a contract with UT
contract between my
agreement is signed all
Tyler and agree to the
preceptor and the school
online. This was so
is signed, since they do
interesting to me because
not meet face to face.
I have never seen that
process before.
12/29/14- Initial Meeting with Preceptor

1/15/15-Attended a Clinical Faculty Meeting

I know that level 1
nursing students at San
Jacinto North campus
have 2 clinical days per
week. Each clinical day is
an 8 hours shift.

Want to Know
I want to know the rules
and regulations for
clinical. I want to know
the simulation dates that
are on campus versus at
the clinical site.

I know I have heard

students talk about
golden tickets to use as
a substitute for a clinical

I want to know how

golden tickets work and
how students obtain
them. I want to know
which faculty is the gate
keeper of information.

I learned that the rules
are regulations are
posted as a student and
faculty handbook and
must be maintained. It is
essential that all students
are in dress code for
clinical and the policy
states that if they are out
of dress code they must
be sent home from
clinical and be marked as
absent for that day. I
learned that the
simulation date for the
class I am assigned to is
March 11.
Golden tickets are given
to students who volunteer
at health fairs or
immunization fairs in the
community and hours are
given to them for clinical
time at a 1:2 ratio. For

Cheryl Sheffield

February 27, 2015

students to use the ticket
it must be arranged with
their clinical instructor.
Ms. Smith keeps a
running list of students
that have been given
golden tickets and they
are all numbered and
must be returned to her
upon use.

1/16/15- Meeting with my Preceptor to make a plan for obtaining

observation hours
I know that I must obtain
103 hours of observation
divided between
classroom, clinical,
faculty development, and
exam evaluation/analysis.

Want to Know
I want to know what
courses my preceptor
teaches and what days
she is on campus or at
clinical, so that I can
schedule my observation
days appropriately.

I know that part of my

assignment is to help
with Clinical Prep on
Mondays and Tuesdays.

I want to know how the

students check off on
the required skills before
going to clinical and how
much time they get to

I learned that Ms. Smith is
on campus each day
Monday-Friday at various
times. I learned that I will
also be assigned to Ms.
Pat Ferrell RN MSN to
lecture to Nutrition as
well as assisting with
Clinical Prep which is a
simulated learning
environment. She also
gave me a tour of the
building and let me meet
and speak with many of
the other instructors. This
was a good learning
Students are taught the
skill in lecture first and
then typically watch a
video. Then, they begin
to practice the skills with
the assistance of their
faculty. Usually at the end
of the week they are
assigned to check off on
the skill. The check off
sheet is confirmed with
another faculty member
and if the student doesnt

Cheryl Sheffield

February 27, 2015

pass the first time, they
only get one more
attempt for a maximum
grade of 70.

2/24/15- Attended an Advisory Board Meeting

I know that San Jacinto
College has an Advisory
Board that meets at least

Want to Know
I want to know the
purpose of the advisory

I know that all instructor

are invited to Advisory
meetings for input and

I want to know the main

functions of the advisory
committee. I want to
know if there will be any
changes to curriculum in
the near future.

The purpose is to design
curriculum that provides
students with the skills
and knowledge to meet
the needs to the
healthcare industry.
The advisory committee
reviews the current
curriculum and makes
suggestions for changes.
The committee promotes
and publicizes the
program within the local
community. The ADN
program will be
decreased to a total of 60
credit hours, so a
proposed curriculum was
brought to the meeting
and discussed. A major
component of this is that
pharmacology will no
longer a separate course
and will become
integrated into each
subject matter.

2/24/15- Additional information covered in the Advisory Board meeting

pertaining to test analytics
I know that the school
uses exam analytical data
from Blackboard.

Want to Know
I want to know how
Blackboard calculates
these numbers and who
is in charge of that

I learned that EAC
(Educational Assessment
Corporation) is a
attachment to

Cheryl Sheffield

February 27, 2015


I know that I have

baseline knowledge of
point biserial correlations
and they it correlates to
item reliability.

I want to know at what

point does the school
recommend that a
question or answer choice
be revised based on point
biserial analysis.

Blackboard and that

Christopher Heisen is the
Managing Director of the
program at this time.
Regardless of the number
of points given for each
question, EAC will
calculate each questions
correct as 1 point and
incorrect answers as 0
points. This is to maintain
a normal distribution.
A highly negative point
biserial means that the
low performing students
did better on that
question than the high
performing students for
that exam. Negative point
biserial correlations close
to -0.9 must be analyzed
for whether or not the
answer key was correct or
if the question was
worded clearly.

2/25/15- Meeting with Preceptor to discuss Mindset Assessment tool that

she utilizes
I know that students have
many different beliefs
and opinions when it
comes to test taking at
studying material.

Want to Know
I want to know how
students will answer
honestly when they know
their instructor is looking
at the opinions about
studying and learning.

I know that my preceptor

utilizes a mindset
assessment profile to
analyze student beliefs
and goals.

I want to know how the

mindset assessment
profile works and how it
can be utilized to help
students learn and focus
on their strengths.

I learned that the survey
was completed
anonymously, so that
each student would not
feel pressured to state
anything other than their
own opinion about their
beliefs and goals.
The Mindset Assessment
Profile is set up in a Likert
scale format, from 1-6, 1
being disagree a lot and 6
being agree at a lot.
There are 8 total
questions and the Likert

Cheryl Sheffield

February 27, 2015

scale number of each
question is then tallied up
at the end for Mindset
Assessment Profile
Number. Utilizing this
number students will fall
into several categories
that will help them to
determine strengths and
weakness of their study

2/25/15- Attended a Faculty Meeting later that same day

I know that faculty have
at least monthly
meetings with their
program director.

Want to Know
I want to know what type
of things are discussed at
these meetings and who
involved faculty are in
voicing their opinions.

I know that all the

instructors have been
anxiously awaiting the
results from the last
graduating classs NCLEX

I also want to know what

the NCLEX pass rate is
and how is will be
discussed and
incorporated into the

I learned that an agenda
is passed out to keep the
meeting focused to
important concepts. I
learned that at each
meeting, each faculty
must present a board of
nursing rule related to the
school of nursing. For
instance, Rule 214.9 was
discussed which
addressed the
classroom/clinical hours
that must be obtained for
each course in a nursing
program. In each
meeting, 4 rules are
discusses to keep the
faculty abreast of the
rules and regulates.
Presenting BON rules in
one way that the program
director ensures that all
faculty are involved in the
meeting process.
The NCLEX pass rate for
last graduating class was
96%. This number was
met with claps and
applause from all

Cheryl Sheffield
pass rate. This
information is supposed
to be shared at the

February 27, 2015


members at the meeting.

The class prior had a pass
rate of 86%, so there was
much anxiety about this
number. I learned that
even though the numbers
were good, faculty still
discussed room for
improvement and ways to
enhance student learning.