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Jessica Rodriguez

LEI 4724
Activity: Grief Word Game
Source: WordPress: The Tristesse Grief Center. (2014, January 29). Retrieved March 6, 2015, from
Equipment Needed:

Bananagrams game or Scrabble Tiles

Activity Description:
First divide the participants up into teams and distribute the tiles. For larger groups, you can use multiple
Bananagrams sets if necessary. It works best to divide each Bananagrams game into no more than 2 to 3
Inform the client that they are going to be forming words from their tiles based on Grief. The words can
connect (like a crossword) but they dont have to connect. Normally there is a set time limit of 5 to 10
minutes for each round.
Leadership Considerations:
Discussion: What type of emotions did they experience while doing this activity? Did they face any
difficulties throughout the activity? Were there any similarities in the words created by each group? Do
they feel better after completing this activity? Do they have a better understanding of what grief is?
Focus: Problem solving skills, grief, emotions, depression, understanding ones emotions, socializing, and
becoming more comfortable as a group
Expected Outcome: Individual becomes more comfortable around their peers, better understanding of
their emotions, better understanding of the emotions of others, knowledge concerning grief and
Activity Adaptation: For individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), they have difficulties thinking,
memory problems, attention deficits, and as a result frustration. It is important to provide a list of possible
words for this individual as well as guide them and give them hints to prevent frustration. Another
adaptation is to make spelling not important, so they dont have to worry about spelling the word
correctly. Persons with Anophthalmia have a condition where one or both of their eyes do not form during
pregnancy, when both eyes are affected blindness does result. An adaptation for these individuals would
be to use scrabble tiles that have Braille markings as well and to make sure that instructions are verbally
given to them, rather than written instructions.