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Assessment Record Sheet

Comprehension, Word Recognition, and Fluency

Grade Level Text: 4
Fluency & Word Recognition
Rate: 150 wcpm (words correct per minute)
Accuracy: 146/150 words accurate
Prosody (numerical score based on prosody rubric)
__3__ Expression & Volume
Evidence: He made text sound like natural language throughout the
better part of the passage. Occasionally slipped into expressionless
reading. Voice volume was generally appropriate throughout the text.
__4__ Phrasing & Intonation
Evidence: Generally read with good phrasing, mostly in clause and
sentence units.
__4__ Smoothness
Evidence: Generally read smoothly with some breaks, but resolved
word and structure difficulties quickly, usually through self correction.
__4__ Pace
Evidence: Consistently read at conversational pace; appropriate rate
throughout reading.
Comprehension: __4___ (numerical score based on comprehension rubric)
Evidence: Student recalled the main idea along with a fairly robust set
of supporting details, although not necessarily organized logically or
sequentially as presented in the passage.
Spelling Inventory
Developmental Level (check one used)
__X___ Elementary
_____ Upper-Level
Power Score: __22/25_____
Spelling Stage: early to middle derivational relations
Spelling Feature Knowledge (What does the child know? Use the spelling features from
the Feature Guideblends and digraphs, vowels, complex consonants, etc. See attached
model for how this may be written.)

The student was able to spell completely in the Within Word Patter stage and missed all
but one in the Syllable and Affixes stage. The missed word in the late syllables and
affixes stage was "cellar," which she spelled as "celler." She was able to use harder
suffixes such as "ure," "ate," and "ent" for words "pleasure," "fortunate," and "confident"
as well. The student spelled "civilize" as "sivilize" which leads me to believe that she
used the "s" to denote the hard c sound instead of a "c." The student used the "tion"
ending for the word (and also the "ize" correctly in "civilize") "opposition" but spelled
the word as "opizition."