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This assignment is due on 11/14/2014


Directions: Read two short stories by the same authorand complete the activities below.
1.Chose an author and find two short stories to print and read by that author.
Author suggestions: (You can use authors not on this list but ask your teachers permission first.)
Aldiss, Brian (science fiction stories)
Andersen, Hans Christian (fairy tales)
Bradbury, Ray (fantasy and science fiction stories)
Buck, Pearl S. (stories about China)
Christie, Agatha (mystery)
Cormier, Robert (teens, often troubled)
Dahl, Roald (stories that deal with the unusual)
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan (mystery- Sherlock Holmes)
Jackson, Shirley (stories that have unusual endings).
Kipling, Rudyard (nature and cultural difference)
Lessing, Doris (stories about Africa)
Lewis, C.S. (science fiction stories)
London, Jack (stories about nature, animals)
Poe, Edgar Allan (stories of terror and fear)
Twain, Mark (humorous stories)

2:Read the stories and take notes. (highlight words you dont know, write questions and comments you have)
3: Write the authors name, the title of each story, and a one or two paragraph summary ofeach short story. Don't
include every detail (You should end with two parts, one for each story.)
4. In at least one-half a page, answer these questions: How did the three stories relate to each other? How were the
two stories similar or different to each other? (Think about the theme, type of characters, type of setting, etc.)
Part II: Choose one of the stories and do any THREE of the following topics (you do not have to do all of
them).Choose your topics carefully, because not all topics will apply to your story. You may present the items in
any order.
1- The writing style of the author(ex: how the author describes events, objects, and ideas what is the
overall mood or feeling of the story? Why do you think that? Explain your decision.)
2- The focus of the short story. What did the author sspend the most time talking about? Was it plot,
character, setting, suspense, or a combination of elements?
3- The psychological development of a character. How did this character develop, how did their mind,
thoughts, feelings or attitudes change throughout the story?
5- The real and unreal aspects of the story. What was fictional and what was reality?
6- Discuss the main conflicts in the story. Was there a primary conflict and a secondary or no?
7- Was there anything especially confusing or upsetting about the story?
8- Could you relate to this story? Did it remind you of anything in your own life?
9.Draw a picture of any character in the story and write 2 paragraphs describing of that character.(who
were they, what did they do in the story, what kind of character were they?)
10.Draw the setting or one of the locations in the story and 1-2 paragraph description of that location
and why it was important to the story.
11.Draw a comic strip of the point of greatest conflict in your story. Your comic must include 8 frames
and 3 sentences per frame. \