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Submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award





Roll no.-8037


External: Mr. SUBODH SAINI

Internal: Miss. RUCHI SHARMA

Department of Management


I hereby declare that the project report entitled “The study of Retail peniteration
mother dairy Ice-cream’ submitted for the Post Graduation Diploma in Management in
my original work and the Project Report has not formed the basis for the award of any degree,
Associateship or other similar title.



It was a great pleasure to present this report, which is The study of Retail Peniteration of
Mother Dairy Ice-cream. My areas of study were Mahipalpur, Kapasera, Delhi Kaint,
Sarojninagar, Vasant Kunj, Chattarpur in Delhi.

Working on this project was a great challenge. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to
all those who helped me in completion of my project successfully.

.I would like to express my sincere thanks to Miss. Ruchi Sharma faculty of IME for their
guidance and suggestions.

I take this opportunity to thank my external guides and project head Mr. Subodh Saini for their
valuable contribution in the successful completion of my project.

I would like to give thanks to all the respondents who gave their valuable time in filling
my questionnaires and providing me with the valuable information and helped me in completing
my project.

At last I would like to thank who have indirectly helped me for the same, my parents, friends and
members of IME.

Roll No.- 8037


On 6th may 2008 I started my project under the guidance of Mr.Subodh Saini . I have
been allocated the area for survey in Delhi. Areas covered by me are Mahipalpur,
Kapasera, Vasant Kunj, Delhi Kaint, Sarojninagar,Chattarpur. I have to find out the
Retail penetration of Mother Dairy ice cream $ own asset programme.
I also penetrate the product in the market where it is not available. For this I have used
both Primary & Secondary data. . For this I visited each & every outlet of the area
specified to me where the ice cream is being sold for e.g. like parlor, Hotel, Dhaba,
Departmental store, confectionery shops, and check all the brands of Mother Dairy are
available or not or which one is available in comparison with Kwalty walls, Amul, vadilal
brands & try to convince them to buy each & every brand of Mother Dairy. I have to find
out the monopoly of ice cream in these outlets.


1. Introduction 1-9

• Need of the Study 2

• Objective of the study 3
• Scope of the Study 4-9

2. Organization Information
• Background 10-35

3. Review of Literature

• Descriptive Research 37
1. Market Survey 37-42
2. Distribution Channel 43-49
3. Sales 50-55

4. Research Methodology 56-59

• Objective of the Project 57
• Sample Size 58
• Instrument Used 58
• Research Design 59
• Methods of Data Collection 59

5. Data Analysis & Interpretation: 58-68

6. Conclusions 69-70

7. Suggestions and Limitations of the Study 71-74

 Bibliography/References 75-85
 Checklist 80-82



The project was an attempt to explore the “infrastructure development of Mother Dairy ice-
cream” in South Delhi region.
The project was started on 6th of May, after knowing all the relevant information about the
product of Mother Dairy and its competitor’s products in accordance with the prescribed
schedule mentioned by management of the Mother Dairy.

The project started in South Delhi region covering all the market where Mother Dairy can be
established. And in this process we visited almost 70 retail outlets which was my sample size for
the project and during this process; we make them aware about the Own Your Asset scheme of
Mother Dairy, and keep convincing to start the Mother Dairy ice-cream business.
I have selected the different market stratified sampling and outlets by simple random sampling.
The data collected is first hand, and after collecting the data we analyze the data.
Under this scheme I was supposed to find the new retail outlet to start the Mother Dairy Ice-
cream, so the project involved selecting all potential market and convince retailers about the
benefits of coming under this Own Your Asset scheme of Mother Dairy and avail this golden
opportunity of getting attached with a big FMCG brand like Mother Dairy and increase the
customer base.
Mother Dairy is conducting these surveys to know the present market share of the different dairy
products of Mother Dairy in comparison to other brands and the brand and taste preferences of
With the help of responses given by retailers and data analysis, the company will be able to
understand its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The survey reports submitted by
me will assist the company to take right decisions to increase the turnover and market share.
As a summer trainee I have been able to learn more about the organizational strategies and
marketing management in the current scenario.


The objectives of the research are following:

1. To increase the sale of Mother Dairy ice cream by increasing the number of
retail outlets.
• How to increase the sale of Mother Dairy ice cream.
• How the no. of retail outlets can be increased.

2. To know the retailer response about the Mother Dairy ice cream.
• Are the retailers satisfied with Distributor.
• Are the new scheme effects the retailer.

3.To Study the brand positioning of Mother Dairy Ice-cream.


This project will help to understand the current market scenario and marketing in stiff
competition. Being a student of management we can draw the relevant conclusions from the
market survey and give the appropriate suggestion to the organization.
The company can take decisions according to the suggestions and it will provide better
experience to the students for their bright career.
My study will help me to:
• To analyze the retailers perception about Mother Dairy ice-cream.
• To find out the competitive edge of the company over the competitors.
• To study pricing strategies being followed by competitors.
 To study of distribution channel of Mother Dairy.
 Find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat of Mother Dairy


• Dr.Amrita Patel(Chairman)

National Dairy Development Board
• Mr.Neeraj Raj Kumar(Joint Seceratary,DD&P)
Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying&Fisheries,
Ministry of Agriculture,Govt.of India.Krishi Bhavan,
New Delhi-110001
• Prof.V.S.Vyas(Professor Emeritus)
Institute of Devolepment Studies, 396, Vasundhara colony,
Gopalpur Bypass, Tonk Road, Jaipur-302018
• Shri Deep Tikku(MD)
National Dairy Development Board, Anand-388018
• Dr.N.V.Belavadi
Senior General Manager
National dairy development Board, Banglore.

Kiran singh-Deputy General Manager-Corporate HR

Abhishek Sharma- National Sales Manager
Piyasha Bharadwaj- Brand Management
Mayank Arya-Business Analyst


• MD
• F&V

Management Unit:-

Associated Institutes:-

Related Institutions:-

Competitor of Mother Dairy

• Amul
• Kwality Walls
• Cream Bell
• Vadilal

Main Competitors:-
• Amul
• Kwality walls


At Amul, commitment to quality is an attitude. Amul ice-cream contains only the best
ingredients, be it cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio chocolate or fresh fruits. Great pains are taken
to find the finest ingredients from around the globe. State of the art technology ensures that each
scoop is dense, rich and filing, with no extra air or ice-flakes. Special care is taken during

packaging, strong, transit and delivery so that consistency in quality is maintained. This is why
when the end product reaches the customer, he is convinced that quality shines through in
everything the grow up does.


The ice-cream market is set to sizzle this summer. At least 7 brand ice-cream makes will try to
freeze the attention of the Indian consumer. The some what surprise winner of the cold war
Amul is ready to launch over 20 new varieties this summer. Kwality walls has already unveiled
10 new flavors and Mother dairy also launched at least 10 new products in this summer. Today
the market has grown to over 1500 crore to which organized player contribute 40%. As co-
oprative like Amul, Mother dairy has tightened their hold on the market. Amul was charting out
a national footprint. Today its ice-cream are available at 2500 outlets in 1000 cities across India
and their co-oprative has plant to add 5000 more cities.

Difference between ice-cream and frozen dessert:-

• Ice-cream is made from real fresh milk.
• Ice-cream is rich in protein, calcium, dairy cream and vitamins.

• Ice-cream are complete food, easy to digest and full of energy.

Frozen dessert:-
• Frozen desserts are generally made from vegetable oils/fats.
• The base of frozen dessert can be any sort of vegetable oils which can be any sort of
vegetable oils which is quite cheap.
• In frozen dessert milk fat is replaced with vegetable oil hence they are unable to give the
smooth taste and flavors which only ice-cream made from fresh milk can give.




Mother diary is the largest liquid milk plant in Asia. It began on 4 th December 1974 under the
Operation Flood program of the National Dairy Development Board. It began with the supply of
40 liter milk that day and rest is history. In Delhi alone 50-55 lakh liters of milk is consumed
daily. Mother Dairy supplies around 20 lakh liters per day.

The target of Mother Diary is also to achieve clean milk production by 2010. The production of
milk also to be 100 million ton per annum. The current supply is 80million ton litre per annum.

At Mother Dairy, processing of milk is controlled by process automation whereby state-of-the-

art microprocessor technology is adopted to integrate and completely automate all functions of
the milk processing areas to ensure high product quality/ reliability and safety. Mother Dairy,
Delhi has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems), HACCP,2002 RvA
(Food Safety Management Systems) and ISO 14001 :2004 (Environmental Management
Systems) Certifications. Moreover, its Quality Assurance Laboratory is Accredited as per
ISO/IEC 17025 :1999 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories,
Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The main challenge before dairy cooperatives is to be able to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing
domestic and world economic order, and with the WTO in place, not only hold its own in this
country but become a regional force! by focusing on strengthening the Marketing, Sales and
Distribution of the dairy sector in India and Mother Dairy has been identified as the vehicle for
driving and realizing this strategy.

The strategy is being operational zed through the formation of joint ventures between Mother
Dairy and the State co-operative federations. The joint venture companies would take on the
responsibility of driving the ongoing business of marketing, sale and distribution of the State
federation in a more organized, professional and efficient manner.

Focused approach

Mother Dairy wants to get into bigger markets and have bigger shares in those markets. The co-
operative is also expanding its product portfolio further to match rival offerings .So while the
product portfolio has been growing, Mother Dairy has plans for reach out to newer markets - but
the strategy here is more product-specific.

Product differentiation

The drivers will be value created through quality of the offerings as well as innovations in
products. This will, of course, be backed by relevant marketing and promotion campaigns.

Smart marketing

On the marketing front, Mother Dairy is trying to take its product campaigns and
communications to a higher platform. For instance, in the case of milk, the campaigns do not talk
about the obvious benefits - milk is good for health, it has calcium and so on - but rather it
targets children and are created around ideas such as "The country needs you, grow faster".

Mother Dairy has been carrying out school programs - games and activities - involving Makkhan
Singh in Delhi, it has plans to take such activities to Mumbai and Kolkata as well. It also runs a
gaming website on the character to attract children.

Product Range of Mother Dairy:

Mother Dairy has a huge product range and these products have been marketed through retail
network. These products are ICE-CREAMS , Safal Select frozen vegetables, jams, Ketch-up,
Pickle, Mango drink, Fruit Juices, Paneer, Sterilized cream, Butter milk (chhachh), Dhara Oil etc
and some of the new products launched recently are Misthi doi, Dahi, Flavored Milk, Lassi,
Butter, Pure Ghee, UHT Milk, Dairy Whitner, Cheese etc.

Mother Dairy – Delhi was set up by national dairy development board (NDDB) in 1974 under
the Operation Flood Programme to take the co-operative vision forward and has built a strong
foundation by consistently achieving its mandate. It is now a subsidiary company of the National
Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) was created in 1965 to promote finance and
support producer-owned and controlled organization. NDDB’s programmes and activities seek to
strengthen farmer cooperatives and support national policies that are favorable to the growth of
such institutions.

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) was founded to replace exploitation with
empowerment, tradition with modernity, stagnation with growth, transforming dairying into an
instrument for the development of India’s rural people.

Facts at a Glance

- Includes 170 milk unions.
- Operates in over 338 districts.
- Cover nearly 108574 village level societies.
- Is owned by 12 million farmer members.

Milk Production
- Milk production increased from 21.2 million MT in 1968 to 88.1 million MT
in 2007-2008.

- Per capita availability of milk presently in 231 grams per day, up from 112
grams per day in 1968-69.
- India’s 3.8% annual growth of milk production surpasses the 2% growth in
production; the net increase in availability is around 2% per year.

- In 2007-2008 average daily co-operative milk marketing stood at 148.75 over

the last 5 years.
- Dairy Co-operatives now market milk in about 200 cities including metros
and smaller towns.
- During the last decade, the daily milk supply to each 1000 urban customers
has increased 17.5 to 52.0 liters.

- Bulk- vending- saving money and the environment.
- Milk travels as far as 2200 kilometers to deficit areas, carried by innovative
rail and milk tankers.
- 95% of dairy equipment is produced in India, saving valuable foreign

Macro Impact
- The annual value of India’s milk production amounts to Rs880 Billion.


Mother Dairy is an IS/ISO-9002, IS-15000 HACCP and IS-14001 EMS certified organization.
Moreover, its quality assurance laboratory is certified by National Accreditation Board for
testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL) - Department of Science and Technology,
Government of India.


Mother Dairy sources its entire requirement of liquid milk from Dairy cooperatives. Similarly,
Mother Dairy sources fruits and vegetables from farmers/growers associations. Mother dairy also
contributes to the cause of oilseeds grower cooperatives that manufacture/ pack the Dhara range
of edible oils by undertaking to nationally market all Dhara products.

- Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development cooperative Federation Ltd
(APDDCF) -Vijaya.
- Bihar State Cooperative Milk Products Federation Ltd (COMPFED) -Sudha.
- Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF)- Amul.
- Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd (HDDCF)- Vita.
- Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd
(HPSCMPF) Milk time
- Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd (KMF)- Nandini
- Kerala State Cooperative MILK marketing federation Ltd (KCMMF)-Milma
- Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Dairy federation Ltd (MPCDF)- Sanchi.
- Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Mmryadit Dugdh Mahasangh (Mahasangh)-
- Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd (OMFED)
- Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd (UP) – Parag
- Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd (MILKFED) –
- Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd(RCDF)- Saras
- Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd(TCMPF)-Aavin
- West Bengal Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd(WBCMPF)-bens

Regional state offices

sSr.No. Name Sr.No. Name Sr.No. Name
1. Ahmedabad 6. Kolkata 11. Vijaywada
2. New Delhi 7. Cuttack 12. Erode
3. Jaipur 8. Patna 13. Trivandrum
4. Chandigarh 9. Mumbai 14. Bhopal
5. Noida 10. Pune 15. Bangalore

NDDB Structure:

Indian Indian Dairy Dhara


Immunological Machinery Vegetable Oil & (P)


Hyderabad. Company Ltd Fruits Company Ltd



Milk &Dairy Fruits & Vegetables SUB SUB

Products - Fruits & Vegetable Marketing & Marketing &
- Mother Dairy Units. Units, Mangolpuri. Sales for Sales For
- Pikhuwa Dairy. - Fruits Processing - Dairy - Fresh Milk
- Vashi Dairy. Plant, Mumbai. Products. - Fresh Fruits
- Neem Biocide - Ice cream &
Plant, Anand. - Safal. Vegetables
- Ramgarh Unit. - Dhara

Mother Dairy is basically divided into 3 divisions as given as below

- Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Ltd- (Holding company)

- Mother Dairy Foods Processing limited - (Processing Company)

- Mother Dairy India Limited – (Marketing and Sales Company)

Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Ltd (MDFV)

MDFV (P) LTD, the holding company for all the Mother Dairy group companies, was
incorporated on 24th March 2000 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of the National Dairy
Development Board.

Mother Dairy Foods Processing limited

- MDFPL’s requirements of milk are sourced primarily from the dairy

cooperatives, thereby serving to reinforce- MDFV (P) Ltd basic commitment
to the dairy cooperatives sector. MDFPL also undertakes viable commercial
initiatives in the fields of vegetables, fruit and vegetable unit.
- MDFPL employs state-of- the-art microprocessor technology and complete
process automation for milk processing to ensure high product
quality/reliability and 100% hygiene.
- MDFPL is an IS/ISO-9002,IS-15000 HACCP and IS 14001 EMS Certified

Mother Dairy India Ltd

- MDIL is responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of all dairy
products (except fresh milk) under the Mother Dairy brand, Dhara range of
edible oils and the safal range of food products at national and international;
- MDIL will deploy the Mother Dairy brand portfolio consistent with
MDFVL’s guidelines
- It markets the fresh milk and fruit and vegetables in the NCR and select

MFS explores consumption opportunities out of home, thereby targeting a varied
range of customers:

Private Institution

- Star hotels
- Schools
- Office canteens
- Air canteens
- Hospitals

Government Institutions

- Paramilitary Forces
- Kendriya Bhandar
- Air Defiance Canteen
- Hospitals
- Airports
- Railways
- Pragati Maidan

It also targets any other opportunities out of home viz. festivals, gatherings, fair etc


Mother Dairy markets and sells dairy products under the Mother Dairy brand (like Liquid Milk,
Dahi, Ice Creams and Butter), Dhara range of edible oils and the safal range of fresh fruits
and vegetables, frozen vegetables and fruit juices at a national level, through it’s sales and
distribution networks, for marketing foods.


Safal Products

Juice- Orange
Mixed Fruits

Pickles- Mixed Pickle

Mango Pickle
Red Chili Pickle
Lemon Pickle

Jam- Pineapple
Mixed Fruits
Orange Marmalade

Squash- Orange

Rice- Safal Gold Basmati Rice

Safal Silver Basmati Rice
Safal Premium Paramal Rice

Safal Drink- Guava

Mango Nectra

Tomato Products- Tomato Puree

Tomato Ketchup

Dairy Products

Flavored Milk

1. The creamier, tastier butter

It’s delicious. It’s creamy. And it’s so easy to spread. Available in 100 and 500 gram packs.
Mother Dairy is produced under totally hygienic conditions using Mother Dairy’s wholesome

2. Pure Ghee
Mother Dairy is pure ghee made from buffalo milk and has every quality that you would look for
while purchasing ghee- just the right off-white colour and the typical daana-daana feel. The
formulation developed delivers superior flavor and aroma to the food you prepare making it the
best choice in Ghee. Mother Dairy Ghee is available in one liter and half liter cartons (known as
Ceka and having a special type of lining) and also in one litre tins. All the packs are carefully
packed to ensure that the rich flavour and aroma of Mother Dairy Ghee gets sealed in and
remains intact for you to savour and enjoy.

3. UHT Milk
Mother Dairy UHT Milk is thick, tasty & completely natural, containing no preservatives.
Regular milk is put through a process known as UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) that makes the milk
completely germ free. The milk is then packed in a special six layer package that preserves the
milk for up to 120 days without refrigeration. The milk needs no boiling and can be drunk
straight from the pack. The different kinds of milk available are

Full Cream
Double Toned
Token Milk

Tonde Homogenized Milk –UHT

Specifications for toned homogenized milk UHT(consumer


Colour White or light cream

Flavour & taste Pleasant and sweet
Milk fat % Min. 3.0
Milk solids (non-fat)% Min. 8.5
MHE{<2 micron} Satisfactory
Adulterants & preservatives Absent
Creaming index Max. 20
Turbidity test To confirm to test
pH (Variation in 7 days incubation) Max. 0.3
Titratable acidity % (Variation on 7 days
Max. 0.02
Bacterial spores per Ml (Colonies) Max. 5
Shelf life 120 days from date of


Aseptic packaging aluminium foil of thickness less than 0.2 mm
backed by paper and LDPE
12 Packets of UHT milk ( 1 Litre each) are arranged in kraft
paper tray (Holding the packs at bottom and sides). This tray is
then shrink wrapped completely with poly liner from top to

Full Cream:-

It’s fresh, it’s pure, it’s Co-operative milk with assurance of Mother Dairy. Mother Dairy Full
Cream Milk – wholesome and healthy. Packed with energy and nutrition that’s essential for
growing kids. It makes them stronger from within and keeps them active and healthy.So, before
they go to bed and after they rise, give them milk and say piyo “Fresh & Pure” to keep them
healthy and wise and to see them “Grow Faster”.


It’s fresh, it’s pure, it’s Co-operative milk with assurance of Mother Dairy. Mother Dairy Bulk
Vended Token Milk - healthy and tasty to the last drop. Homogenized to evenly distribute the
cream content, it’s thicker and a lot easier to digest. It’s the magic of homogenization that makes
your kheer tastier and shake frothier. Fortified with Vitamin A, which not only is good for your
complexion but also helps prevent night blindness. What’s more, it gives your children the
energy to stay active through work and play. So, given them milk twice a day and say “Fresh &
Pure” everyday.

Double Toned:-

It’s fresh, it’s pure, it’s Co-operative milk with assurance of Mother Dairy. Mother Dairy
Double Toned Milk – tasty and nutritious, with low fat content. A dream come true, especially
for all calorie conscious people who love the taste of milk but are wary of its cream content.
Mother Dairy Double Toned Milk complements your daily workout perfectly.So, to maintain
complete harmony between your body and soul you’ve got to “Fresh & Pure”.

Standardised Milk:-

It’s fresh, it’s pure, it’s Co-operative milk with assurance of Mother Dairy. Mother Dairy
Standardised Milk – tasty and malaidar. Enjoy its richness as it has balanced amount of cream –
neither more nor less – just right at affordable price.So, your whole family needs to piyo “Fresh
& Pure” malaidar milk daily.

Skimmed Milk:-

It’s fresh, it’s pure, it’s Co-operative milk with assurance of Mother Dairy. In Skimmed Milk, as
much of the fat as is possible is removed, yet it continues to supply all the nutrients that Full
Cream Milk does. The young at heart would particularly find it a tempting option. So, piyo
“Fresh & Pure” daily to remain young and energetic.

Cow Milk:-

It’s fresh, it’s pure, it’s Co-operative milk with assurance of Mother Dairy. Mother Dairy’s Cow
Milk has a yellowish tinge due to presence of an element called carotene and is a good source of
Vitamin A, B-12 and Vitamin D. Cow Milk is considered to be easily digestible.So, piyo “Fresh
& Pure” Cow Milk daily. Whether poured on breakfast cereal or enjoyed alone as a cold glass of
milk, this can be enjoyed year round

4. Dahi
Absolutely delicious, with a rich and creamy texture, Mother Dairy Dahi is uniformly thick,
consistent and natural, without the use of any preservatives. Mother Dairy Dahi is made from
pasteurized standardized milk which contains 4.5% milk fat and 10% milk SNF. Not only does it
taste great, it also aids digestion by maintaining balanced micro flora in the intestine and
suppressing the growth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria.

5. Lassi
Mother Dairy Lassi is a tasty and refreshing drink made from pure, nutritious milk. Drink it
either as an anytime snack or as a tasty accompaniment to your food. Either way it’s a great
tasting drink. You can choose from two variants- Sweet Lassi (300 ml) and Salted Lassi (200
ml), to suit your taste.

6. Chillz
Mother Dairy Flavored Milk captures all the goodness of Mother Dairy’s pure and fresh milk
combined with the magic of special flavors. Made from Double Toned Milk, and available in
Kesar Elaichi, Chocolate and Vanilla Flavours- these drinks are light and refreshing and capture
the great taste of these unique flavours without being heavy or too filling. These tasty drinks,
available in 300 ml and 500 ml, are perfect for any occasion- either to savour when you are
alone, or to enjoy with family and friends.

Take a break from the heat and discover a cool new way to refresh yourself with a fun flavor- the
ever popular orange.


With Cool Buddies, it's fun, fun and fun all the way. Catch the Choco Bitz Cone with pieces of
colourful chocolate confectionery sprinkled all over delicious vanilla ice cream. So pick your
Cool Buddy and get ready for a fun experience.

A tempting combination of soft, sponge cake, thick, yummy mixed fruit jam and three delicious
ice cream flavours - Strawberry, Butterscotch and Tutti-Fruity with a liberal sprinkling of nuts.
Simply irresistible! Indulgence at its delectable best.


In 1996 mother dairy came up with its ice-creams. Mother Dairy ice creams are now being
enjoyed across the markets of Delhi/ NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP &
Uttaranchal. Next year, it plans to go south to Hyderabad and Bangalore.
With India's per capita consumption of ice-cream - at 200 ml - being among the
lowest in the world, opportunity for ice-cream marketers is abundant. And mother dairy is all
geared up to take advantages of the opportunities ahead. Mother dairy has a huge variety of ice-
creams in its portfolio, from impulse to take away to gallons. The range will be available at
Mother Dairy booths, retail outlets and push carts.
In the icecream business their major competitors are Amul, Kwality Wall’s, Cream
bell and Vadilal. Among these Amul, Kwality Wall’s are giving neck to neck competition to
mother dairy.
But to stay ahead of the competition require special effort. Mother dairy ice-creams
strategy of product differentiation is value created through quality of the offerings as well as
innovations in products. And this is backed by a relevant marketing and promotion campaigns.
At present company claims 65 per cent market share in the ice creams market in Delhi and the
National Capital Region.
A harsh summer, a keenly contested battle, and a pampered consumer. It can't get hotter than that
for the ice cream industry”

Sundae Magic

Coffee Excess and Shahi Meva Malai, these sundaes give you the chance to relish what even the
Add a little magic to your day with Mother Dairy’s sensational range of sundaes. A liberal
sprinkling of nuts accompanied by a thick layer of rich sauce makes these sundaes absolutely
irresistible. Available in three exotic flavors- Jamaican Almond Fudge Nawab of Awadh was
deprived off.

No Guilt

The Dietz range has been created to allow you to enjoy the delightful taste and the rich, creamy
texture of ice creams without the guilt of consuming all those extra calories. In fact, the milk fat
content in Dietz is 75 per cent less than that in regular ice creams, making it ideal for weight
watchers. Dietz is currently available in three variants, Mango, Kesar Bahaar and Butterscotch in
500 ml tubs. Butterscotch flavour is available in a 115 ml. cup as well.


This traditional Indian delicacy just got better- richer & creamier and with more variety.
Surrender to that all time favorite: Kesar Kulfi or enjoy the richness and abundance of nuts with
Pista Kulfi. A royal treat for those with a taste for traditional delights.


A wide range of flavours to enjoy both at home and while on the move. Take your pick from a
variety of flavours like Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Choco Chip etc.
Guaranteed to make all those family gatherings and outings extra special.

Fruit Classics

A unique range of premium ice creams in which carefully handpicked fruits blend with rich,
creamy ice cream so that every spoonful that melts in your mouth has a natural taste of real fruit.
Indulge your senses in the mouth watering flavour of delicious fruit with an added excitement of
real fruit pieces. What’s more, it comes in three delectable flavours -Strawberry Crush, Mango
Marvel and Litchi Surprise


Experience take your favorite ice creams home. Just grab a 500 ml or 1 litre Brick. Choose from
a mind boggling range of great flavours. The All time Favorite Vanilla, Strawberry,
Butterscotch, Chocolate and Two in One. The Simply Irresistible Choco Chip, Kesar Pista, Kaju
Kishmish and Kulfi Pista. The New Unique Choco Fudge, Badam Thandai, Shahi Nazrana and
Fruit N Nut and Simply Coffee. A delicious for the entire family.

Lic Lolleez

An all time hit with the kids!! A refreshing and colorful range of ice candies and milk lollies-
they are the perfect solution to the summer heat and add that extra zing to the winter chill. Try
the new Chulbuli & Shararat Lic Lolleez to re-discover the naughtiness in you.




The project is basically divided into three parts. These are:

Market Survey

• Through a random selection of markets, all the retail outlets containing ice cream will
be visited and the market share of Mother Dairy and other competitors will be measured.

• Various issues relating to Mother Dairy and its supply will be gathered through a series
of questions put forward to the retailers.


• A proper understanding of the distribution network will be understood by working with

the distributors and salesman.

• Thus understanding the loopholes between the distributors and the retailers.


• The potential retailers who are interested in owning deep freezers will be looked

• They will be attracted in keeping deep freezers through OYA scheme that is offered
by Mother Dairy.


Step 1) Markets are segregated into heads to get clear view of market potential.

• Individual retail shops

• Ice-cream parlors /coffee parlors
• Bakeries
• Bakery shops/sweet shops
• Restaurants
• Chemists shop
• Juice corner’s
• Caterer’s
• Party & wedding contractors

Step2). By making a database of all the potential customer’s by using secondary

Databases & directories like sulekha.com.

Step3). Contact them and follow them to convert to sales.


Its Cold War out there. And this summer, it promises to be the fiercely ever the domestic ice-
cream industry has seen.
Yes I am talking about some of the ice-cream FMCG majors like mother dairy,
kwality wall’s, Amul, cream bell etc. All of them want to snatch a big chunk of ice-cream
business from the existing market which is increasing rapidly year on year. They have different
strategy to cater competition, to satisfy their customer’s, to increase their market share. But it’s a
time to do things differently, & so we too are, working with mother dairy ice-creams.
Our project is about understanding the ice cream industry and in particular Mother
Dairy. This project is helping us in getting practical experience about marketing research,
channel distribution, sales, and developing new strategies.

Basically project is divided into three parts:

 Market research
 Distribution channels
 Sales through own your asset program

The project will accomplish the following objectives:

• To find out the share of the mother dairy ice-cream in Delhi (South region)
• Expansion of Mother Dairy ice cream’s distribution network by increasing the number of
assets in the market through “Own Your Asset (OYA) program”.
Also to increase ice-cream sale through Rented his own deep freezer (RODF) scheme.
• Increase in the Channel partners’ satisfaction (Retailers and Distributors) by plugging the
loop holes found through the project.

Marketing Research
This was the first part of the project. This part deals in visiting a certain market that is actually
allocated to us. The survey will be helpful in understanding the current market scenario as well
as the market share of different brands in the ice cream industry. The main purpose lies in
interacting with the retailers who are into ice cream business. The comments regarding the
various brands are gathered and in particular of mother dairy. The positives and negatives of
each brand are noted. The issues such as replacement of ice creams, timely information about
schemes, distributor’s service, salesman visits, display boards, stickers and order placed are to be
observed. The basic purpose of market survey was to understand the markets and the pros and
cons of ice cream business.
Here we have covered 6 areas in 6 weeks. We have covered all the ice cream retail outlets. My
area is South Delhi.


Here we have to approach various retail outlets & enquire about problems, complaints,
suggestions etc. As a part of marketing research we also have to collect data in order to find
market share of mother dairy from our sample space. During this period we are in constant touch
with our sales executive and area sales manager and have to submit weekly report about each
market and full information about each shop in those markets.
Questionnaire consisting of open ended questions was used for collecting the information.


1. Whether the deep freezer is in a good condition or not?
2. What is the position of boards and point of purchase displays?
3. Which Ice cream has then major share of deep freezer?
4. Which brand is pushed by the retailer?



1. Do you keep Ice-cream? If yes, of which company(s)?

2. Are you satisfied with the supply/ service of the company(s)? If no, what are the
problems faced?
3. At which period of time customers come in bulk?

Thus through market research information on the presence of various brands, there supply, issues
of the retailers through open ended questions provided above were gathered.


This is the second part of the project. This part deals in working and understanding the market
that the distributor and the salesman handle. Various issues such as salesman’s visit, supply
status, mode of supply, awareness of promotional activity,S display status, Deep freezer purity of
Mother Dairy’s ice cream are to be gathered. Thus any loophole that exists between the
distributor and salesman, salesman and retailer can be worked upon and necessary
recommendations could be provided.


In these phase we are associated with the distributor Mother Dairy has a wide distribution
channel consisting of one distributor in Mahipalpur. Our market is divided into many beats
form Wednesday to Monday. We have to move around with the sales man to the prospective beat
and look for the issues in the supply chain, distribution network, retailer satisfaction, purity
status, point of purchase displays, salesman visit. If there arises small issue then we have to solve
that issue at our level, otherwise have to inform territory sales in charge immediately. Sometimes
sales executive will also accompany us in this process. The results of our findings are displayed
here. These show that Mother Dairy lags in promotional activity, display and visibility.


Patparganj, Delhi






The distribution channel adopted by Mother Dairy is given as:

 Factory

Mother Dairy has manufacturing plants in New Delhi, where the ice-cream is made. The
company has its own fleet of trucks, which are used to transport Ice cream to the C & F
The company takes daily stocks with these agents and fills up the gap between the required
and the prevailing stock. The company decides the level of stocks to be maintained as per the
demand in the market. The factories send their trucks with the required stock of Ice-creams.

 Clearing And Forwarding Agent:

The main function of these C & F agents is to store the ice creams made in the factories and
to further transfer it to distributor. They are thus merely agents of Mother Dairy to work on a
fixed salary. The company hires their premises/ cold storage and they are entrusted with the
task of safe keeping and forwarding their products to the distributor. This incurs the
following cost:
 Cost of storage i.e. warehousing, electricity
 Salary of the workers and the employees – workers include temporary used for
loading and storing functions. Employees include the accountants, manager and
operators, clerks and guards.
 Initial cost – Mother Dairy before assign any one as their C&F agents ask for
certain initial infrastructures. So it is essential for a prospective C&F to have
adequate storage space, proper cold storage facility and competitive workers and
 Mother Dairy pays a fixed amount to these C&F agents. This policy is necessary
in ice cream as the seasonal variation is very high. So fixed percentage of unit
sales will not work as these C&F agents incur very high expenses. These C&F
agents keep their daily record of their supplies to the different distributor and thus
provide a daily update to the concern managers in Mother Dairy. The entire
exercise of determine the stock and supply level is carried out solely by Mother
Dairy and the C&F agent has no role to play in it.

 Distributors:
They form the next unit of distribution chain. Their main job is to collect ice creams from
the C&F agents and supply it to the retailers and in some case also to the vending

distributors. Thus forms a very important part of the chain as they argument the physical
reach of the company by adding new retailers to their fold. They also serve as a channel
for getting feedback from the market that is the consumers. They keep the company
abreast of the demand pattern in the market as regards which product is doing well and
which is not. The distributors are appointed on the basis of geographic region as well as
the number of retailers. Presently Mother Dairy has only one distributor in my working
areas to cater the retailers as well as to vending distributors. The distributor’s profit
margin is 6%. The distributor has a cold storage, which costs Rs 6 Lacs. The initial
investment required for distributor is Rs 10 to 15 Lacs.

Various heads of cost for a distributor

 Storage Costs: this forms an important component of the total costs. Firstly sufficient in
the form of well appointed premises to house the freezers and facilitate transfer of stock
to retailers and push carts. So the rent payable and the security on the premises from part
of the cost. Secondly the distributor is required to have deep freezer to store ice cream
product, which are highly perishable products. Due to this region freezer assume great
importance and their maintenance is necessary to ensure that the products remain
 Distribution Cost: This is also a major part of the cost incurred by the distributor. He
has to employ refrigerated vehicle to transport ice cream to different retailer and also to
vending distributors. Normally, the vehicle used for this purpose is Maruti van or
specially designed vehicle in which deep freezer is installed, or small auto rickshaws.
Now, this small auto rickshaw comes into use in no entry areas where big vehicles can
not enter. The freezers on these vehicles operate on battery, which once charged work up
to 8-10 hours easily.

 Electricity Cost: The average electricity cost is Rs.8000 per month considering the
distributor has at least two deep freezers. The freezer run on around the clock basis, as the
product is perishable. The distributor also maintains the generator in the case of power
failure, which adds to the diesel cost.

 Staff, Including Electrician: The salaries to the staff also contribute significantly to the
costs. Apart from the labor employed for loading and unloading stock the other staff such

as administrative, accounts, drivers of the vehicle on its daily and electrician is also kept

 Miscellaneous Costs: These comprise the sundry expenses relating to the wear and tear
of the equipment, the dry ice used to preserve ice cream. Regular payments to the police
and also to the civic bodies like the Development Authority who charge certain fees to
the push carts which operates in the area.

 Stock In Hand: apart from the above mentioned cost, the distributor also have to invest
in the stock in the trade that is the volume of the stock they have on their on hands which
have not been sold or payment has not been realized on which this value varies
depending on the size and area of the distributor and the number of retailers.

 Vending distributor:

He is the link in the chain that services the push cart. The vending distributor operates push
carts mainly but is free to tap retailers too. Push carts operators get a profit margin of 14%. It
is true that push cart cannibalized the retailer’s business to a great extent. This is because
when a consumer gets a ice cream near his house or any where on the road side, why would
he go to retail outlet. Push cart are popular outside schools, in residential colonies. the
vending distributors gets a margin of 4.75%. The normal practice is that the various push
carts operators gather at the distributors premises and get a refill.

 Retailers:

Retailers were the favored source for an ice cream before the starting of push carts. Mother
Dairy has a retail network of 80 retailers in SHAIBABAD (GHAZIABAD). Now these are
the exclusive outlets as well as those, which stock other brands too. Their profit margin
comes to 15% on MRP. Retailers still occupy a place of importance because of the fact that
are located in the market place where consumers makes most of the purchases. Their location
works to their advantage as well as their disadvantage.

 Deep freezer: the retailer has to pay full amount of deep freezer which usually depends
on the size (capacity) of the freezer and also the profile of the retailer. The minimum cost
of deep freezer is Rs 15075/=.
 High Electricity Charge: the cost of electricity has troubled retailers but their gained
respite as the deep freezer are high energy efficient which helps in reducing electricity
cost as the consumption is very low.
 Shortage of space: we found that the retailers often decline to keep a new brand because
of paucity of space to keep deep freezers.


The process used to place Mother Dairy ice cream in my areas is following:

To setup an infrastructure of cold chain in market for the proper distribution and sale of ice
cream and made available for the consumers.
So, do this thing I have used following process.

 First select the prospective place and the outlet where the market of ice cream in
high demand, and the shop keeper that are interested to sell the ice cream, and
these outlets may be existing ice cream outlets or Non Ice cream outlets.

 For selecting the prospective outlets our strategy is to see when ice cream
consumption is maximum in a day. After observation we found the maximum
consumption of ice cream to be in evening after 5 p.m, so we selected that outlets
which are open up to 10 p.m. in night or the market which are open till night

 We also get to know that below 25 years of age group account for 80% of
consumption and the retail sales account for 70% of total sales. So going along as
per the study our next target is the retail outlets near school, collage, cinema halls,
shopping- complex, malls etc.

 Then after we look for the main requirement i.e. Deep freezer, are available or not
to the outlets, because without Deep freezer Ice cream business can not be started.

 If Deep freezer was available then convince them to sell Mother Dairy ice cream
by giving information regarding profit margin, demand, distribution etc.

 If the Deep freezer is not available to the retailers then we convince them to buy
the Deep freezer and give information about the benefits they will get if buy
through the Mother Dairy and make them aware with terms and condition to buy
the Deep freezer

 Finally if the retailer interested then collect the amount as per the quantity of
Deep freezer required, in the form of DD/CHEQE/CASH in favor of respective
manufacturing company.

 After depositing the amount to the respective companies the Deep freezer reach to
the retailer within the 3 to 5 days and after one or two days and retailer can start
the selling of ice cream.



Please fill in Block letters

Name of Outlet :

Name of Owner :

Address of Outlet :

Phone No. :

Mobile No. :

Name and Type of

Freezer :

Existing Brand :

Retailer remarks

Mother Dairy Program


Sl. Name of Retail Address Existing Retailer Contect Contect
No. Outlet Brand Remarks Person No.






Objective of the study:-T

• To find out the preference level of retailers regardingMother Dairyi Brand


• To assess the brand awareness of the Mother Dairy in the Ice-cream Segment.

• To Study the brand positioning of Mothre Dairy Ice-cream.

• To study the customer preference regarding the Mother Dairy

Primary Objective

To find out the preference level of retailers regarding Mother dairy Brand.

Secondary Objective

. To increase the no. of retail outlets of Mother Dairy Ice-cream.

Company’s objective

The company’s main objective is to increase the market share in Ice-cream division by giving the
opportunity to new retailers.

Sample Areas

My working area is Mahipalpur,Vasant Kunj,Kapasera,Delhi Kaint,Chattarpur,Sarojninagar.

Sample Size-70

The research was conducted at Mahipalpur, VasantKunj, Kapasera, Delhi Kaint, Chattarpur,

. .The outlet selection was totally depend upon me. The total numbers of sample size whom we
attend personally for this research were 70. These are come under the distributors J.B.K
Assosiates .

Instrument Used

I used to collect primary data through sample survey or census surveys either through
observation or through direct communication with respondents in one form or another or through
personal interviews called questionnaires. And also, I had to identify the retailers who want to
purchase the deep freezer.

Research Design

The research design prepared with great care keeping in mind the research objective. In this project
conclusive research is used. In conclusive research data was collected by descriptive research
method. The method applied in descriptive research is cross-sectional study’s Field work and

Methods of data collection

(1) Primary data (2) Secondary data -

1. Primary Data are those, which are collected fresh and for the first time
and thus happen to be original in character.

2. Secondary Data are those which are being already collected by someone
else & which have already been passed through the statistical process

Primary Data Collection

Source of primary data: -Through Questionnaire

Questionnaire is a set of questions designed to collect the data & process
them as per the need. My questionnaire consists of two types:
1. For Non-existing outlets.
2. For existing outlets.
To targeting the retail outlets like general stores, confectionary shops, sweets corner,
restaurant, Ice-cream parlors /coffee parlors, Chemists shop, Juice corner’s etc. the respondents
have to fill the questionnaire.

Secondary Data Collection

• Internet
• Journals & Magazine
• Books


Q1: Do you keep Mother Dairy ice-cream?

Yes ( ) No ( )

Respondent Preferences No. of Respondent

Yes 26

No 34

No, 15

Yes, 105

In Number

We first ask this question to the 70 retailers which we have contacted, and out of this 26 have
said yes , and only 36 respondent say no . This figure shows that popularity of Mother Dairy ice-

Q 2:Which Company freezer do you have?

Sources No. of Respondent • Mother

Mother Dairy 30
• Others
Other Sources 40

We can see that above pie-chart 40 retailers have purchased deep freezer from other company
and its percentages are 55 % and only 30 retailers have purchased from Mother Dairy .
Mother Dairy’s should adopt the policies of attacking marketing to increase the sale of deep

Q.3 According to you, which brand of ice-cream has maximum sales.

• Mother Dairy
• Amul
• Kwality Walls
• Vadilal

Table No. 11 Sales of Ice-cream

Brands No. of shops covered
Mother Dairy 26
Amul 20
Kwality Walls 16
Vadilal 8

This question was asked to 70 retailers out of which 20 said that the sale of Amul ice-cream
much higher than Mother Dairy Ice cream . We know that brand name also affect the customers
purchasing decision.
So from above analysis it is clear that brand attract the retailers most because every retailers want
to keep those items which are of big brand and very much popular within the customers.

Q 4: How many Retailers are looking for Mother Dairy ice-cream in percentage (%)?
• 1 to 20
• 20 to 40
• 40 to 60
• 60 & above

Table No. 10 Percentage of Customers

Duration No. of Respondent
1 to 20 12
20 to 40 20
40 to 60 30
60 & above 8

Percentage of Customers

We can see that chart maximum customers who want to Mother Dairy ice-cream because the
quality of ice-cream is better than other companies. The demand of Mother Dairy ice-cream
is increasing day by day in Delhi and other areas.

Q.5:- Which brand of Ice-cream do you prefer to sell more?

According to retailer preference near about 37% retailer like to sell Mother Dairy and 26%
retailer give more preference to Amul. Only 23% retailer gives their first preference to
Creambell and remaining 14% like to sell Kwality Walls..

Brand Mother Amul Kwality Creambell

Dairy Walls
Preferences 26 18 10 16

Q.6 Why do you prefer to sell more this particular brand?

According to last question 37% retailers prefer Mother Dairy Brand. So the main reason is
that 37% retailers prefer Mother dairy Ice-cream due to Better quality of Brand. Better service is
the second reason for huge sell of Mother Dairy Ice-cream.

Reason Better service More demand Quality Factor Margin

No. of retailers 20 15 26 9

Q.7 Are you satisfied with the current margins and services on this brand?
69% retailers satisfied with profit margin and believe that Mother dairy gives maximum profit
Margin and other service to retailers. Only 31% retailers think that other brands give More profit
margin and services in comparison with Mother Dairy.

Yes No
18 8


After interpreting the above ten question again analyzed the data and done overall interpretation
of whole collected data. It is done on the basis of data colleted during the summer training

Table No. 13 Final Analysis

Preferences of respondent No. of Respondent
Already Having 26
Contact Later 4
Interested 10
Not Interested 30

To represent the clear picture bar chart has been used.

Interpretation: - From the bar chart it is clear that maximum number of retailers is not
interested to start Ice cream business, and 10 retailers are interested and 30 are not interested, at
ending period I analyzed that only 10 retailers are interested 30 are not interested to start Ice
cream business. 26 retail outlets are those where deep freezer is already installed. 10 retailers
will contact latter.

During the whole summer training period some of the retail outlets visited annoyed with
distributor. They complained about non cooperation from the distributor side. The distributor
promised to retailers, at the start of business, to take back Ice creams during prolonged power
cuts. But the only provide this facility first two or three times.

After that they never fulfill their promise. Because of this many retailers suffered heavy loss and
therefore retailers are not interested to restart the Ice cream business.

The other problem faced during the whole period of summer training was after sale service of
deep freezer or Deep freezer reached to the retailers were in bad condition and were not working
properly from the very first day.



 India’s best-known brand across all categories.

 Mother Dairy have India’s one of the biggest frozen highway.
 Well-established distribution and delivery network for dairy based product.
 Biggest sourcing base for milk and dairy based product.
 Mother Dairy has a wide portfolio in the pure milk based ice cream, rather than frozen

 Large variety of ice cream and its reasonable price gives the value for money to
 Consumers have trust on the brand name of Mother Dairy, which is helping to Mother
Dairy build up a formidable image.


 The main weakness of Mother Dairy is that the advertising strategy is not as competitive
as Kwality walls and other brand.
 The replacement policy of Mother Dairy is very tough, and because of this many retailer
don’t want to go with Mother Dairy.
 One of the major weakness is availability of product & services in peak seasons.
 Company have no strategy for those retailer who don’t want to invest in deep freezer or
financially weak.


 Exploitation of whole South Delhi is still required.

 Mother Dairy has the opportunity to capture the most evolved young adult and children
 Take an advantage of other company’s outlet by convincing the retailer and provide
them extra benefits for selling Mother Dairy ice cream.
 In many areas people are not interested to invest big amount on ice cream so Mother
Dairy has a great chance to excel by introducing Ice cream of Rs. 2 or 3.


 Mother Dairy might face competition from other national players but the big threat for
Mother Dairy ice cream is local manufacturers in the low end of the market.
 Mother Dairy is facing tough competition in bulk deal like; gallons and other party packs
because the customer of this segment mostly concern first with price then quality.
 In some areas the delivery service of Mother Dairy is not up to the mark compare to
other players.
 Different scheme from other players such as providing deep freezer to the retailer on
FOC, Security and Installment
 In some areas salesman do not visit properly .


Working for an organization like Mother Dairy in the South Delhi region is a pride for me and
gave me a chance to learn the marketing skill and help me to understand the real environment of
business and South Delhi market potential for dairy product helps me lot.

In an areas like South Delhi need a lot of planning has to be made before making any offer to the
customer. As far as ice cream is concerned the competition is tough with reputed brands which
fighting for their share in the market.

But owing to its brand image, quality, price and taste Mother Dairy is undisputed leader in retails
with an evenly distributed retail outlet in Delhi, which results for higher sales for Mother Dairy
ice cream. As far as other avenues for sales is concerned like institutional selling and other bulk
deals etc. Mother Dairy is far behind and has to cover a long distance and more efforts have to be
done in this field, to increase its total revenue.

At last it was a great experience to me working with Mother Dairy, a reputed brand in FMCG
sector because many of the management guru’s said if you work successfully in FMCG sector
than you can survive easily in any sector.



There are some suggestions which are as follows:

1. The aggressive marketing should be started as to stop the growth of the new
growing companies like Cream bell, Amul etc.
Mother Dairy is a very big brand if Mother Dairy want then they can capture more than
70% of the market for this there is a need of aggressive marketing, because now a days
many companies like Cream bell, Amul, Kwality Walls are trying to capture the market.

2. Mother Dairy should start a new innovative deep freezer scheme.

Company should make a provision to provide deep freezer to retailer either on
installment or on FOC whichever will be suitable. This is just due to that many retailers
want to sell ice cream but they do not want to invest money, if they are ready to invest
then they want deep freezer on installment. If company is providing deep freezer to the
retailer on installment then the number of installment should not exceed then three,
because peak season of ice cream mainly consist three month. If any one want to buy
deep freezer in winter season then company provide some extra discount either on deep
freezer or on first sale of ice cream.

3. Mother Dairy should give reward to the retailers whose sales are high.
Mother Dairy should give reward to those retailers who are selling product above the
target given to them.

4. Mother Dairy should increase the beat on those areas where Retailer faced the
problem due to less visit of salesman

5. Mother Dairy should concentrate more on delivery service because most of the
retailers are not satisfied with the delivery..

6. Mother Dairy should start Advertising on Radio.
Because in my point of view, Radio is available every where in radio so to reach more
customers, it would be better to advertise through radio.

The project having some limitation these are as follows:

• The study was conducted in South Delhi, only so the area of the study was limited
which may affect on the report conclusion slightly.
• Some of the respondents were not interested to have Mother Dairy brand because
they have already other brands.
• Some of the respondents could not give their proper response due to the lack of their
• There was not any provision of visiting cards for summer trainee, which often
restricted us in moving into any government or private institutions to consult the
caterers providing service in the concerned offices. As we were always asked for
identity proof of the company while taking payment
• The limitation of this project was ,the technical support regarding deep freezer
haven’t provided to us during summer training period which hampered the training
some times, when we were not able to make them understand regarding technical
aspect of deep freezer.
• The big limitation of this project was that we were not able to commit any thing to
retailers because we haven’t given such power.

1- Books

 C.R.Kothari, 2002, Research Methodology, New Delhi, New

Age International (P) limited

 Schiffman & Kanuk, 2004, Consumer Behavior, New Delhi,

Prentice Hall of India.

2- Internet

 www.motherdairy.com

 www.nddb.org.com

 www.dairyindustries.com

 www.sulekha.com


NAME: ______________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________
CONTACT NUMBER: _______________________________________.

1. Do you keep Mother Dairy ice-cream?

Yes No
If No than why ________________________________________________________

2. Which company freezer do you have?

(a) Mother Dairy  (b) Others 

3. How many brands do you keep?


4. According to you, which brand of ice-cream has maximum sales.?

(a) Mother Dairy (b) Amul (c) Kwality Wall’s (d) Vadilal

5. How many customers are looking for Mother Dairy ice-cream (%)?
(a) 1-20 (b) 20-40 (c) 40-60 (d) 60&above

6.Which brand of Ice-cream do you prefer to sell more?

(a) Mother Dairy  (b) Amul 

(c) KwalityWalls  (d) Creambell 

(e) Others 

7. Why do you prefer to sell more this particular brand?

a. Easily available ( ) c. Quality Factor ( )

b. More demand ( ) d. Margin ( )

8. Are you satisfied with the current margins and services on this brand?


If no ,Why……………………………………………………………………

9. Rank according to your preferences:

High Moderate Low
(a) Mother Dairy   
(b) Amul   
(c) Kwality   
(d) Others ……………..   

10. Any suggestion or observation to bring more sales of ice-cream.


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descriptive, precise and must reflect scope of the actual work done.
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copy of the Final Seminar Presentation made to the Supervisor / Examiner
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