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Samantha M. Pace
An Expert Panel Discussion on Fracking on April 11
By Penn State Behrend Students during
What the Frack? Roundtable Discussion

ERIE, Penn. (April 11, 2013) During our What the Frack? event on Thursday, April 11, 2013, an
expert panel will discuss and debate the truths of drilling for natural gas.

At the Penn State Behrend Burke Center (REDC), students and community members will gather at 7pm
to learn about the advancements and effects of hydraulic fracturing.

Fracking has provided an enormous financial benefit to the local and global economies. Efforts
continue to make all aspects of the process more environmentally friendly, which will result in a
cleaner energy source. Many are concerned, however, about the potential negative environmental
impact, and many companies in the natural gas industry have suffered from negative public
perceptions and communications.

A spokesperson for the University said: We are glad to hold an event that provides information to
both our students and local community members. As our society becomes more dependent of fossil
fuels the environmental impact and technologies are going to become a major topic of debate. The
benefits of holding an event of this nature are obvious.

The What the Frack? roundtable is being organized to showcase both sides of the natural gas
argument. The panel will discuss emerging techniques and technologies that help to make the fracking
process even cleaner, as well as address the vital public relations and communications issues
surrounding fracturing.

The venue is excellent and a little removed, to encourage and enable better focus and engagement. In
addition to informed and dynamic panel members, every component of the event will exciting and

What the Frack? is organized by the schools communications department and presented by the
schools COMM 421 class. For more information about What the Frack? follow us on Twitter or like the
What the Frack? Facebook page.

***If you are a member of the press and are interested in covering this event, contact Samantha M
Pace at 412-477-9565 or smp54000@gmail.com.

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