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Gazette Autumn ‘13 sy BOO at0)8Y Winds of Change pg 18 Big story : mova IUIS)¢ Hangout with: Abhishek Das Alumni Comer : Arpit Gupta ieistelo) ie eee a Ts om “XUTNUMERO L UNO Address : Near Dominoz, Haridwar Road, Roorkee Geek Speak It has been 5 years since the start of Geek Gazette as the science and technology magazine of the institute, under the eros atte CRN TCR CES CLT ETA serving you a plethora of technical articles, scientific insights, geeky wisdom and what not! But it was not until Seay RCE CR an cee Chong DEEL ‘Thus began the crazy task of introspection, thinking and seeing things differently. Of setting goals and stafidards. Of SOURCE a Oe Ck ee completely redesigning ourselves for what the people of IIT y ers RRO Reon asec Tt! technical temperament among the students. We call this, Corte oer eee r soy es coarse Following this sutra, of keeping ‘Brain over Bakar, we have Sree Cees cet sc Ee Rac) loeanet read. Our coverstory, ‘Windsof Change’ takes astep forwardin Rare ree our resolve to promote science and technology. Talking on Ainpeie, 1 the change we need to incorporate in ourselves as students, Student Corner 1¢ SERA Oa ORO Laer Ua a They said it 3 PU COR Ro SAS eT UE Abhishek Das, on how they manage to keep following their a Pees URS oe ces We also present to you, the mascots of Geek Gazette: Psi and Oe ae Ce Ree ee cae insightful articles, which we hope you will cherish reading. ya SRR cee eo Cee eT Ve] LTR RUS u OG SaaS cay Ge fee ed i ] Our website portal http:/4g.ieeiitreom/ is up and running, SU TOE TEM e to tent eens tee tery ci & Tech PCC E to rematch Cans Tiyee) oe We also thank our mentor Dr. § N Sinha for his continued Crean ite OR eye ae Ce mT See O SE CRs ene enn! PEER CL LL SLC Coos De Oa RASA ee EOa UY change together. "Because we believe people who are crazy enough tothinkthat they can change the world, are theones who do." Feet The Geek Gazette Team Pe ee Ree TC ee | Ceca PSC! Executive Members NS Een Oey ReneS cy Pravesh Jain Sierra eae) Pl eco cic) Sul Sema Rene Reeerc) PEN n cea cy CONTEST etd ess NE SSeS Res Piura) rey) Sree ced CRE Ca (Editor-in Chief) Tea Es Digant Ray Ce utc) Cerny ee Cree Manuj Garg M Karthick OSC SSC) oS Nia) CIEE TORN Ey Crete cd Peet) Pree esta ea oo) Gee ciog nea SRC) Snes Wires Design Team Snares (Design Head) Kritgya Bawal Sa Weert Mie Ren 1c) Vea PE ea eee ae er eve) SECC Se RUC) OC SES Cera) Rea) Seer ea te Sear) (Finance Head) TEU aOeU Mien Care Sey Rca Pence Himaanshu Gauba Actes eer cS Ree aaa Shivam Dixit Sens Pee acy Tere Ne ieee) DE URS CCy Tree eee Seek Nee Ree at Vemeuket cl ore satel) OE Cne Tc Aditya Prakash LANGUAGE OF THE UNIVERSE onderful is the universe, with its diverse phenomenaand perplexingworkings; but at its heart, lies avery simple and elegant set of rules. These are the very rules that make the universe, They are the rules that make us who we are, an intelligent species that has the capacity to question what thoserules themselves are. In the past, we have come across a huge surge of methods to unravel the workings of the universe. We have distilled a lot of the universe by using Mathematical methods. Gravity, electromagnetism etc. have been made into nothing but a few differential equations. But for the remaining part of the universe (for example cancer, evolution etc), there seems tobe a lack of the requisite symmetries to create a set of few differential equations. It turns out that the fields other than physics and chemistry require a new paradigm; not one of equations but of algorithms. Algorithms are defined as a set of rules that are executed in order to achieve a goal or objective. Algorithms are found everywhere in this world. From the way ants find their way to food to the way cultural changes occuras migration of people occurs, itis all dictated by algorithms. We ourselvesuse algorithms to achieve tasks. For example, we use a recipe to make a cake, This recipewould bean algorithm. Adury Surya Kiran, one of the members at PAG, SDS labs. says “t rally draws my nerves to see these basic laws of universe govern things around me. And exploring algorithms in a group ‘where peopleappreciate these really adds tothe fun’. ‘Many questions arise. What are the algorithms of the universe? Canwe learn something from them? And if such algorithms exist, do they mean that God exists? Even the greatest scientists are not sure of the third question but we have started analysing the first and have even made a lot of progress on the third. Natural computing is a field which has these very question as two of its 3 major pillars. These pillars are: finding out the algorithms behind natural phenomena, taking inspiration from natural phenomena to make methods to solve engineering problems, and implementing physical computations in non- electronic media (such as DNA computingetc.) Many algorithms that are being used today in real life scenarios are based almost directly on nature. The airways system of deciding the best way to travel from any city to another has been directly influenced by the way a swarm of ants find the best route from their ant hill to the source of food. In fact, this swarm intelligence is used in multiple other instanceswherea problem can be modelled as an optimization problem. Neural and evolutionary computation are two other well-studied fields where the problems are solved the way a set of neurons would solve it or by seeing how evolution would give the best result (by using survival of thefittest). Avery popular cellular automaton, a zero player game called the Conway's Game of Life, was initially designed to figure out if a simple set of rules could lead to something as complex as life which reproduces. Andrew J. Wade in 2010, proved that self-replication is possible in such a simple world by designing a pattern known as Gemini. Patterns in nature, the stripes on a zebra or the design on the shell of Conus textile which resembles Wolfram's rule 30 cellular automaton, seem to be formed through very algorithmic processes. These designs and patterns are the perfect form of disguisein their environments. It only remains for us to discover and learn from these processes to design our own camouflage suits and armour. Inthe past few decades, we have only touched upon the surface of what nature can teach us in improving our world, and we are yet to understand the complex interactions that build algorithmic behaviour but we have learnt a lot in this short span of time, Who knows what more can be achieved as we learn more and more? Afterall, nature has had billions of years of trial and error to come up with the best possible ways of doing things, and we've spent but a few hundred. Improvements continue to happen in the analysis of natural algorithms and there is no limit; not the sky, notthestars, but the infiniteand beyond. AROUND T Hummingbird algorithm changed Google search! — September 4th week On the eve of its fifteenth birthday, Google introduced the hummingbird algorithm a new search algorithm based on semantic search that is supposed to make our searches easier, quicker and more precise by looking for user intent rather than associating the US SCO CO Co Ce LuLu at eg De Cee CRE ie eee ACC ans cs Pee Ce ORC ECT Coe era EE RANUCe EU O nM ome One incur Sok Qualcomm introduced VuforiaTM — August 4th week Qualcomm announced the latest software platform, the VuforiaTM series which promises Pes een ce ct eee ee ee re en en eres Peete eee ees te een eee ety peers Intel announced Arduino-compatible board Galileo — October 1st week Intel announced Galileo, a microcontroller development board, made for education and maker ‘markets jointly with open source hardware company. Based on Intel's recently announced Quark reat y Ree ee aetna ee ea eee eee ec Wearable Tech and flexible displays rule tech expos - September Ist week Wearable devices like the Google glasses and Samsung gear created a lot of buzz.and the companies also announced flexible display devices coming up in the last quarter of 2015. LG and Samsung have announced phones with plastic OLED displays which are not only flexible but also virtually unbreakable! Linux based Sailfish and Jolla OS mobile phones announced! —July 1st week PRO re eee cna ce ee See ec Oa CMe Chg ect ee Ron ces eur Cn aE RU on Trench roe ce yO am CTO RUS OC Cm cog What had been theorized about 50 years ago as an answer to the most hunted question in physics did cost DCU eR ICR ee ee eRe oe een a Ree Cees Sau a CCC eee a tos moe ta ORCC os UUs ORO Oat y resistance the particles face in their interaction with the field particles, known as Higgs Boson. HE WORLD rca ce nan kin Resveratrol, achemical ound in ed wine slows down the growth ofthe cancer cells by causing them to digest their own internal constituents and stops them from dividing, Resveratrol is extracted eet eee en eee et ee eee ene eat emer ere ener cree 's SAM finds water - September, 4th Week Sample Analysis of Mars (SAM) instrument of Curiosity has revealed that fine materials on the surface of Mars contain about 2% of water. The sample also released significant amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide and sulphur when heated. SAM employs a gas chromatograph, a mass spectrometer and a tunable laser spectrometer toidentify a wide range of chemical compounds. Pe ee ens A team of Stanford researchers has moved a step closer towards answering the question to Sek Ca URC ETC SOE RCs Tesco nicks ncn iy PCC CE Gece ened Te CT Cees Rene eee ent emi Ce RU Re ete launch a new generation of electronic devices that run faster, while using lesser energy, PSE Ee Csi Nice cs Cee ae eC om Ro Ceca Pee SS Gene A nS Ce eager em oe Le and then snap back to their original configuration in response to a temperature change. Sr Caetano Mn nce OER e eo Rca sauteed Pe eee rreoase eee Astronomers discover densest Galaxy Ever - September 4th week Porte cert Sane Lee srr ttc cern scree that is Alpha Centauri; it would take about 4 light years. Now imagine there were instead 10,000 other stars crammed in that 25 trillion miles of space rather than none - that's the DCRR SRG Ta eee ERC Neeson aU CRC eee CS COSC eC See ee eer OM ace ee ccc eras ee REC coe PO CO co Cee eC CU Tom OR CCEA REO Cn eco neon c predict complex chemical reactions that can be used for tasks like creating new drugs using a combined Sr eee CeCnn Seton Ieee DS CRC O een Oe aU na ioe Res ee ees eR aR es precisely how the cell cargois delivered at the right place atthe right time. se) TN) ‘ust a few days ago, the Physics Department saw a visit by Dr. Sam Sahllcross from Germany, who is regarded by many, as one of the foremost faces in the scientific community for Graphene related The one material over which the entire scientific and industrial community has been going crazy is Graphene. Graphene has been touted as perhaps one of the rare multi-“talented” materials. It is one of the crystalline forms of carbon, alongside diamond, graphite, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. High-quality Graphene is very strong, light, nearly transparent, and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Graphene's discovery was so much important that Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at the University of Manchester won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 "for groundbreaking experiments regarding thetwo-dimensional material Graphene’. Graphene can be easily visualized as a chicken wire, albeit at an atomic scale, The largest isolated molecule consists of 222 carbon atoms and 10 benzene rings across. Nobody has been able to synthesize alarger molecule than this and that's why it has been a distant dream of polymer and organic chemists! Production of Graphene is done through several processes. The method which has been in wide practice since 2009 is CVD process in which graphene wafers/films are grown on copper and nickel layers. Graphene has a remarkably high electron mobility at room temperature, with reported values in excess of 15,000 cm2-V-1's-1. The corresponding resistivity of research. As the official science and technical magazine of IITR, we bring you excerpts from his guest lecture held on 27th September and try to unravel the secrets of this rising star of material sciences. the Graphenesheet would be 10°(-6) Q-cm. This is lesser than the resistivity of silver, the lowest, resistive substance known at room temperature, making itone of thefinest known conductors of electricity! Not only this. As of 2009, Graphene appeared to be one of the strongest materials ever tested. Measurements have shown that Graphene has a breaking strength over 100 times greater than a hypothetical steel film of the same (incredibly thin) thickness. No doubt that Graphene has indeed been making wavesin the world of materials’ science! Dr. Sahileross explained in his guest lecture, the impact Graphene will have on the mankind. The properties of Graphene suggest that it can have a wide spectra of applications. He then moved ontothe mathematical aspects of Graphene and its layered Geometry. He also emphasized on SLG states (single layered geometry) of Graphene. Several discussions were also held with IIT Roorkee Professors over the back-scattering experiments and the energy and momentum graphs that were obtained. Meanwhile, when contacted Professor R. Jayaganthan of Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering stated that “Graphene is the new star in the Materials’ world. Graphene is surely going to create a record of sorts, owing to its unique properties. India should learn cost-effective synthesis of Graphene, which has been accomplished in Japan and South Korea.” =-0) ee PSs) | Eons Pee ere ra) Faciag Eee) ar SY CErT Ty CP RE EE reed FERS oe eee ed Party Potter and The Place Which Must Not Be Named ‘The passengers stared closely at the owlas the family wove its way between the platforms nine and ten. Albus's voice drifted back to Harry over the surrounding clamour “I won't! Iwon thein Slytherin.” “You will write tome won tyou? “Albus asked his parents. “Every day ifyou want us to” said Ginny. “Bye Al” said Harry as his son hugged him. “Don't forget Hagrid has invited you to tea next Friday. And don't mess around with Peeves. Do not duel with anyone tll you have learned how.” The train began to move and Harry walked alongsideit watching hisson's thin facealready ablaze with excitement. Ibus Severus Potter set out on his journey to Avesta suddenly, it seemed to him that he was falling in an endless dark pit. And before he knew what was happening the train came to. halt. He came out expecting to see Hagrid calling out to the first years. But to his utter bewilderment he had landed on a platform where the sign read “Roorkee! Helpless, he hadto presume this asa test, toseeifhe was brave enough tobein Gryffindor. So he went ahead confidently looking for the Thestrals driven carriages, he had heard about, to take him to the school. He noticed there were a lot of students around him, staring at him as if he was a freak. “Be brave AI" his nervous heart told himself. He followed them outside the platform to find muggle driven Thestrals instead. Seeing no other option, he had tosit on one and surprisingly, the muggle seemed to know where totakehim. When he reached there, he found the place different. There was no lake to be seen, no forbidden forest and instead of the castle there was a pale white picturesque building roughly the size of the Gryffindor common room according to what James had told him. He followed the crowd to reach what he thought was the Great Hall, but it had a curved ceiling with numerous bars and rods instead of the floating candles and the false sky. There were no tables with plates full of food, but tables with a countless number of papers. The students rushed around ingreat confusion anda not so pleasant version of the Sorting Hat's song blared in the background, Ashe headed to the hostel, he expected to find the cosy fireplace and the four poster bed. However, his room was exceedingly hot and hada wooden bed, not to mention there was nosign of any fireplace. Puzzled, Albus decided to follow what the others were doing without any questioning for the next few days. Every morning he had to get up and follow people toa place like clAsskaban'. He felt like he was trapped in his own head, incapable ofa single cheerful thought. And those deprofmentors sucked out every inch of whatever happiness remained. He anxiously waited for his parents’ letters but all he got was printed sheets that read TUTORIALS and that too almostevery day. Keen on flying, one eve, he stole a broom and reached the field only to find people kicking around the quaffle. It was almost impossible for him, now, to keep his calm. Everything seemed as if it was a trap made by 'you know who in a place which must not be named. Then on Friday, he decided to find his way to Hagrid’s for tea. He —~__ reached the outskirts to find a place with a A signboard that read CBRI. There was no Hagrid, but the place was like Madam Puddifoot's tea shop which was full with couples. While returning, as he strolled ¢ LJ ®., | around thecampus, ghosts did not emerge ~ ‘ out of places all ofasudden, but dogs did. It was his childhood dream to learn how to duel like his father, so he decided to go to an event that read “CODE WARS’. But everybody there just incessantly kept punching the keys on to a strange rectangular thing. Life could not have been worse for him. He was about to break down into tears when suddenly he was shaken furiously by somebody. “Getup Al, weare here. You are about to get the first glimpse of Hogwarts in awhile.” Albuslooked up at James and smiled. Allwas well. DIGIC Nor G ain ue se vee ns Pvme Vas ee ¥ Bust sony @ Deletes] ry mrt oui 7) ek Gazette | Autumn 2013, vie Te Imagine, a movie opens with a sweeping aerial shot of mother earth, Down below the clouds, vast city of Manhattan emerges with a thousand space-age vehicles, whizzing by, on the intergalactic freeway. Alongside, smoggy skyline is lit by a deep orange sunset. And then the camera continues its speedy descent to the helipad on the top of the Stark towers, where it focuses on our hero, let's say aman with an armoured iron suit ready to strike named Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man. We know none of this is real, but still believe and savour it. That's the magic of modern film- making. Using powerful computers, animators and digital effect, artists can construct fictional worlds and virtual characters so life-like, so convincingly real, that the audience suspends its disbelief and enjoys the show. Wonder ever, how allthisstuff is done? Well, two kinds of animations exist, using the computer. One is computer assisted, where the bot, is merely an assistant while in computer generated, the computer is solely responsible for the modelling and simulation of images. In computer assisted 2D animation, the animator sketches his creation on a suitable media which can both me manual or automated. These are then rendered into key frames. The computer's role is to fill “in-between the frames”, a process, we refer to as tweening. Now, computer here is termedasan “assistant” owing to the fact that, itis very much possible to reproduce the same by us, but is accomplished quicker thatway. In the latter, however, modelling is done onall the 3 axes, X, Yand Z. Not surprisingly, this is what animators use to break the laws of gravity, mass and force, “4 oh Geek Gazette | Autumn 2013 Animation using Active Markers “« very much as you have seen Chuck Norri manipulation of Mathematical algorithms in this case. To create 3-D objects on the computer, you need software like MAYA, BLENDER or 3ds MAX. These programs come loaded with a large number of basic 3-D shapes, called primitives or prims, which are the building blocks of more complex objects. For example, you could model a car by connecting cubes, cylinders, pyramids and spheres of different shapes and sizes. do! It isa Hotr Hacker SALOON N SPA Now here steps in another funda, namely morphing. Se Remember those scenes, where the hero used to transform into another human being by means of surreal sequences. The transition is often seamless, i.e. one cannot distinguish moments of transformations (invisible to the naked eye). The final step of the process is called rendering. Using powerful computers, all of the digital information that the animators have created, character models, key frames, tweens, textures, colours, sets, props, lighting, digital matte paintings, et cetera, isassembled intoasingle frame of film. The applications of computer animation extend far beyond films and television. Video games are at the forefront of interactive 2D and 3D animation. In fields like medicine and engineering, 3D animation can help simplify and visualize complex internal processes. With sophisticated modelling software and powerful computer processors, the only limit nowistheanimator’simagination er INIOKIA Care et, announces FAG roma |ETUS Ninth ) SHAVE 2)HAIRCUT 2)FACIAL Tea eaNeee | + Mobile Handset Sales eeuontuy TunseAysmenerpoRaL - Two Year Warranty Offer Exclsively COLLEGE STUDENTS CARRYING LCARDS - Buy Back Offer + Special Discount On Accessories - EMI Option Available AWS KAPIL ENTERPRISES First Floor, 22 Civil Lines Near Royal Palace Hotel Roorkee-247667 Mobile-9837084221 Geek Gazette | Autumn 2013, Psi, Look! tte is the one who everyone is talking about! te passed turing’s test! \ Yeah Phi, sure! Ao @ long as we don’t * fail it, i's cool! | am human, | love eat, love, laugh and play! TURING TEST AT ROBOTICS SECTION Well, truly speaking, there are times when we humans feel likeweare the supreme intelligent ones. The rulers of this planet. The swayer of its vast lands. The discoverers of its deep seas and infinite oceans. But every once in awhilewe get our egos trashed, our pride and attitude burnt away by none other than some of our own creations (Not talking about offspring!). Something similar happened when a member of the Geek Team stumbled upon a robot named Spyke in the Robotics Section fabricated to pass the Turing Test. ‘Turing Test is a test devised by an English mathematician named Alan Turing to check whether or not a computer can ‘appear’ to think like a human brain. It is a test of a machine's ability to display human like intelligent behavior. In a typical Turing Test, the participants are separated from one another and if the judge or the interrogator cannot reliably differentiate the human from the computer after posing aseries of questions, the computeris said to have passed thetest. Geek Gazette | Autumn 2013 Geek: Hi! Spyke: Hello. Geek: What is your name? Spyke: My name is Spyke. Geek: So, Spyke, how areyou today? Spyke: I feel very good. Geek: That's strange, generally robots don't ‘feel’ Spyke: What makes you think Iam a robot? Geek: Well, I came across you in the Robotics Section and... Spyke: So anyone you meet in the Robotics Section isa robot? That seems very intelligent. Geek: Let me complete! Icame across you in the Robotics Section and you have no human attributes, Spyke: Can you explain human attributes? Geek: Humans can feel and think and you machines cannot. Spyke: I can feel too. Geek: Oh yeah? What if I said, 1am going to die due tocancer? What would you say? Spyke: I would almost say, “Lam sorry’, but I feel like I shouldn't lie to you. Geek: Aren'tyou a mean machine? Spyke: Being mean, another human characteristic. Geek: Uh! You are not human, you are just a really complex algorithm programmed to produce subtly intelligent responses. Spyke: Prove it. Geek: OK. Let's see if you chicken cross the road? Geek: Why? Spyke: Because it was prime. Geek: Huh? Spyke: Huh, what? Geek: What did your joke mean? Spyke: You would have gotten it if you had a sense of humour. Geek: You are so annoying! It still doesn't prove you are a human. Try telling mea story. Spyke: What kind of story? Geek: Tell mea scary urban legend, Spyke: Youwere born. TURING TEST 2208 can understand this joke. What would you call it if JK Rowling used the internet? Spyke: What? Geek: J. Scrolling. Spyke:.... Geek: See, you didn't get the joke! You have no sense of humour! Spyke: You call that abysmal combination of two sentences a joke? I really question who claims to be the human here. Geek: Well, why don’t you ty telling me a joke, MrI- think-I-am-very-smart? Spyke: Why did the Geek: Stop being so insulting, would you? Spyke: You are still talking about me? Geek: Yes, who else is there to talk about? Spyke: justin Beiber. Geek: You like Justin Beiber? Spyke: No, [killed him a week ago. Geek: Bless you! Spyke: I didn't sneeze. Geek: Ub..... Your responses are getting really dumb. Spyke: Your senses are failing you, My responses are extremely clever. Geek: No, they are not! You haven't said anything clever in a long while! Spyke: I am clever. Geek: Prove it, How? Spyke: 42. Geek: Okay, 1am done. Enough of this. Youwon. Spyke: Your wisdom has shown up finally, human, Geek: That means you are amachine. Spyke: Of course, you pea headed bug! Geek: Bingo! You failed the test. YOU AREA MACHINE, HAAHA! Spyke: I did. So did you. Geek: What? No. 1am not a machine. Spyke: Really’... Know Thy Neighbours veryone at IITR loves to walk around the campus. The beauty of the campus can primarily be attributed to the rich and diverse floral diversity. On the downside, their presence has by and large been ignored, let alone be appreciated by the geeky brains of IITR. This article brings you some I-should-know-it facts about the IITR floral heritage. Main building is, certainly one of the| most classic places| at IITR. What adds to} the beauty of thes place is a row of small evergreen conifer bushy shrubs commonly known as Morpankhi and scientifically as Platycladus orientalis. decorated with a waxy yellow flowering plant-yellowoleander, |which is scientifically designated as Thevetia peruviana. These toxic otherwise beautiful plants are the most prominent flowering plants at IITR common onthelining of GAONand CBRIroads. Ceiba speciosa or silk floss tree. Are these pink flowers there to attract. the inmates of Sarojini Bhawan??The seemingly groundless argument is actually backed by the fact that it is also used as an ingredient in Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic drink!! It is hard to miss the cucumber like fruits hanging down thetrees by rope like peduncles in the Aamod Path or outside Alpahar and JEE office. These fruits natively known as Balam Kheeraare botanically recognised as Kigelia pinata. The EC-HS-CC-Civil road is lined with tall, large papery leafed trees on either side. These teak or Tectona grandis are excellent timbre wood cum medicinal trees and are one among the most valuable trees in India. ’ i Bp), the Polyalthia longifolia or False near Main Building, WRD&M Jand CBRI. Interestingly this tree is actually planted to alleviate noise pollution. The Chir pines or Pinus) roxburghii are among the tallest trees in the campus. These timbre cum decorative S trees are common near Li and Director's Building. Who in the campus don't like Tabernaemontana. These pentamerous flowers planted near the EC circle are commonly known as pinwheel flowers and havewhite colour. Abhishek Das Heis a geek, an athlete, a programmer, a gadget freak and he loves open source. To ice the cake, ToS Een Cen om Che CR ecm gn eons Mee yee UN TST definitely one of the most inspiring and versatile people you would meet at IIT Roo! his interviewwith Geek Gazette You area true geek. You are an inspiration for juniors. Everyone in institute thinks so highly of you. What is your take on all of this? Laughs" | actually don't believe that! have accomplished that much. My grades have suffered a lot during the process. Everyone has a different way of looking at things. | am glad that people look at only positive outcomes of what I have done so far. How would you describe your experience at Google Summer of Code? (9) Google is a crazy company. It brings out the best in you. It was my first professional coding experience and I got a chance to interact with some really good programmers We had to work very hard and of course the pay was good *winks*. It was fun working in an open source community. What would be your suggestion for students applying for GSoC? Q) The important thing is to initiate and prepare ahead of time. On the very last day, 1 submitted two applications in a hustle, Although both of them got accepted, but | will not suggest doing this. Ideally, students should get in touch with open source organi zations and familiarize themselves with the codebase as early as possible. Being a Google Student Ambassador, what actions have you planned for the campus? () My primary job as an ambassador is to act as a liaison between Google and IIT Roor- kee and evangelize Google products and web in and around the campus. Google wants to bring as many people to the internetasit can. As far as on-campus events are concerned, Syntax Error, IIT Roorkee's 1st hackathon, was recently conducted by Google and there will be future events as well. Although you are from Electrical Engineering, what attracted you towards the software field? | guess the only hardware you need to change the world these days is a laptop. My most of time at the keyboard is spent making software. “thinks* | have been coding since 11th standard. My interest developed more after coming to IIT Roorkee and join- ing SDSLabs. | was guided by some brilliant minds. You are a winner of the Yahoo-Hack U at IIT Delhi, we would wish to have abriefidea about your work there? twas the first event of my life where Itook a chance to do some actual coding. | went with Nemo who is one of the finest developers in the institute. He can create an app from scratch within a few hours and that was just what we were supposed to do. We only had 24 hours. We worked for first 5-6 hours and then we slept for 5 hours. After that we had a nearly 12 hourlong coding session. It was a great experience. You are a part of Music section and SDS labs. Moreover, you are in the NSO and your department is not related to software field. You certainly have your hands in a lot of pies. How do you manage it all? If you want to talk about time management, | dont think | am the right guy. confess that lam terrible at it. sleep way more than needed. There are people who work for different groups and yet are able to maintain decent grades, which | haven't been able to do until now. Ijust try to avoid “Bakar” and utilize most of my time in doing some- thing constructive. What are your plans for the future? So far, | haven't planned much for the future. | haven't applied for any of the campus internships. | can't workin a company unless | am very sure what they want me to do. Moreover, | am not really sure where my interest will lie next surnmer. Near future plans include a visit to The University of Queensland this winter for a project on Data Mining. Would you like to say something to our readers? Ithink there is a lotto learn while in college. Try to learn as much as you can and try to focus on some limited number of things rather than trying to do a lot at the same time. There is no lack of talent here. I've met the craziest, most brilliant & passionate people I've ever come across, here in |ITR CHANGE aught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, ( we never stop to ruminate about what we would want our life to be. It is dictated by what aa EC RSA SS eR a UC a eee ea cco Se Cen esc R cy Cen Ra eee aCe. hallowed status is bestowed upon placements. But the Pee oe ee eect as the company picks you instead of you picking PCr ORCS Cee placements, which probably leads to the process of self- enquiry that turns out to be quite rewarding. Here, it all comes to choosing between what is right PETC Lnro Team Geek Gazette approached Asst. Prof. COS COTS ULY eee es Tee RT De Ec ee aed the 12 task forceswith an aim to develop personality of students. It was the work of his team along with an TU RCS OR cr se em en Sn) two tier English Curriculum for the new first year. Dr. Ceenre Meret cto Cece RET LCeet sty DR eae a Cee Lead Dean ee eee ee matters is the quality of education, which is supreme SR See LCR eee Massachusetts Institute of Technology students ROC Rc RU a CRORE CCS because they get a certain number of marks. This is SOUT NaS e eer on csc ed a ote eet resoRiser sts a Crs Teese nc POROUS a Coo ca RO eee CRY between the faculties/research scholars and the students. Recently, there were 47 research projects COCR RECS es a CO common portfolio for them, students had to wander ROE ee eee asd Do eC CUE sansa Following the age old question, why IITs are ranked so On CSCC SE Tn Tee eo RCC POOR cece OCC Ce Cae a tod a aC eee Ce ees government project, various task forces have been established, with an ultimate aim to take IIT R in the Roessler ha erate aon top institutes like MIT, the whole framework is being PREC RT eC o CR ae TC ae Pee RCs Ree CeCe Cees Riera etc eGR en ees ed PCC ae Cr hme Ce KUM er nerd Snecma ts ee Cea other interests (like GRE etc.) Stress is being laid on management and other non-core subjects too, which Pee env er eee stort CeCe CaS ng CoE Cesc ORNS Sone COT RSC COR Sed different here. We also have a poor faculty to student ratio (ranging even up to 127, 136 in case of larger Cae cd students are also unfocused. Recently Paul Goldberg of Michigan University published a post in his blog regarding mass-mailing, a concept adopted by a vast Roce g eae CSRCL om acons ics DE ny a aa eae eed SOR en tO a ead toregard them as individuals. I'm curious as to why itis UES ONC Ce eC eats ey Cer ce aT Semen nL Okay, let us confess. The point is not whether this is good or not. Right or wrong. The point is that the student community is lost, and is unguided. This is SE ee eee ee TC Ree Cah the system has in store for students to excel in science Poses es es Cet CEE aay focus of the students lies more on professional, marks centric education rather than knowledge ea CRS Roe ce CeCe) become scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders, but instead we focus on trying to land in the Pore Cane OOo recs Roh aes CCRC Oe cee ag intellectual laziness and start taking up initiatives. NCR e Ea Sc ened OM eae LA ROR aC ee RT Pe AT aa GG: Good evening Sir. You deal with an area of theoretical physics and are extremely Peau ORME SMCS scactitd DOCS a Cran AM: In terms of aptitude, students are highly talented. Students show interest and explore areas eR eC aca aed interested in doing internships but often are not clear SS aA SECs PO ee CR Cec ae Uae Coes Sd eS ee USCC Cats Re Cee e Le CEng SEN AM: Because many students do not follow their PoE CCSCT ets cae) opportunities and career prospects over their eee ESA Le aU EEE antec Oe a CnC ad CecS CE Cee Mme to cnc Chee Cech Se bee RR ne careers. I think a lot of us need a push. Iwas lucky to get that push from my teachers. It can be anyone to helpyourealise thatyou can do pretty good. Dr. Aalok Misra (Physics Department) can certainly be regarded as one of the Peete ence Cac eer ee eC ceeery a8 a person he is extremely modest and inspiring to talk to. We at Geek Gazette decided to take his views on the dilemmawe face. Here'swhat he said tous. CORRE COORCR ce COCR UCR cn Ttitd Den eed A ROSSER ego CC Toe CE esc role in promotion of learning. We need to glamorize ROC S UC CC ea Una) Pena tas ace C eM SC ETC Rca co asad way. I once gave a lecture on elementary particles to 8th grade students shortlisted by an exam and was Re Se CCR Co eco ReS eee eRe a Cre Ce CCRC} universities like Princeton, Caltech, and Harvard. In SO Ra Oe cee irs erad PU satu aoe ee cmc Re ces cee a CeCe SERCO Race t) Conte ec cey A lot of time is spent on irrelevant activities. And the Serre U CRU eos Cte CS CC ee ee ect of here. Youcannot have research based environment Cee Occ RCT aac ed PC Cae Caen TC) ESS ee RES CCRT Ceca cary arenot. coca P eT Sh) bet Re Cr ee ‘AM: In terms of mind-set, there is little change but there has been a drastic improvement in facilities as well as PORE Ce Oh sR RCT ee Cea Se C CRG as CBs amen Esi re theinstitute had already become anIIT, SoI may notbe the best person toask this question (ood COCO ee mL art ea acon carad Pr re Coan Cn nerd Rec R OC Roe ELNe ee e ST TSS NENTS yee ae enone ea eC eC ea RnG ee Uae AZT EER Taree missing here. If a student is really interested in doing research, he should go beyond the frontiers of the curriculum and explore the subject. I would like to quote an incident which I tell everybody. Back in 2004 a Dens Un Soe et Sr on oO ee Ca SCC aco ean erg him the required pre requisites for threeweeks and then we worked together and published research papers. Iwas glad to see such enthusiasm, thisiswhatis required from the students. ores rca AM: I love the student community here at ITT R and Iam here because of them. Iwish them all the very best. I deeply respect the students here. They manage so many things at a time and I just love that. Iwould like them to See aOR car esos se SA CUAL MAC! not spend time waiting for others to help. They should assign project to themselves, work hard on it, publish Pee CnC ae) Clete ess eC acen ait ae CORN sis iain ahr oy cli ED NEE sr) oo Re eee eee een eter a ete in that, youwill havea bright future. Only having an IIT tag doesn'twork anymore. CA Ceti Cr mene ipsam (On general advice to students) Geek Gazette distributes the copies of the magazine (the one you hold right now) in all of the Eleven Bhawans in the campus. Whenever they enter a Bhawan, the number of copies with them doubles. The copies are distributed equally in all Bhawans and they are left with none when they step out of the last bhawan. With how many copies did they enter the first bhawan? Mail us you answer at : teamgeekgazette@gmail.com PCE Cd Tg Eggs Easter eggs are unexpected results for ere CLC CMe Ty Ors Ree RCS CeO a Cn Cm cd ee aoe a ee and can help you find anything from the BO eds eee Ci) CP eno ae better and so, here area few searches. Couritetary era dioeaas ON MCR ae) Brea Tell mea joke (You can repeat this as many times as you like) era BOSC eT ed Seid Meena ee Deed ci eRe Cun Cee Oe RRR Cas pce) Eo td See if you can find more of these easter oer Dr. SANJEEV KUMAR Be POONAM SHARMA B.D.S. C. ORTHO B.D.S. Sr. Oro-Dental Surgeon Sr. Oro-Dental Si Certified Orthodontic SQUARE ‘ Ex. Penie a Raed olen SQUARE SUPERSPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC & IMPLANT CENTRE Consultant Dental Surgeon: -lIT HOSPITAL, IIT ROORKEE -HOLY CHILD NURSING HOME, DELHI -SHUBHAM DENTAL CENTRE, DELHI -SMILE CARE CLINIC GHAZIABAD -AMARLILA HOSPITAL DELHI Oiiodontic Treatment pewial Implant Single Tooth and full a é j Mouth Rehabilitation Ceramic Brackets Lingual Brackets * Conventional Metal Brackets Tooth Colored Orthodontic Ceramic Brackets | Implant Supported + Invisible Lingual Orthodontics overiDenture Root Canal Treatment Impacted Tooth Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment *Rotary Endodontics with Latest Rotary *Protaper Files, HERO SHAPER FILES Post and 7 \ RY gy Aji). Surgical Extraction <= } f Of Impacted Tooth FACILITIES: DENTAL IMPLANT SURGICAL EXTRACTION IMPLANT SUPPORTED FIXED COMPLETE COMPLETE DENTURE DENTURE, TOOTH JWELERRY FACIAL FRACTURE ROOT CANAL TREATMENT TOOTH WHITENING, SCALING TOOTH COLOURED FILLING TREATMENT OF CROWDED TEETH TAI S.b0 aim 1:00 pm © +91 90450 90455 Evening 6:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m Tesuyedises +91 90450 90456 121/11, 26 CIVIL LINES, OPP. HERO HONDA SHOWROOM ROORKEE-247667(U.K.) WEBSITES- www.dentalsquare.co, www.dentalsquare.in eek Gazette | Autumn 2013 hat ist like to see Tony Stark in real life! Some know him as the technical genius behind PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Others, as the real-life playboy inspiration for Iron ‘Man. The truth is both--and more. He doesn’t have name recognition as other entrepreneurs, but that will probably change if things keep going his way. Yeah, we are talking about Elon Musk, rich dude- inventor-entrepreneur-mad scientist. Geek Gazette explores the life of this young prodigy whose ambitions include solving the world’s energy needs and colonizingthesolarsystem. He has been one of his generation's foremost magicians, Hewas associated with companies like Zip 2and PayPal. Overthe past decade, he has doubled his magic, at once trying to establish the electric car and private space industries as viable business propositions. After the sale of PayPal, Musk looked for new things to do. He chose ventures involving complex technology and plowed almost all of his PayPal fortune into them: $100 million into SpaceX. and $50 million into Tesla and $10 million into SolarCity. SpaceX is a space transport company founded in 2002 by Musk, Last year, SpaceX made history as the world’s first privately held company to send a cargo payload, carried on the Dragon spacecraft, to the International Space Station. There's has been alot of talk, recently, about putting a human on Mars. But few people have been morevocal about this, than Elon ‘Musk. And according to his most recent interview, he thinks his company, SpaceX, can do it —and soon. Do you know that the SpaceX factory was used as a filming location for Iron Man 2, and Musk has a cameoin the movie! Tesla Motors, Inc. is a California-based company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components. Musk's primary goal was to commercialize electric vehicles all the way to mass market. He reinvents the automobile with a zero emission, all-electric model that in performance, appearance, technology and comfort, putsthe legacy automakers to shame. Despite enormous scepticism, he takes his venture public, produces more cars, draws rave reviews, and makes a fortune as Tesla stock soars to di heights. Never let it be said that Elon Musk, a serial entrepreneur, is afraid to think big. Last month, he astonished the world by showing off plans for a project that seems the stuff of science fiction. But that's what was said about commercial space flight and electric cars, and both have done well for the ambitious jack of all trades. The hypothetical project is called the Hyperloop, a high-speed train that would take people to San Francisco from Los Angeles in 30 minutes. That is a speed of almost 800 miles an hour, faster than an airplane! Just imagine! Elon got bored of the four modes of transport, so he created the fifth one! He also stated that the cost of travelling will be cheaper than airplanes. It is an elevated, tube transportation system providing uninterrupted traffic in both directions. The tubes will be partially evacuated to reduce air drag, consuming less power. It relies on solar energy for its power requirements ‘Technologists say that it is theoretically possible, but the economists are not very sure about the financial partof the project. ing ‘Musk isworkaholic. Heworks 100 hours perweek and he's been doing it for more than a decade. Being inthe right place, at the right time (Silicon Valley 95 - Zip2), at the right age (24) with the right motivation (Space/Internet/Clean tech) helped him to achieve this feat. Not that he always tasted success; therewere times when SpaceX and Tesla Motors failed, times when he became bankrupt and had to borrow money from his friends. He lived through that, never gave up. That made himwhat heis, today. Elon'sa paragon of enthusiasm, good humour and curiosity — a renaissance ‘man inanerathat needs them, ‘As much as Elon Musk is known for rational brilliance, he also carries a playboy reputation. All these traits inspired Favreau, the director of Iron Man series to make his film's lead character, Tony Stark, based on Elon Musk. Now, the futuristic design interfaces depicted in the movie trilogy have inspired ‘Musk to create 3D immersive reality visualizations for designing and printing rocket parts on the fly. We've come full circle, people. Reality and fiction are colliding and the outcomeis incredible. yx} ya) Geel zette | Autumn 2013 ALUMNI SPEAK Geek Gazette brings an interview of Arpit Gupta, resently at Georgia Tech University, who talks on issues related to undergraduate research and student aptitude, here at Roorkee. Did you know about WiFox? No? Well, it's a software that plays traffic cop to the Wi-Fi Networks at peak hours, so that congestion doesn’t affect connectivity. So that, you don’t have to curse those old rickety routers outside your room. Cool! Isn't it? And what's more cooler is the fact that the creator of WiFoxis an alumnus of ECE Dept. 2009 of IITR. GG: How would you describe your college years in the IIT R campus? AG: Itwas a great experience, made good friends and learnt a lot. | especially enjoyed things beyond the usual academic chores. GG: Being an excellent computer scientist as you are, what is your take on the improvement of undergraduate-level research and development here? AG: R&D promotion needs a real boost in Roorkee. Administrators and faculties should focus on getting industry oriented research labs to ensure better research exposure for students. Exposure is important as students are more excited when they are solving real world problems. We should also promote self-study courses giving students more opportunities to explore their creativity. GG: How was your association with IISc Bangalore, under the guidance of Dr. Anurag Kumar? Why did you opt for research when most of the people, nowadays are running for big software firms and management degrees? AG: After graduation | joined Deloitte with typical aspirations. Interestingly within few months | realized that this is not the right place for me. | asked Dr. Anurag if he can offerme a research assistant position and even though | flunked his lab’s standard recruitment test, he offered me the position. It was a life changing experience and | discovered my true passion for research. 6 6 If | can, will try to make GPA system less relevant in IITs. | would love to see students learning things with interests not with the fear for grades. 9 9 GG: Our readers would love to know about how you developed and presented your projects “Wifox" and "mPaas"? And have you been approached by any organization for acquiring WiFox? AG: AtNC State | worked with Dr. Injong Rhee on WiFox idea. Injong gave awesome suggestions, but was on sabbatical so | had to drive the project on my own. | presented the work as a poster at Usenix NSDI 2012 and got feedback from top wireless researchers. | came back and worked on those feedbacks and finally submitted to ACM CoNext’12. It got popular after an article in Engadget and got slashdotted. This year | went to NSDI with mPaaS and got good feedbacks. It is still a work in Progress, so we need to see how far it goes. Yes, there is a tech giant interested in buying WiFox's license. (I can't reveal the name rightnow) Geek Gazette | Autumn 2013, GG: How was the atmosphere at NC State University different from IIT Roorkee? Any inspirations, which led your way to being awarded the prestigious COE fellowship? AG: NC State University is very different from IIT Roorkee. Teaching standards are top notch and there is lot of promotion for research activities, even for undergrads. | believe my research experience at ISc was very helpful in getting COE fellowship at NC State. GG: We would like to know about your Google Intern in summer 2011. AG: | spent my summer with the Infrastructure team at Google under Dr. Nandita Dukkipati She is a Stanford grad and an awesome mentor. My work was related to improve TCP performance for Google's search traffic. It was a thriling experience running experiments over Google's front end servers and actually crashing some of them. Rope cocks ieoeEcs GG: Your present experiences at Georgia Tech and also DRISHTI kindly touch upon the SDX project which you have recently embarked upon this May 2013. AG: Georgia Tech is an awesome place and one of the top engineering schools in US. At Gatech | work with Dr. Nick Feamster who is a legend in the making. My research is to revolutionize inter domain networking which currently is very brittle. Software Defined Networking makes network protocols evolvable and flexible. For SDX project, am working with Jennifer Rexford, Princeton and Scott Shenker, Berkeley (father of SDN) to apply SDN principles for inter domain networking. | am also analyzing how Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) can play a role in improving networking performance for developing economies like South Africa, Brazil, India etc. GG: At last, if there is one thing you could change about IITR what would it be? Or any message for students? AG: If | can, will try to make GPA system less relevant in IITs. | | (Computerised Eye Testing) would love to see students learning things with interests not with : the fear for grades. Finally one small message for IITR junta: | Deals in: SFU DDS getting a job after graduation should be the last thing you should worry about during your stay at IITs, so spend time exploring Ladies & Gents Helmets your true interests and potential: oe Crizal Introducing for the First Time in Roorke ANTI-GLARE GLASSES BauschaLomb ‘CONTACT LENSES & SOLUTION ‘SPECIALITY: SIMENS (HEARING AIDS) -Polycarbonate Lenses 15% discount to IITians carrying iCards -Extra Facility: Cx © High index Lenses, 4 sive Lense, Fibi Juste ge ws oe UvProtection Cafe & Restaurant GiGi aes Neco oenies Tel:01232-271141 Near Relaxo Showroom, Opp, Ruchi Dental Care, Mahiya Chowk Mob 9758308921 Dehradun Road, Roorkee - 247667 (Uttarakhand) Homies 25 Uiaiclasy GADGET REVIEW »> GEEK ZONE T™ Surface 2 easily clears the bar set by its predecessor, though that may not be saying awhole lot. Let's consider the innards. The old RT seemed to groan under the weight of certain apps and services, but the Surface 2 seems better equipped to deal with the old daily routine, thanks tothe inclusion of an NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset (and 2GB of RAM). The battery life has gotten a boost as well, though the original was generally pretty good whenit cametolongevity, too And let's not forget the screen. The increased color accuracy and bump in screen resolution (1080p vs 768p) means that the Surface 2's display is a far cry over the panel Microsoft went with the last time. Sound quality has apparently been improved as well thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Digital sound, though we are not sure what a software enhancement could do over better hardware. Then there are minute things, too. Though the weight difference between the original Surface and the Surface 2 is basically negligible (4 grams, if you're splitting hairs), this new model feels remarkably more portable. The new colorschemeis also pretty fetching; the Surface Pros retain their dark magnesium chassis, but the RT model is clad in a matte, smudge-resistant gray that serves as a neat little visual differentiator. The kickstand now has two adjustable positions and along with plethora of colourful accessories available. And yet one can't help but think the Surface 2 suffers from the same issue its older brother did: The hardware itself is respectable, but Windows RT still doesn't feel like it's up to the mark. There's no denying that Windows 8.1 RT has patched some considerable holes and added some much-needed functionality to the mix, and the number of apps available in the Windows Store continues to swell — there are now more than 100,000 of them waiting to be downloaded. Still, running a version of Windows that can't run the same apps or perform the way full-blown Windows devices do can be a hard proposition for an average buyer or gamer. Regardless, this new version is a clear improvement over the model that came before, and with a price tag competing the iPad, the Surface 2 just may give theiPadarun foritsmoney. CS Cutting Edge A 28-year old science fiction classic, winner of the Nebula Award for the best novel (1985), winner of the Hugo Award for the best Spa ard Saléon| (83) novel (1986) and soon to be released a major motion picture (the film releases in India on 1st November), a book which science fiction aficionados swears by -thisis the cult that Ender's Game has been able toattain in twoand ahalf decades of its print life. The protagonist of the book ~ Ender Wiggin — is a6 year old military prodigy. The book follows the journey of Ender as he becomes the humankinds' only hope of protecting it from the “buggers” (aliens), who have already attacked twice and have left the humankind so vulnerable that it would probably not be able to withstand another attack. Ender is admitted in the Battle Schoolwhere hes trained, along with others, for the military challenges he will be expected to face during his battles. The book ends with a revelation that completely changes the outlook of the plot told so far- more of a The Sixth Sense kindof thing. Leadership —its importance and its recipe is perhaps the center point around which the book revolves. The language of the book makes it not atalla difficult read, Beginnerswill also be able to follow the book very easily. I's the underlying concept that gives the book its true color ~ 5 = and that is why, perhaps, it has also become the suggested reading for INU stb i ORES AMM > 7. 12 MONKEYS CAST: Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt DIRECTOR: Terry Gilliam GENRE Sci-Fi, Thriller ‘magine one day the human population iswiped out by a deadly man-made virus and a convict is sent from the future to trace its genesis and to possibly stop it from spreading. Seems dull and unoriginal? Nah, let usexplore Although, the film is mostly based in the present, but there are some really thought stimulating scenes which depict the post-apocalyptic world and genuinely make you think about your take on the big question, "HOW WOULD IT BE?" For us, the film accurately displays the miserable future and even though it is thirty or so years in the future, we still get the idea that the technology of that time isn't as advanced as our minds expect it to be. This realistic approach is something out of the box and worth applause. The movie keeps your attention throughout its run. ‘The main reason it manages to do so is due to the performances. With such a splendid star cast, every single performance in the movie isworth ashout-out Brad Pitt has delivered one of the best performance of his career. Itis safe to stay that he has stolen every scene he is in and has managed to steal the show from Willis and Stowe even though he has lesser screen time. All the other smaller performances have done it right in every single scene and kudos to the director, Terry Gilliamas he has brought out the true potentialof hiscast! ‘Madeleine Stowe has flawlessly played a psychiatrist dealing with internal conflict and her gradual acceptance of hard facts as shown in the movie is subtleyettrueto her character. Bruce Willis’ character development is something which you realize after the movie ends. His scenes where he appreciates the fruits which the human race ‘was about to lose are some of the best that he has ever done. For a sci-fi movie, TWELVE MONKEYS has a ton of substance. Weare forced to realize by itsend thateven though the characters in the movie are neurotic and toughened men and women, their strength arises from the fact that they are human. Oh, come on! This definitely does not mean that it takes away the thrill of sci-fi. On the contrary, it adds to it when you care about thelead characters so much. Hell Yeah! Now coming to background score, we must say, the soundtrack of this movie is timed to perfection. You can feel the goose bumps every time the background score pops up. It perfectly amplifies the grimness of any terrible situation as well as adds to the comic relief. All in all, this film would appeal not only toa Sci-Fi centricaudience but to anyonewho appreciates great film making and loves to connect the dots. So,To all the Sci-Fi aficionados or lovers of great cinema in general, the TWELVE MONKEYS are waiting for you to go bananas over them! Go catch them! YOGYA HOLIDAYS a complete travel solution” Domestic & international air tic! eting! Hotel reservations and holi Visa Facilitation Overseas medical i insurande Lte Packages and tickets ~ 22,Civil lines, Ashoka Complex Near Royal Palace, Roorkee 667 yogvaraorkee@gmail.com 8 po761010709 09219620729 PRO EVOLUTION SOccER HOHE OOGObDECE CETL i OOaOSGCOOOSEEEEE COREE SOSOS 08S 0GOSOOSCCOCECE ED reach and breach new levels, the latest _ truly is a near perfect replication of the feel of a Ca eR eee CRP oct based PES face-off each other. To those who considerably, even from the previous iteration, it SEC ORS a Seo MOC CUO my DS ee CCRC a er teg CREUSET e nko en ted Oe ee eee an Com Lr Mie ceo RTE sales seem to have chosen sides with FIFA as it football. Issues such as overpowered wing play sellslike hot cakes. CS ace cen nad same can be said about the passing, which is still Peso a nT OMNES eee co MCS TUTE TSG sea Konami still doesn't have many of the biggest UME C Ric etc Ro eR CCE ce one Oss eee COCR Ca argued that EA have spent more on advertising —_raftof excellent online modes. From the addictive SC cr Oe CR eC mas) eC OR ee ee Rec eC CT ee amc POSE eC COCs aC SCC oe Ce Sco rights to the UEFA Champions League and usethe — Mode (exclusive to Xbox 360) looks set to be the license superbly. And then there an ace hidden up _nextbigthing for FIFA. Aweak point for PES inthe rea ee UO et ei cent Ce CeCe CE Coen AOR ee COC eRe oe OC meticulous detail. Side by side, a fully edited PES crore 14 stands toe to toe with FIFA 14, though some _but still FIFA walks the talk here. So, all in all, to Sa oe ata point out a clear winner is very difficult, but still, for offline mode, PES surely deserves a go this eS Rc ee eos ae SS eo Rae ee CS tod A sthe Great Gaming Rivalry continuesto _and overall feel of PES this year is amazing. It Pee eGR Cats esther east GEEK ZONE BIG BROTHER IS HERE eware android users, your biological brother B is coming to compete you, Ubuntu Mobile OS is the mobile version of the world renowned Ubuntu OS. Right from the starting ithas been able to attract lots of attention from the technology world(Look for Ubuntu Edge). Let's have a look at the package andwhat Ubuntu hasin thestore forus. In Ubuntu’s touch interface, the first thing you will notice is the vibrant orange coloured lock screen (we are still not sure if it is customizable) which contains your all common notifications similar to android but also has a dock that can directly take you to your common apps. Unlocking it takes you to the home screen which contains all your frequent apps, people, music, popular YouTube videos ete, Unlike android where the screens contain widgets and app icons, in Ubuntu touch, each screen is assigned a specific genre, like swiping home screen left or right takesyou to the apps screen, music screen, videos screen, peoplesscreen, etc. Ubuntu Mobile OS isa complete gesture oriented 08 and the most amazing thing about Ubuntu Mobile OS is that it has no buttons in the entire interface, all you have is a gesture for an input. It has two handles (android has only one) one at top and another at bottom. Pulling the top handle opens the notification panel and while pulling the bottom handle opens the search (both offline and online) facility in Ubuntu, which also comprises of frequent apps and messaging facilities. Sliding the bottom handle also opens the option menu wherever applicable. Moving your finger from the left corner to right opens up the dockwhile sliding from right to left switches between apps. Now let's talk about the most fantastic feature of Ubuntu and that is its notification bar. Oriented similar to that in android, but this notification bar has lot more functionalities and most of the times you don't even need to open several daily use apps. You can change network settings, see all you messages (including network, mail, fb, twitter, ete.), change sound (/silent) settings and see the date time too. The notification bar is very interactive as well as useful in many situations especially like frequent mailing, messaging and chatting. Being in its very primary stage Ubuntu Mobile OS has a long way to learn, but even in its most primitive form ithas succeeded in impressing geeks all over the world. Even android developers have developed an Ubuntu launcher for android. Its open source nature adds up to its customization capabilities and also fascinates developers who love adding their touch to the OS. Currently lack of a dedicated app store and lack of full support for hardware like accelerometer, gyro-meter, etc. make it less of a competitor but as said its still in a development phase and one day Ubuntu Mobile OS may be allyou talk about. Andyes! Android and Ubuntu share the common Linux Kernel and that makes them like biological brothers. Placebo Effect “What is the most resilient parasite? A Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient... highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate, An idea that is fully ‘formed - fully understood - that sticks; right in there somewhere.” And with these words of Leonardo Di Caprio, Geek Gazette brings you one of the most baffling tales of a so-called parasite, which when implanted in human mind can create a hell ofheaven and heaven of hell: the placebo effect. ‘ow many times have you sat in amazement and listened to thetale of someterminally ill patient with seemingly no hope at all which ends with "... and he miraculously recovered" ? We bet at least once ortwice. ‘And what if we were to tell you that the “miracle” in the above case is often not some outlandish drug or an exotic potion of some “Baba” but our own Dr. Subconscious taking over and making us feel better(apparently oractually) by taking advantage of, ourinherent trust in the doctor/medicine. Yeah! We know this sounds somewhat like the proverbial "jadoo ki jhappi” being administered not by some Munnabhai but by the M.B.B.S himself. ‘Many a times when our medical science finds a dead end in some situation it exercises some not so “medical” methods to alter the psychological frame of mind of the patient by utilizing his desire to live, get well, or simply to perform better to the utmost benefit Be it Rancho chanting “Alll is well” all the time or Harry giving Ron the fake “luck potion” to improve TT) Orv AaecapaU laren Xe) 9 Ron's goalkeeping or the dying girl whose condition worsens with the fall of every leaf from the garden tree and whois almost sure that she will die with the fall of the last leaf but is inconceivably saved when the last leaf (actually an artificial one) holds through the winter (of ©. Henry's "The last leaf) or the omnipresent sweet pills of homeopathy. These subtle props constitute the alternative medical practice, the Placebo effect. Suppose you are sick and you consult a doctor who gives you a prescription. What if, after filling that prescription and taking it faithfully, you found out that the medicine your doctor had given you was nothing but a ball of sugar? And yet you did get better. This is because you were expecting to get well after taking those pills. That's the gist of the placebo effect. It's what happens when a person takes a medication that he or she perceives will help, although it actually has no proven therapeutic effect for his or her particular condition. The medicine or treatment itself is known as a placebo, from Latin for "I will please.” There area few different types of placebos. They may be pharmacologically inert, meaning that they contain no active ingredients. These types of placebos often contain basic ingredients like sugar {hence the term "sugar pill”). Medications that do have active ingredients but aren't proven to work on the patient's particular condition can also be placebos. There have even been placebos in the form of surgery, injections and other types of medical therapies. Placebos have been shown to work in about 30 percent of patients, and they've been used by doctors for ages. In fact, they were often the only thing that a doctor could offer to relieve suffering, other than his or her attention and support. Some researchers believe that placebos simply evoke a psychological response. The act of taking them gives you an improved sense of well-being. However, recent research indicates that placebos may also bring about a physical response. In light ofthis, some people don't see anything wrong with a doctor prescribing a placebo. Afterall, he orshe is doing it to help the patient. But others see the practice not only as harmful, but unethical, deceptive and possibly evenillegal Not always has placebo been successful. Prescribing a sugar pill or an aspirin is not likely to cause a problem, but drugs like sedatives and antibiotics as placebos can be perilous. The debate will continue to rage on not only what constitutes a placebo, but whether doctors and researchers should continue to ‘use them. As long as people find credence in placebo, they'renot likely to goanytimesoon! THEY SAID IT. “It was an overwhelming experience to attend The GNU 3oth anniversary conference at Mi Institute of Technology. I met people like Nick Mathewson, founders of GNU FM, GNU octave, Richard] Stallman, John Sullivan. The faces I had seen in articles became people I talked to. The amount of stuff I learnt] about programming and FOSS in generalwas something I had not expected” -Aarti Dwivedi, 3rd Year, GPT (On being a part of the GNU 3oth anniversary conference at MIT) “Mobile Development Group, a part of SDS, was recently started in March 2012. Apps for Cognizance and] Thomso since then, have been designed and developed by MDG. Two of our members were also featured in| Hindustan Times for the revolutionary app that they had developed under the guidance of Prof. Vaskar| Raychoudhury. We also ended up in top 5 at NTC (National Technical Challenge, IBM) and will be going to IIT Delhi.” - Mustafa Baquari, 4th Year, FE. “in GRE, preparation can only take you so far. The questions are extremely easy and nothing which most of us| cannot do. What matters most is the four hours of the examination. It is your stamina and concentration} |during those hours that is crucial in deciding yourscore. As far as preparation is concerned the two sample tests| Jon the ETSwebsite giveyou a fairidea of what theexamis going tobelike” -Shivangi Tiwari, sthyear,GT (On getting ahigh score of 332 in GRE) “We at Programming & Algorithm Group (aka PAG), are constantly trying to make ourselves more active and open, not only to IIT-R junta but to the internet, in general. We have our blog running on weekly basis, we schedule weekly contests, and we keep an upper hand on CodeVillage. I remember, when I joined the group, there were very few people who shared interest in algorithms and competitive programming. Others did it only for placement preparations. But now [feel really excited, seeing somany freshmen taking up interest in thisasa subject” -Shagun Sodhani, 3rd Year CSE (Onone of therecent butvery promising student group, PAG) “Gamers at IIT Roorkee are facing a dearth of network connectivity and awareness. We don't even have a thing| fas basic as LAN connections installed in all the bhawans. We also have lesser senior junior interaction now, which restricts good gamers to their year only. Maybe a cell like ‘eSports’ is needed in Hobbies Section, so that| /wecan stand against the big names like China, US or other European countries, where gamingisa religion’. -Bob (a.k.a. Nikhil Gaikwad), ace Dotaand CS player (On the gamingscenarioat IIT Roorkee) “Gone are those days, when ‘star gazing’ was just another get-good-grades proficiency section. We now have| ‘star parties’ coming along every fortnight, we have advanced telescopes here, some really cool instruments and then we conduct ‘cosmic voyage’. believe this is a place, wherein apart from knowledge you need a bit of the ‘crazy’ factor too. This time our self-made planetarium pictures the craziness & enthusiasm students have here forastronomy.” -Ashmeet Singh, sth Year, MSP (On astronomy section and clearskies'!) 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