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Melissa Kujundzic

Session 1 2014

CTS for Non-Majors Summer

Three-Year Plan:
CTS: HRH: Legal Studies/ Environmental Stewardship/Info Pro
Mandy is a grade 9 student attending Fairview Junior High School in
Calgary, Alberta. She is a motivated student but with no idea of what she would
like to take in high school. She wants what she takes to be relevant to her
interests in hope that the courses will facilitate her transition from high school to a
career path. She really likes debates and she has an interest in the Environment.
She knows that she really enjoys learning about how to helping the environment.
She knows that she would like to have a career that will impact the world she
lives in but she is certain that being a scientist is not really her niche. She
definitely wants to be able to use her debating skills. She has also told me that
her two of her favorite TV shows are Law and Order and Judge Judy.

Mandys 3-Year Plan

ENS 1010: Introduction to stewardship
ENS 1030: Consumerism
ENS1040: Living with the Environment
LGS1020: Public Law
LGS 1010: Private Law
LGS 2030: Environmental Law
ENS 2040: Environmental Health and Safety
ENS 2050: Environmental Ethics
ENS 2220: Energy Conservation Principles
ENS 2030: Ecological Economics
LGS 2020: Employment Law
INF 3080: Project Management Tools
ENS 3030: The Green Economy
ENS 3050: Environmental Politics
ENS 3950: ENS Advanced Practicum
LGS 3060: Controversy and Change
LGS 3910: LGS Project D
LGS 3020: Dispute Resolution

Possible Job Opportunities

Mandy will be exposed to many environmental stewardship and Law
courses. Mandy will have an opportunity to see both sides of her interest. She
will learn how the environment is affected and how she can use the law to protect


it. I made sure to place the environmental law class in her first year and
hopefully that will give her a chance to see if this is in fact the pathway she
should take. The combination of these 3 clusters really leads to environmental
law. She loves to debate and has an interest in becoming a lawyer but
specifically she wants to make a difference in sustainability of the environment so
I believe this is the correct pathway for her. I also added a Info pro course called
Project Management tools so that she has some experience with schedules,
planners, some management software.
Since this 3 year plan mostly leads to a career path in Environmental Law here
are the options she has for careers.
She could become an environmental lawyer. They advise and represent
clients on a wide range of matters, including air and water pollution, land use
concerns, agricultural issues, parks and wilderness preservation, waste disposal,
resource extraction, transportation, and international issues, to name a few.
A new corporate awareness of environmental issues has led many companies to
create environmental divisions, while many law firms have similarly developed
environmental departments to advise corporate clients. With environmental Law
you can work in:

Law firms

Government organizations

Non-profit organizations

Skills acquired
A list of skills shell be acquiring will be:
Competence with schedule and planners
Work place and consumer law
Knowledge of legal relationship with government and citizen
Knowledge of laws related to the environment and describe how new
environmental information affects the law. Students also examine the
groups and individuals in bringing about changes in the environmental law
Knowledge of how to explore controversial issues evoke response that
may bring about changes in the law
Know what the definition of environmental stewardship
Know what consumerism and consumption rates are and how they affect
Knowledge of methods of environmental advocate
Knowledge of ethics
Knowledge of energy systems used in the residential, commercial, or
transportation sector.
Knowledge of impact of the emerging green economy
The ability to create a case towards an environmental issue (as her

Melissa Kujundzic
Session 1 2014

CTS for Non-Majors Summer

This pathway/ plan I have created is very flexible. Mandy should be able to
exchange any courses she does not wish to take using 1 of 4 possibilities
provided the omitted course is not a pre-requisite for another course:
1. She can exchange one course for another course on a subject that
interests her more (this is not a credential pathway there is no required
courses to succeed)
2. She can exchange an unwanted course for a project in either legal studies
or environmental stewardship
3. She can start a practicum
4. If she really does not like the environmental pathway she can pursue
another side of law or the opposite or she can always change to a different
Having this flexibility of choice creates a relaxed environment where Mandy can
really explore her interests and needs.

Possibilities for projects


Her project could be on creating an argument / case study towards an

issue in environmental sustainability that interests her the most. Using
CTS course from a legal studies course and an environmental
stewardship course.
For Example:
Using LGS 2030: Environmental Law, ENS 2040: Environmental Health and
Safety and LGS 3060: Controversy and Change to create a project dealing with
issues such as Air pollution or Oil sands. For an example Students could pick a
current event that has to do with an environmental debate in the world and they
have to create a poster defending both sides of the story including pros and cons
for both sides. They could even create a theoretical case for a issue. Another
great current issue that the student could research would be effects of fracking
and create a theoretical case against fracking the west of Lethbridge.

Possible Assessment
There are many types of assessment that Mandy my encounter. She may be
assessed these possible ways:
Rubric for a project / case study/ performance task
Possible tests in knowledge based courses
Debates or presentations
I found the process of creating this plan very helpful. I know feel confident in
creating a pathway for a student involving their interests and showing the
benefits of CTS for their future. I did find a hard time combining 3 clusters in the
course load. Having a pathway that was very specific was a little harder to think
of projects and skill she will gain just because I have never taught the subject
matter before. I am really glad I am learning more about CTS and practical


application of the CTS program because I really did not have a broad knowledge
of CTS before entering this course. If I were to redo this plan after my feedback
from today I would probably add a web or visual. The visual would show links/
pre-requisites between courses.