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Teachers Name: Morgan Pierson

Grade/Class: 9 LC Honors 1
Unit 5-6-Week 1: Analyzing and Interpreting Nonfiction Text
Content Focus: The Lost Boys (Sara Corbett) & I Have a Dream (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Day/Date(s): Monday, 11/17/14 Friday 11/21/14
Focus Standards: Author's Purpose and Persuasive Appeals
Blooms Taxonomy

Alignment to THS Curriculum Framework

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to

Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation

Analyze the author's purpose in a

work of nonfiction
Evaluate author's purpose
Analyze persuasive techniques,
including emotional appeals

SWBAT (students will be able to):

1) Identify and analyze the author's purpose in a work of nonfiction

2) Use active reading strategies to comprehend text
3) Define context-specific vocabulary for reading comprehension
4) Synthesize information from a work of nonfiction
5) Evaluate author's purpose
6) Analyze various accounts of a subject told in different mediums (e.g., a person's life story in both print and multimedia)
7) Synthesize learned grammar conventions (subject, predicate, compound verb and compound subject, subject-verb agreement,
clauses, 4 sentence types)
8) Analyze persuasive appeals used in advertising and persuasive speeches


Essential Questions
Students should consider the following questions:
What are clues to finding the author's purpose?
How does the presentation of facts help you to determine the author's purpose?
Why might an author use anecdotes to support their purpose of writing?
What are persuasive appeals used in advertising?
How are commercials designed with target audience in mind?
How are persuasive appeals used in formalized speeches?

How are you collecting evidence of student understanding?
How are you using that information to inform your instruction?
Summative & Formative Assessments, Performance Task(s) & Other Evidence
(i.e., pre-assessments, unit tests, quizzes, essays, exit cards, etc.)
1) The Lost Boys graphic organizer & short response paragraph 15 pts
2) The Lost Boys Fakebook Poster 20 pts
3) Homework Quiz 4 50 pts
Instructional Learning Plan
How will this lesson support student acquisition, meaning-making and transfer of content knowledge,
understandings and skills?
Learning Activities

A brief description of how you will direct instructional practices during this lesson to ensure student understanding.
Monday, 11/17
1) Grab 2 handouts on front desk (The Lost Boys close-read packet & graphic organizer)
2) R&R 10 min
3) Author's purpose (clues)
4) The Lost Boys audio w/ chart

5) Discuss / short response

Tuesday, 11/18
1) Grammar warmup day 4 week 5 (go over)
2) Finish paragraph from yesterday (on back of packet) if already done, revise your sentence structure by referring to
your warmup!
3) Author's purpose
-YouTube clip jot down notes on specific cultural differences/transitional points (in America)!
-Groups (changing author's purpose) The Lost Boys Fakebook poster/page
4) Present? (if time; if not- tomorrow!)
Wednesday, 11/19
1) Grammar Warmup week 6 (synthesis of learned grammar conventions)
2) Finish posters and present (scoring rubric on board)
3) Pass out notes: Analyzing persuasive techniques in advertising
HW: Commercial Dig
Thursday, 11/20
1) Commercial Dig (collect and brief discuss)
2) Take out Unit 6 notes on persuasive appeals and handout from yesterday (analyzing persuasive techniques in
advertising) mini lesson on persuasive appeals and target audience
3) MLK I Have a Dream close-read analysis
Friday, 11/21
1) HWQ4
Lesson Closure:
Monday, 11/17
Teacher directs students to spend the last 5 minutes of the hour to respond on the back of their charts to the following
prompt: Write a paragraph that explains Sara Corbett's main purpose in writing The Lost Boys. Was she effective in

achieving this purpose to you (the reader)? Why/Why not? Cite evidence from the article that supports your answer.
(Hint: use your chart).

Tuesday, 11/18
Following the YouTube clip, students are given the rest of the hour to work on their group posters.
Wednesday, 11/19
Within the last 5 minutes of class, teacher passes out students' homework assignment and points out this will be
students' entrance ticket to class the following day.
Thursday, 11/20
The majority of the hour is spent close-reading/analyzing MLK's I Have a Dream speech. Within the last 5 minutes of
the hour, students are reminded of topics that will be covered on their homework quiz they will be taking tomorrow and
are also reminded to study accordingly.
Friday, 11/21
Students who finish their homework quiz early are instructed to read their independent reading books.
Instructional Resources/Materials/On-line
1) The Lost Boys close-read packet
2) Author's purpose graphic organizer
3) Grammar Warmup Week 5
4) Problem-solving: The Lost Boys Fakebook Page Prompt (group activity)
5) Grammar Warmup Week 6
6) Notes: Analyzing Persuasive Techniques in Advertising (handout used during mini-lesson on persuasive appeals)
7) Commercial Dig
8) I Have a Dream close-read packet
9) Homework Quiz 4
YouTube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYCA6g9bNg0 Individuals from Sudan are brought to the USA,
cultural differences emerge
Large poster paper, arts and crafts, magazines, etc.
Scoring Rubric for Fakebook poster presentations

Monday 11/17
Complete all of
the packet (if not
completed in
class) due:

Extended Learning (homework)

Tuesday 11/18
Thursday 11/20
Commercial Dig
Study for
due: tomorrow
Homework Quiz 4

Friday 11/21