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I am still not very clear about my main passion in life. But I have some important interests that
might very likely be my main passions in the near future. For this assignment, the interest I
would like to reflect on would be my major, Mechanical Engineering. I believe it is really
important to be passionate about your major, as it will very likely be determining what we will do
for the rest of our lives. Since I was a little kid, I loved to implement the concepts that I learnt in
class to solve real life problems, which explains my penchant for science experiments even
today. I believe this is what led me to select a major in engineering. A mechanical engineer is
something of a jack-of-all-trades. He or she has a working knowledge of computer applications,
electricity, structures, mathematics, physics and drafting, plus bits and pieces from nearly every
other type of engineering. It is also considered to be one of the most challenging majors offered
in universities. I am also passionate about building things like robots and designing them in CAD
software. These are some of the reasons why I pick the mechanical side of engineering. I
believe that I can make a positive change in this world by using my skills and knowledge of my
passion, mechanical engineering.
So what?
I think my passion is significant because engineering is a valued trade because it isn't for
everyone. It requires the ability to perform complex computations quickly, grasp the forces
working on 3D structures, take responsibility for the safety of others and compromising on a wild
social life. Mechanical engineers are some of the best-equipped workers in the world. I can do
all of this and developing my skills further in mechanical engineering gives me an opportunity to
really make a difference in the world. As I mentioned above, since childhood, I loved to
implement the concepts that I learnt in class to solve real life problems, I believe this is what led
me to select a major in engineering. One of my idols in life is Elon Musk. He has revolutionized
the transport industry and the space exploration industry. He is not a mechanical engineering
major but most of his work is related to it and really interests me. His work is an example of the
importance and power of engineering in the world.
Now What?
I would really like to learn some things about entrepreneurship and business because I believe
that a combination of those two and mechanical engineering would be an amazing one! I am
just finishing up my freshman year this semester so I dont know a lot about the very details of
my major. So that this something that I would like to learn. Although I am kind of more inclined
towards the design and hardware part of it, I would like to explore further specializations that are
related to my major. I could intern with some of the companies that are truly innovating and are
related to my major such as Tesla or SpaceX. I could also do the entrepreneurship seminar or
the engineering your community seminar next semester. These are some of the opportunities I
can take advantage of to explore my passion further. I believe my major/passion challenges me
on different levels and that really helps me grow as a person and as a professional.