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Morgan Thomson
17042_1501 Project and Report

Notice: If you have submitted an assignment, yet no grading information for the
assignment(s) appear(s) in the table below, it's quite likely that the assignment HAS
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Ken Potter
Assignment: Project Proposal

Part Rubric

Rubric Detail

0600101 Overall comments regarding

proposal (Grading code:
1=Approved; 2=Approved with
revisions, no resubmission
necessary; 3=Address
comments and resubmit;
4=Not approved)

Date Graded: 13-FEB-15

Total Score: 1
Possible Earned

Comments for revised content: All
issues addressed in revised
proposal. Your project proposal is
approved. *****Initial
comments*****Morgan, you have
selected a worthwhile topic that
should be useful for your clients.
However, there are several issues
that should be clarified before you
proceed too far with your project.
First, one of your objectives
indicates that you will gain a high
caliber understanding of gait and
mechanics but you do not indicate
how you will assess whether or not
you met this objective. Is there
someone who is a running gait
expert who could review the
content of your web site to see if
you covered the important aspects
of gait and mechanics? Second,
you stated that you will compile
resources into a website. It is not
clear if you will create your own
content based on your review of
other resources or if you simply
intend to present groupings of links
to relevant resources. Creating
your own content, even if it consists
of descriptions of the links and why
they are important to understanding
gait and mechanics, is likely to
make your website more usable
than a listing of links without any
additional information. Third, you

identified staff members as the

reviewers for your project of your
project but you did not indicate
what they will evaluate. Are they
evaluating the relevance,
importance, and clarity of the
content, the organization of the
materials on your website, and/or
the functionality and navigability of
the links. Your topic is worthwhile
and ultimately will be approved.
However, I would like you to revise
your initial proposal to address the
above issues and then resubmit
your proposal for final approval.
Please enter your modifications
and additions in red type so your
changes can be easily identified.

0600102 The proposed project

represents a reasonable
expenditure of effort.

0600103 The proposed project has

instructional benefits for the
developer and, if appropriate,
for a specified group of

0600104 The proposed project is an

appropriate area for design,
development, and/or research
in instructional technology.

0600105 The proposal clearly describes

the tasks to be performed and
the anticipated end product.

0600106 The proposal describes the

materials and methods that are
likely to be used in completing
the project.

0600107 The proposal presents a clear

justification or need for the

0600108 The proposal states the goals

and objectives of the proposed
project from the perspective of
the project developer.

0600109 If appropriate, the proposal

identifies the goals and
objectives that should be
achieved by the final users of
the project.


0600110 The proposal identifies the

instructional design model and

related procedures that will be
used in completing the project.

0600111 The proposal describes how

the project will be evaluated.