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RAO 5 Oe eae es nn era) eR ieee ese enero “Why?”, and | don’t pa en CaO nrc E STARLORD: WHO HE IIS HIE CARAE TO iB SOIC eee turned on to astrology (and the Tarot, and sorcery, and myth- ee Lee Per maT eae Ci ae eu) CR ea carat ee eee eee Rem ee] OM eee ROM ee PRUs ae Un Pc Ce ior SOR ao PAs shown—and | was. Astrology + rics ‘Once I saw that, | committed * myself wholeheartedly to it, and PC Umar uci eau ame Se Reon wi ae Caen Pe Dae aces LL a Re a a ee Per RD eC mLU ICC) Rr ROR CLT ORS Ly Uta in February, and chafing under the fact that sorcery and Pe CR uC ea CUM eeec ue RL Om CLS SL MC) to doa new black-and-white Poe Sue mAs re CGS DMC ce nats ee cee eee aC eer ae ee See Ree cn Ctr Caren ems a ees Con uy ecu ua meer story in Aries, season of self,» and Steve Gan and friends dre aero aes re aaa ome ee Rae ne Cae a Care After all the foregoing, let me PCR Ree ao ae err 7) Lue reader, need know or believe Bei M neice Naas PMR oe Ca amc? PEC Pee er Ree ey Penn Can eek eT ee SET Terma Es Cesare eC eee Re Ea Ue Tre ‘own, then that’s all right, too! eel Corea RL Rue CeC oe Mace ie at the times shown. (By the way, ore uc ame anu ecm fen ae Cet cae ue aT CS eee an aed Na LC ee ro CC eee ee Se Cm) Caer Cn) CR ora i aca Peter Quill is not necessai Prec RC eee ac ‘on his birth-day. | have a chart of ncaa eR UM eo) ge ea aun ee ed PMR ne ue eT eR mek ae ae Cee Peas eure aig roe a aed merarnery eer enes Pee Ua ae etc. OC ace Se Cai Reman Cas en aa Reco g other speculative future in the Eos Ce em) POR Cee ies Okay, you say—that’s how the Starlord came to be. But Sern croccra) #6 Re te Nel ae ae : ara | (i mS i } Daan Ral s 4 | 73 rect US, IN RMYME 3 6 EAE ro . PO ie , 4 | EN aeagey a Teas Cae PI eo eae iT eee 2 ea DeLee | Veen Pate aeaes i a, Lcd ene Se Renan B70 io Mew te | Poor Rha ayes re ee ~-veNus -- |: = BROUGHT THEM ALL MORE OR LESS INTO LINE ABOVE EARTH. NOT ALL OF THEM WERE VISIBLE TO THE HUMAN ENE-- BUT THOSE THAT WERE, IN THE DAYS THAT FOLLOWED ~ ar ar a - | Mama ae fice fees A a | Dee Ciera! Dace rat cra al faose FOLLOWED THAT WHICH . ee Yours! a ey A HE DOESN'T EVEN & J KE? ys poneur eve Se Grete SS Yip rust xios NOT MINE! ~ US Has His Sle SRS! ane! ay goo! iar ARE You, Catoner Bide, MINE MY BACKS eH et RE A aid Poa Es A ETDS er Nea Paes eet 2 eo) Mesa cr) eet a STARLORD FIRST HOUSE: HART Bil I aS ee rT TPIT Lee Peo ee PE at me a SE ee a eo A ecred ed ear : aoe ee ees ; Oe cee ee ee TH LN Aalicd St 1a ae eect a |e YA EN od Biche Mulcee eas aera npn Peay ae ele Drs a aT Cia area Bog aa - THAT HE FOUND A STRANGE, Fi AL oR Sl Reale ae ae ee We A, Pa ee kee q T'S WHERE THE SPACEMEN LANDED Oe SORE SRSA Me TINE! Yose, SGREANE ARENT REAL, ETMER/"7S Mada Saipan ears riobenir Me Gee ane 106 HUGH HE NEEDS A FATHER! Tih NOT ENOUEHE™ AF A gouty, I'S HOTT Sure nr WAN EVES Tee sae A ro) DID THE SAME 4. AND HER * Acre tate Ora te THe g 5 | eae rg WLENtLY, ages EE Beasts mee raed TAM TELLING. ae Teor SHERiEr BARNES! TAM! s i> piease--cerme GY : iN ! j r NT i Y TH hype. Be Cy YG Bigs yy ONE CAST TIME. ,. y ENG & | Ney ¢ eer ‘sure, peve J ENBEReEo- ; | OT MARE NE a ' raphy, Ne 2 Pe aa Ver sa) eo a eee area Laer Eo eee 4 ajfamaial adler aaa met Loe eed Naa _ ~ . OKAY, MEN! © G thas it For youre re 7) / YEA, ON THE OUTSIDE, a ADAPTING: " 5 MAYEE, BUT INSIDE, HE'S aeae were ¢ | ™ 7 THE COLDEST FISH YOULL TO WEIGHT f. MEET THIS SIDE OF A lessness-- G4 ‘SARDINE TIN! THAT'S PETER QUILL, CAROL, AND WHEN HE CAME DOWN FROM, ‘OWI LAST WEEK, I DropreD By Pepe irae PS Se trem orwrant ry cease ae Ne Tec FO IT, UKE TF was A PET!” 4 Nes SMAVBE IT 16 A PET,” VENTURES Perma Csr MN itt eels Rattan atiet zeal HE DIDN'T TALK TO Med" re on susr Vy Richt! gay Sera a Ba roti al ree irae ah \ \ ya S) SHOOT, QUILL, ETMOUGHTT Was ¥ A GONER THAT Times YOu Saver, / alas FoR SURE: Vi th QF COUREE Tm ALL s erent eee nna aaes RIUNeMS ol eee ie ig IGHT -- NO, THANK’ To You! Pre ee dll aa ea ae YOU COULD HAVE SAVED YOURSELE IF YOU HAD A "AN ASTRONAUT, IN AY OPINION! Prue tied iseyetor aes You, Quitt, ari He most PROPICIENT GRADUATE EVE EVER ‘N= TECHNICALLY << BUT PERSONALLY, MISTER, THATS. ANGTHER MATTER ! Saas uz errs SN seas Alam Laake Aelar tk Raa illedran a Sawn! oe INES ia Pann! 4 erg MLM 8M ap oo i | REJECTED! FOR SIXTEEN YEARS, T'VE DEVOTED MY EVERY WAKING: MOMENT AND ALL OF MY DREAMS FO ONE THING “JUST ONE THING —— JUST THAT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY-- THE ONLY WAY I CAN ‘GET INTO SPACE! Way CAN'T, I EVER GET WHAT I WANT, AL? WHY DO PEOPLE CARE’ SO MUCH ABOUT WHETHER, YOU Lice THEM OR THEY LIKE YOU? wy oney )/ FRIEND! = BUT IT CAN'T! ITS ALL BEEN A DREAM TE FOOLED MSELE ME ON MARS > WILE THEIR, SAUCERS 21> UP ALONGSIDE IY CUMBERSOME CAPSULE ‘SG THEY CAN THROW THEM- SELVES ON MY MERCY ? ITS ALL BEEN, FOR NOTHING. MS WHOLE LIEE-- FOR NOTHING ? ALLTHIS, ME T'VE THOUGHT SHEER WILE COULD MAKE ANYTHING: COME RUE COULD” SOMEHOW MAKE ME FIND THOSE "MURDERERS- OUT THERE-- YOu Have a SECOND CHANCE! USE It! SNE YOUR DEMOTION, youve CouponTeD youRSE e 1 TE SPACE STATION —— DAMNED. MUCH MORE Ike ENB GENTLEMAN, TF Rariheias aon’ uy ire ore iis dowrinde's WHiLe SERVING "ON UR ORBITING. SHANE WOUCO Have EXPECTED Sane ‘STATION. PER QUItL. Mae eae INF HIS 1986, THES: ED CLEAR OF EARTHS GRAVITY, conroure SEAT, RS 4 cr Aah g ae ye ein i cr, fg - Eater ae eT aT Eckel M oy Maal ad Raa eee eer FICE Ra ea aay hn eke uae CAPN SAIO THERE'S GOING 70 BE AN ECLIRSE TONIGHT, WELL Have ar. A LASTNIGHT, A FLYING SAUCER AS A, Nn fe Became AN AsTRO! Tp COTE ad aay eae ie Ser OT ed Ee Pee A ” : We . eres RATS Sea NE Ret 2 Pears NibGauieece eon AS % oe ara Lee aan ae ee RT ae Lad SATS sao) wit afc 5 RU io ata 3 bata acd 11S BREATH, AND. ahha --A_TERRAN OF YOUR = RO DEMEUE Taine (Ca cnet) Y soe rr, oat WHATEVER Tis, SSTARLORD" MAY WE HAVE TO CO AS! WAS ASKED, ANO ‘Select Someone! I wouLo Like TO vouunTeeR/ TE aaa eee eee are ei aaa SECONES, WAcies ANG GENTLEMEN. 77 We MUST NOW WORK Wy Toserwer, to pecioe OUR COURSE OF ACTION! VERY COMMENDABLE, UEUTENANT.. BUT We OF THE 2 HIGH COMMAND WOUL CERTAINLY WANT SOMEONE WITH MORE exPERiENce —/f 5 Nw SPace! BESIDES, FoR ALL /E KNOW, TH MIGHT BEA HOAX ‘OF SOME Sor! a ee ae eee eRe ete YOu CANT TURN 4E DOWN PETER JASON Quice?, AGAINST HIS DESIRE => aaa Tag vou Wave BEEN flows Mer, MIDOCE NAME ! ‘SYSTEM. \ BUT Youre ‘ NOT-- 1 MEAN, S Youre Nor-~ ALL RIGHT! 1 AOMIT. (TL YOU KNOW T WASN'T ‘THE ONE CHOSEN? ba OATH, t) tien? Wa? THIS COSTUME APPEARED, FROM. coe NOWHERE! Z AS DID YOU, NINE MONTHS 7 SHALE MARE YOU A STARLORD! war 16, 700 LATE FOR THAT? Bur ware 7 ALL POR? AMT ay Sureuses ro ge x tenenaw, Par ae heat atts On A PERRY RUOEAN Ea ac eae aC se Cr wr isn yy = 3 ay = SSN Roe tan cM Saal =e Esa aan aor HOW, Bur TM FLYING WA WaT ARE You ralKine S \\ ABOUT 2 THAT WAS 01 arate & BLAST OF H1GUIO Bate z “He ‘MING... AND VE COSIIOS.” s or ee tiie Reena? THis. EXPECTED: Rin. eet eu ict ee THE POWER 01 ie FA SrgpioRe! ‘Bur WHAT "A STARLORO?, ND THEY Re FOr 8 BLOOD!