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Grade: Secondary (mixed)

Subject: New Mexico History Prepared by: Joel Gallegos

Overview: The U.S Mexican war 1845 to 1848 U.S. expanding its territory
Standards and benchmarks: 9-12 Benchmark 1-B United States: analyze and evaluate
the impact of major eras, events and individualism in the United States history since the civil
war and reconstruction.
Measurable Objectives: The students will learn about how the U.S. expanded their territory
through conquest from Texas to California and the main characters who participated in this
event and timelines.
Description of the lesson:
1. The class will start with a quick warm up that consists in information manipulation,
this activity will make the students write what they understand about the U.S.
Mexican war. Who participated, why, when and who? Any of these question are
relevant to them it should be just a small paragraph, what they decide to answer will
be up to them. (There will be handouts).
2. YouTube video.- This video will define the U.S. Mexican war with facts from 1845 to
3. I will give a short lecture about The U.S Mexican war explaining the main events
and dates of this war, I will also include characters that participated in the fray, and
all this will be done in PowerPoint.
4. Finally, the mini lesson will conclude with a flashcard game that will cover all the
points that were given in the lesson. The activity will separate student in groups of
two per table (each table has 4 students) the students will ask each other questions
that are in the flashcards, there will be two different sets of questions so the students
dont have to answer questions that they already read. This is a Kagen Cooperative
Anticipated time: 10- 15 min (9:00 through 9:10am or 9:15am).
Questions for consideration: What was the impact of the treaty of Guadalupe? Colonel.
Ethan Hitchcock?
Description of the lesson: The lesson will consist of a warmup activity that will make the
students write down what the know about the topic, then the lesson will proceed to a short
video of the U.S Mexico war, after that the will be a very small lecture about the topic and
finally the mini lesson will conclude a flash card activity. (for details see description of the
Question for consideration:
Teacher Materials: Computer, Student roster and flashcards
Student Materials: Warm up activity handouts and Flashcards (they will be given).
Assignments: The information manipulation warm up activity and the kagen cooperative
flashcard activity.
Summative Assessment: A group discussion between students.
Implements: TI - Technology Integration

MCE - Multicultural education