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An unforgettable tribute to health care professionals
Institutions that have experienced the Marcus

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Scripts Health, San Diego, CA

Oklahoma Nurses Association

Driscoll Childrens Hospital, Corpus Christi, TX

Jackson Memorial Health, Miami, FL

Connecticut League of Nursing

Overlake Hospital, Seattle, WA

Wake Med, Raeigh, NC

Marcus Engel provides insight and

strategies for excellent patient care.
This remarkable story illustrates how health care
providers sustained body and mind in the face of
incredible trauma.

Marcus programs help audiences to:

Apply innovative techniques to treat patient


Discover the small things that make a big

difference in patient care

Manage the not-so-caring aspects of the health

care system

Rediscover the rewards of providing health care

Celebrate the healing power of humor

Columbia University School of Nursing

Balance patient care and personal concern

New York, NY

Understand the unique issues surrounding trauma

and loss

What clients have to say:

Without a doubt, Marcus is one of the best speakers in
the area of healthcare I have ever heard. I recommend
him to anyone looking for a speaker who can inspire
new healthcare professionals, seasoned health
professionals or anyone facing adversity (and that
would be all of us!)

Norma Stephens Hannigan, DNP, MPH, FNP-BC

Marcus was awesome on every level. He is easy to work

with and adapted his message to our audience. His
message resonated deeply with our emergency nurses
and we are still applying his concepts.
Jeff Solheim, MSN, RN-B,
Founder of Project Helping Hands
Salem, OR

Marcus is a master of changing culture. Every health

care institution needs to hear his message.
Scott Ellner, DO, MPH, FACS
Vice Chair of Surgery, St. Francis Hospital
Hartford, CT

All of Marcus programs are

great for a partner track.

Unimaginable pain. Devastating injuries. Terrifying

realization. Then, darkness. Complete and total darkness.
Marcus Engel speaks from experience. After being
blinded and severely injured by a drunk driver,
Marcus overcame unimaginable obstacles to
reclaim his life. This dramatic story inspires health
care professionals to reignite their passion for
providing excellent patient care.