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Fs The mS OOM PAULO STIS DAVID MICHELINIE, weer = JOHN BYRNE % BOB cATION. ARTISTS TOM Se aeEne leiitrer : aoe SHAKEN colorist ° ROGER STERN er = JIM i ee TABLEAU VIVANT: THE MUTED GREEN AND {é BURNISHED STEEL OF A PRIVATE OPERATING FLESH HERALDS THE BEGINNING -- AND POSSIBLY THE ENO-- OF A BRAND-NEW SGRERFERO CAREER: f iF THIS OPERATION IS B DISTURBED, (4, MY PATIENT SORRY, LADY, BUT T PLAN {ON BOING mone AN *DISTURE”! BECAUSE |F 4 YOUR PATIENT LIVES --; DAUGHTER Wile DfES MARVEL PREMIERETMis published by MARVEL COMICS GROUP, James E.’ Gaitne: President. Stan Lee, Publisher, OFFICE OF PUBLICATION: 575 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10022. Published bi-monthly. Copyright ©1978 by Marvel Comics Group, a Division of Cadence industries Corporation. All rights reserved. Vo. 1, No.47, April, 1979 issue. Price 35¢ per copy in the U.S, and Canada. Subscription rate $4.50 for 12 issues, Canada, $6.50, Foreign, $6.50. No similarity between any of the names, characters, persons, and/or institutions in this magazine with those of any living or dead person’ or institution is intended, and any such similarity which may @xist.is purely coincidantal. Printed in the U.S.A. This periodical may not be sold except by authorized dealers and is sold subject to the conditions that it shall net be sold or distributed with any part of its cover or markings removed, nor in a mutilated condition. ANT-MAN (including all prominent characters featured in the issue), and the distinctive likenssses thereot, ars trademarks of the MARWEL COMICS GROUP. SECOND CLASS POSTAGE PAID AT NEW YORK, N.Y. AND ADDITIONAL MAILING OFFICES. “ay DON'T WORRY, me Dr. SONDHEIM, Be WE'LL TAKE mM CARE OF THIS SA. JOKUNGH?! DON'T LET THE FANCY RED- Ve MONE A®. ZA IT AIN'T OURS, AND-BLUES FOOL YOU, JERKS! I 7 4 f EITHER, HOT I MAY BE ONE OF THE GOOD 4a | / AUN == STUFF! HOLD GUYS NOW, BUT PULLIN’ _ , pe oN NSS IM, VAL! PUNCHES ISN'T MY praqtiiee i = a STY--AGGH!S v LOOSE! CAN SUPERHERO Jigme _ NOW! . yale AND I'VE GOT THESE. SPIFFY LITTLE CANISTERS Ww ITH APOLOGIES TO STEVE MARTIN, pale I “GOT SMALE "-- TURKEY'S THE ANT-MAN! HEY, RICH, LOOK! THERE'S ANTS ALL OVER. THE PLACE! PeSSe SUng'< W-WATER--! : LIKE A TIDAL WAVE! ~ -- THANKS ¥© THE HANDY BA eas Iv THESE CANISTERS! NOW ALL ME AND MY ANT BUDDIES HAVE TO DO IS MANEUVER AROUND BEM THESE WE'RE PHU eters ie \ . ae rae Sie CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE KEEP HOSIN' DO DOWN THE DOORWAY, Mee WE DON'T WANNA GIVE THE TWERP A SECOND CHANCE-- Al i : et