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Welcome Message from Dean Foote

Welcome to the site of the University of Oklahoma's Graduate Studies at the Gaylord
College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Here at the Gaylord Graduate College
we understand that in order to obtain your professional goals, having options is
important. For this reason we offer a Master of Arts degree (MA), Master of Professional
Writing degree (MPW) and a Doctoral degree (Ph.D.). The MA program is designed for
students seeking an advanced course of study in: Advertising, Broadcasting and
Electronic Media, Journalism, Mass Communications Management and Public Relations.
The MPW program is designed to develop and refine commercial writing skills for
students interested in producing: Nonfiction Books, Novels and Screenplays. The quickly
growing Ph.D. program allows students to work with leading research faculty on projects
across the field of communications. Individual research interests are encouraged, but our
program divides into three broad categories: Media Arts, News and Information and
Strategic communication.
By attending the University of Oklahomas Graduate Studies at the Gaylord College of
Journalism and Mass Communication, you will be joining a student body that exemplifies
academic excellence. In todays world, society is in need of effective communicators
and Gaylord graduates are just that.
Highlights of the Gaylord community include:

The Sooner network is extensive. The University of Oklahoma maintains

addresses for more than 152,000 alumni in the United States, and more than 9,000
alumni have undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in journalism.

The college has several endowed positions, including: Joe S. Foote, Gaylord
Chair; Charles Self, Edward L. Gaylord Endowed Chair; Maureen Taylor,
Gaylord Family Endowed Chair; Meta Carstarphen, Gaylord Family Endowed
Professor; Peter Gade, Gaylord Family Endowed Professor.

There are twenty-five tenure-track faculty lines, with nine full professors, nine
associate professors, six assistant professors, and one open line.

Thank you for considering the University of Oklahoma as a place to achieve your
dreams. If you decide to come to the University of Oklahoma to further your education,
you will be joining thousands who have taken what they have learned here to lead the
way in communication fields and serve humanity. I encourage you to learn more about
what the University of Oklahoma can offer you by visiting our beautiful campus. We
understand that this is a decision that will impact the rest of your life, and we are here to
help in any way we can.
Joe Foote