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Kristal Rodriguez

Professor Cassel
English 1201.953
February11, 2015

Our faith
Our faith is the one thing that gives us a reason to our lives. We all have different
beliefs, cultures or religions. Some think that only their belief is the only correct one,
this leads to discrimination, chaos, and separation around the world. There are
places where our faith is accepted and we are able to live freely, but there are
others that cant live based on their faith, because it is prohibited. A huge part that

affects our faith is connections with other countries, since we all have different
beliefs countries tend to discriminate, based on their beliefs. Our faith is supposed
to bring positivity over other people, how are we going to be a united world if there
isnt an understanding among each other. In essence, the photo I have chosen is a
representation of the freedom, positivity, and understanding that people who are of
faith are currently not experiencing.
This image was taken by Tareyn Kaster, it displays life and freedom. The woman
projects a sense of liberty in her appearance, and I see it as different people have
different faiths and this faith is what makes us who we are and what we believe in.
The image portrays a sunny background as if she is bathed in happiness. There is
no one around, the world is just below her, she is up high in the mountains as if she
would prefer just a time of silence of no worries, and especially of no judgment.
Pathos is clear in this picture as it exudes a feeling of freedom. This freedom is what
we hope to feel when we are able to express and experience our own faith. For
instance, many policies in other countries restrict freedoms of individual based on
their faith, and even some foreign policies are made as a way to restrict freedoms to
change behavior from other nations. But, its important to note that some change or
restriction of freedom may be necessary, such as in the case of ISIS or terrorism.
Current terrorist groups use religious beliefs as an excuse or explanation to be
superior over the people. Faith should not just be a religious lifestyle it should be
the way you live, walk, and think. It shouldnt matter what religion, race, or color we
are, we are still all the same, and we are human beings. We share the world
together and should be able to get along, not be judged by anyone. Its no right to
let your faith make you feel that you are more than others, let your faith impact

others positively and maybe then we can make an end to the chaos and

The image of the girl herself shows how people of all races should experience their
lives and faith. An individuals faith makes up the person they are, it helps people
think or manage their lives much more positively. Faith is what we believe in what
we live by, it is not just a simple routine, it is what we live by. Faith encourages
individuals to carry on, to not give up, and to get up if we have fallen. Faith helps us
go further in life, no matter what comes our way, we still have faith. Everyone
should experience faith in their lives, it does not matter where you are from faith
should be active in us. It structures our lives as we walk on the path that faith
guides us through.
By putting our judgment of different faiths aside, we open up a larger world to
ourselves, because we are not limited in our connections to each other by our
beliefs alone. The girl in the photo is throwing her arms open wide, as if to say, I
am open to you and receive you, World, regardless of your race, color, faith, or
creed. We sometimes let our differences come between us, because of the
different religions and race. We and when I say we, I mean the whole world, have
excluded ourselves from many opportunities with other countries, because we dont
believe their belief is correct or apparently think that we are better, this pulls us
away from world unity. Dont let your faith discriminate others faith, because we
are a big world and we are all different, if we werent any different there would not
be any personalities, around the world. We need to understand that its okay to
have different beliefs, it is okay to accept and respect others faith.