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Tomassi, White

Standards and Objectives: SWBT:

Word Level: demonstrate command of prefixes re-, un- dis-.
Demonstrate understanding of word relationships & using a
thesaurus. (see spelling words below)
Reading Strategy and Skill: (Literature) determine theme &
summarize, describe in depth a character, setting or event
drawing on specific details. Compare & Contrast point of view

Whole Group:
(20-40 minutes
B.E.S.T. Q1 & Q2
*CIS/Close Reading
lessons may take
longer than 40 min

RJ = Reading
Journal for 90 Miles
to Havana.

Week of: April 13 to 24th

Text: 90 miles Havana, Hercules Quest (Topic 18)

Sentence: Form and use prepositions & Prepositional
Phrases. Choose punctuation for effect.

Topic: Going on a journey

Writing: Narrative Write develop story
structure 1, create interesting characters
1 & 2, and plot 1 & 2 (4 wks)

Vocabulary: RL2.4 Determine meaning of words & phrases including those that allude to
characters in mythology. Acquire, unfortunate, coerce, boasted, beamed, glared,
ceased, declared, devised, resourceful

Instruction for the following will take 2-5 days:

Week 1 Mon - Intro Essential ?: How do authors
Week 2 Mon Intro E?: What are some
create vivid characters, settings, and plots?
challenges you might face when going on
Intro Spell, Vocab and LO. How do pre-fixes
journey or a quest? Review Vocabulary &
change a words meaning? 90 miles: Review Chp 2
new LO. Re-reader Hercules Quest.
Collect Character Traits for Julian and Bebo. How
What is allusion? TE 171 Where have you
have their traits changed as the story changes?
seen allusion in Hercules? Think aloud
Illustrate setting and use captions to justify. (RJ)
and then students guide. Review Menu.
Tues: 90 miles: Journal entry in RJ predict. Read
Mon: Look for allusion in 90 miles.
Chap 3. Teacher Read Aloud/Fluency: with
Analyze: When could allusion make a
Theseus and the Mintor
strong impact? (Reader must know.)
Tues: Preview & 1st Read Main Text: Hercules
Tues: What is an Adage & Proverb? T222
Quest. Scan story and discuss predictions. How
What makes a character memorable? TE
are 90/Hercules alike? Different? (Use
165 Traditional Tales
double/bubble) Introduce MENU & Model

Vocabulary Instruction & Apply: Model Menu

Tues: Intro Prepositions & Phrases think aloud.
Choices DAZE 18
What are they used for? How are they different?
Tues: Reread the Anchor Text/Dig Deeper
Introduce Story Structure: TE 220
(Close Reading) : Highlight Main Ideas and
Wed: Whole Grp. Cont Reading Hercules. Think
Key Details Fit into writing frame. How does
aloud and use a mind map Flow Map to follow
the author use this evidence to persuade
changes in H. Assess 0-5. Link to Menu TE170
reader? Pair Share TE 175/6 What is the
Wed: Spelling patterns Socratic circle. What do
theme? Justify.
you notice? DAZE 17 T198 - Spelling
Wed: Responding to Text: See Writing. Read:
Thurs: Your Turn- Classroom Conversations: What
Zomos Friends & ? TE182- Compare points
do you notice about text structure in H and 90
of view
miles? Compare creating Structure Map. TE 166

Thurs: Paired Selection/ Compare Texts: How

What is a myth? Compare to 90 miles & POView
are Hercules & Zomos Friends similar?
Prepositions & Phrases TE200how do they impact
Different. How is Hercules & 90 miles
readers mind movie? Do you think Zeus & Hera
similar? How could the characters and story 90
make good use of their powers? Justify.
miles become a myth?
Friday Assessments & Fuzzy Friday Review and

Thurs/Friday: DEAR Extended Text Reading

discuss impact of different Point of View.
(Exemplar Texts, books):

Writing Technology
Week 1 Besides menu
Mon - Astro Book set up &
character traits 1/2
Tues Character traits chp
Wed Flow Map write a
paragraph explaining a Bebo
trait using an example of
Thurs daily reflection on
90. Map out character with
bubble map. Map out scene
changes with detail & flow
Friday write short, vivid
story w/ memorable
Week 2
Daily reflection on 90 miles
Friday Young Authors
PICLITS for vocab
Quizlet vocab
For all rubrics self & peer
Wk 1: Introduce iMovie
Wk2: Introduce Google Learn
presentation, Continue I
Try out Journeys Assessment
on line

Maslowski, Tomassi, White

Small Group:
(50/70 minutes
B.E.S.T. Q2 & Q3
Teacher Instructed
Targeted TIER groups
based on previous
assessments or flexible
groups based on
formative assessment
during dally whole group
lessons , as needed.

Teacher CAF/Daily 5
DORF & Daze
Find out when FAIR is.
+ Strategies used on left
Student Independent groups use Menus with
strategies to right & below.
RTI Weekly Small Group or Intervention
(Blue/Red Tab in Journeys)

--------------------------Options for
See Menu

Week of: April 13 to 24th

Struggling : Vocab Read: Long Ago In Greece think aloud context clues & use map. Leveled
Reader. King Midas and the Golden Touch. (Lex: : DRA ) Pull 2X and work on phonics,
compression, and vocab/context clues. Assess and re-teach. Theme, Allusion, story structure, or
adage/proverb. Review thinking maps for character and setting detail. Think aloud for writing.
Student Menu MUST Phonics also in Walk to Read
On-Level : Vocab Read: Long Ago In Greece S share context clues & use map. Level Reader:
The Adventures of Perseus (Lex : DRA ) Pull 1X and check vocab/context and comprehension
(application of strategies), Fluency, Assess and re-teach as needed. What are some themes you
encounter in your personal reading? Student Menu SHOULD
Advanced : Vocab Read: Long Ago In Greece S compare types of context clues & how vocab
can be used in daily life. Leveled Reader The Story of Icarus (Lex : DRA ) Pull 1X Check Vocab
Strategies. Discuss use of higher vocab. Comprehension (application and extension of strategies)how does this apply to writing? Where can you use an adage/proverb? What kind of theme could you
use in your Young Author? Assess and re-teach as necessary. Student Menu COULD
* Research Projects
Listening Center/Listen to Text
Vocab Reader: Long Ago In

TE 214 Vocab

Independent/Self-Selected Reading
Partner Reading *Responding to Text
Peer Text Discussions

Additional ELA
(Recommended 60
minutes daily)

Process Writing- Common Core Writers Handbook, Write Smart online, Handwriting Instruction, Content Integration
Convention (Grammar, Capitalization, Spelling, Punctuation) Instruction, Intervention (up to 30 minutes)

Walk to Success

Graphic Organizers (Thinking Maps)

Readers Theater
Technology Opportunities: iMovie, Google Learn, PICLITS,

Students WBT: decode consonant blends even when encountering non-sense words.
Activities: M- Istation TWTh small group: phonics blocks
Assessment: Observation, Formative mini quiz, and 95 percent group.