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Moisture in Instrument Air



Moisture is measured in instrument air.

Close moisture control resulting from the permanent

installation of a GE Industrial Sensing hygrometer has
reduced the need for major repairs of delicate inprocess instrumentation.


Any microprocessor-based GE Industrial Sensing

hygrometer with compatible moisture sensors can be
used. Pressure sensor input is optional.

The presence of moisture in air, used as a blanketing

gas for sensitive instruments, causes corrosion
problems, rapid change of calibrations, and loss of
instrument sensitivity.
No quality control procedures were in effect prior to
the installation of a GE Industrial Sensing hygrometer.

Multiple sensors are attached to the sources of the
instrument air. The sensors are mounted in standard
instrument air sample systems for installation
convenience. The alarm system sounds when the dew
point exceeds a predetermined level.

Water Vapor Range:
Dew Point Range:
Operating Temp:
Operating Pressure:

Less than 1000 ppmv

Less than -20C (-4F)
25C (77F)
5 to 75 psig
(136 to 618 kPa)

SS01B Standard instrument/plant

air sample system

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