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News from Ms.

Kindergarten Class
Only Six Weeks Left of School!
The school year is almost
over! I have seen each and
every scholar grow so much,
and its amazing to be with
them in class each day! We
are halfway through the
fourth quarter, and progress
reports will be going home
next Monday, 4/27. Make
sure to carefully look over
your scholars report and
contact me with questions!
Because the scholars are
becoming so independent,
they have began leading our
calendar time all by themselves! I have been choosing
two scholars each morning to
lead the class in updating our
calendar, and its pretty
Next month, scholars will
be taking their last NWEA
benchmark test! The results

of this test will be compared

with the two previous tests,
taken in the beginning and
middle of the school year, in
order to show you how much
growth they have made! How
I will not be at school
this Friday, April 24! I will
be attending a conference,
along with the rest of the
There will be a sub in class
on that day, and I will have
all the lessons and materials
prepared for the sub! This
will be a fun day of review! I
will be back on Monday! :)
The Kindergarten team
has our second field trip
planned for May 22, where
we will be taking scholars to
the Rainforest Caf and the
SeaLife Aquarium! Because

Week 5
of the limited amount of
room at the Rainforest Caf
and in the Aquarium, I can
only take 4 adults with our
class on this trip! I do not
like turning parents away, but
space is very limited! I will
have more details on this
adventure in the next couple
Please remember to be
working on your Ocean LiD
Reports and the
project are due May 13! We
have made a wall of our
classroom into an oceanscape, complete with a school
of fish! We will be adding
more to the wall each week!

Quarter 4

Important Dates:
Friday, April 24:
Ms. Bishop Out
Monday, April 27:
Progress Reports
Sent Home
Wednesday, May 13:
LiD Projects Due
Friday, May 15:
Early Dismissal, 12:00pm
Thursday, May 21:
Quarterly Celebration
Monday, May 25:
No School - Memorial Day
Friday, May 29:
Last Day of School!

The Seven Habits Seek First to Understand...

An important skill that scholars will be working on for the rest of their lives is how
to effectively listen and communicate with others. Even we as adults continue to
improve this skill! At Paideia, scholars are learning how to truly listen to others
ideas and opinions before expressing their own, in order to better respond to a
persons needs or wants. Help your scholar with this habit by setting the example!
For more information on the Seven Habits, check out:

Contact Information
Arienne Bishop
(760) 409-7854 (call or text)
(602) 343-3073 (classroom)
*Please leave a message if I cannot
answer your call, and I will get back
to you as soon as possible! Please
also use Class Dojo to message me!
Check out our class website at:

Coming Up...
We are working hard in class every day! We
began a new unit in Core Knowledge, our Language Arts
curriculum, which introduces us to new vocabulary and
reinforces capital and lower-case letters. Scholars
are also learning about homonyms, which are words
that sound and are spelled the same, but have different meanings (ex. duck the animal and duck the verb).
These words can get tricky, but can be a lot of fun!
In Math, we are studying numbers to 30 in
depth by constructing them with 10s and 1s and by
writing the numerals. We are also practicing addition
and subtraction every day!
This Wednesday is Earth Day. We will be
learning all about how to take care of the Earth this
week, through reducing, recycling, and reusing!

Help Out Paideias Green Earth Team!

Each Friday, the Green Earth Team at Paideia collects bags of cans and bottles to be recycled! Each week, help your
scholar to recycle cans and bottles at home (rinse them out and place them in a plastic trash bag)! Every Friday, drop your
scholar off with their recycling collection at the front gate, where the Green Earth Team will be ready to help your scholar
separate the cans and bottles! Your scholar will bring home their trash bag, to be used again to collect more bottles and cans
at home! Not only will your family be helping the environment by recycling and reusing, but it will also help raise money for
Paideia! Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!
Fun Recycling Facts:

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours!
Once an aluminum can is recycled, it can be part of a new can within 6 weeks!
There is no limit to the amount of times an aluminum can could be recycled!
Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it!
Over 1 million sea animals are killed by plastic waste each year! :(

* Note: Bus drivers will not allow bags of recycling on the bus. Please drop your scholar off on Fridays with their recycling!