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"Introduction: Out of the Ruins, the University to Come" "Linking Diversity with the Educational and

Civic Missions of HIgher Education" -Sylva Hurtado

-Bob Hanke and Alison Hearn

"Obtaining Integrity? Reviewing and Examining the Charter

between Higher Education and Society" -Adrianna Kezar

"Research and the Bottom Line In Today's University"

-Sarah Bonewits and Lawrence Soley

Higher Education's Responsibility

Emergence of Neoliberalism

Corporatization of Higher Education

More Funding, More Research
(Kezar, Bonewits & Soley)


More Focus on Benefactors



Role/Responsibility of
Higher Education
(Hurtado, Kezar)

(Bonewits & Soley)

Changing into IndustryGood and Bad

(Kezar, Bonewits & Soley)

Need of the Humanities

"Quest for Efficiency"

Higher Education = Business

(Hanke and Hearn)


(Kezar, Hanke & Hearn)

Traditional Purposes

Move away from Teaching

as a Priority

Do Research that Advances

Role of Higher Education

(Kezar, Bonewits & Soley)

(Hurtado, Bonewits & Soley)

Impact on Students, Staff,

Faculty, and Community
Call to Policy Makers and
Educational Leaders

Call for Community

to take Action
(Bonewits and Soley)

(Hanke and Hearn)

Displace Academic
(Hanke & Hearn)