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Speech 03: Applied Presentation with PowerPoint & Question/Answer Session

Julia Nurmukhamedov
Submitted to Professor Sarah Billington
COMM 1020-Sp2015
Speech 3: Applied Speech with PowerPoint and Q&A Sessions

Applied Speech: Audience Assessment

Specific Goal:
My audience will learn more about Marriage education
I could apply this speech for the students of Family law class.
Ethos: Primary Ethos: I am currently attending Family law class and I took Family and Marriage
Experience class last semester.
Secondary Ethos: I will cite 3 references out loud in my speech
Audience Assessment: My audience are familiar with general Family Relationships information.
Adaptation to Audience: I will apply information what we have learned and some statistics and facts to
the possible problem solution.
Pattern of Organization: problem-solution pattern.
Applied Speech: Key-Word Outline

Marriage and Family education



Hook: About 40 to 50% of married couples in the United States end with divorce.
Thesis: It is very important for people to have marriage education before getting married, so they
know more about the importance and seriousness of the family relationships.
1. Divorce rates and reasons for divorce in the United States
2. High School marriage education
3. Premarital Marriage education program
What are the divorce rates among the United States
Divorce rate among the States
Divorce in Utah
Main reasons for divorce
Source: Utah Census Bureau ,
Transition: Young teenagers should learn in school about Family and Marriage relationships



It is very important for young teenagers to learn more about Marriage and Family
High School education
Government programs
Source: The coalition for Marriages, Family and Couples Education, www.
Transition: When people are engaged it is also very helpful to take premarital educational program
Premarital educational programs
Importance of premarital education
Should be obligatory
Source: Utah commission on Marriage

With the higher divorce rate nowadays people should think and learn more about importance of the Family
in the society. As stronger the knowledge and intentions are, as stronger Marriage Institute is going to be.

Works Cited:
The coalition for Marriages, Family and Couples Education, www.
United States Census Bureau,
Utah commission on Marriage, Executive summary: Does Legislation to Encourage Formal Premarital
Education Make Sense for Utah?, June 2005

Prepare to Answer Questions

People might ask, what is wrong if people divorce?
Audience might be wondering, what are the other ways to reduce divorce rate?