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Jordan Spitler

1454 Huron Court Harrisonburg VA 22801 540-560-1959

Professional Profile
Elementary School Teacher desires to teach PK-6. Genuinely interested in the cognitive,
social, and physical development of children toward healthy and well-balanced lives.
Multiple hours of experience working with students and teachers. Understanding of
instructional strategies and technology, teamwork in the classroom and flexibility to work
with children at their pace.


B.S. in Liberal Studies, PreK-6 Elementary Education, May 2015 English as a Second
Language Minor
Bridgewater College
Bridgewater VA
McKinney ACE Scholarship Virginia TAG Scholarship Minor/Agnes Miller Scholarship
Knowledgeable in Curriculum Development Early and Intermediate Literacy
Classroom Management Child Growth and Development Teaching Math Childrens
Literature Education Psychology Classroom Diversity Grammar, Style and Editing
Linguistics SmartBoard, ELMO, Document Camera, Social Media, Excel, and Word
Certifications: CPR, Blood Bourne Pathogens, AED, Child Abuse

Practicums and Teaching Field Experiences

Student Teaching
Fulks Run Elementary School, Harrisonburg, VA March-May 2015
ESL Student Teaching
Pence Middle School, Harrisonburg, VA Jan-Feb 2015
Taught middle school English and Developmental Reading, graded papers, lesson plans for
units, collaborated with teachers, push-in model for ELL, accommodations for ELL
students, handled classroom management issues
Curriculum and Instruction Fourth Grade Fulks Run Elementary School, Fulks Run, VA
Taught science and math lessons, developed worksheets, observed teaching styles,
worked with students one-on-one, connected with co-teachers, used supplemental
resources, learned to manage challenging students.
ESL Practicum
Stone Spring Elementary School, Harrisonburg, VA
Taught kindergarten ESL students, taught 4th grade math, observed, strategized lessons,
and created activities.
Practice Teaching
Berkley Glenn Elementary School, Waynesboro, VA
Observed the classroom, taught two lessons in two subjects, interacted with students,
understood classroom atmosphere, and helped the teacher prepare, plan, and find
Classroom Management
Pleasant Valley Elementary School, Harrisonburg, VA
Taught lesson, graded papers, instructed small groups, and developed math lessons.
Diversity in the Classroom
Keister Elementary School, Harrisonburg, VA
Taught small group instruction, attended field trips, adapted to classroom diversity, help
teachers with instruction.
Early Literacy Book Buddies
First Grade Mountain View, Harrisonburg ,VA
Assisted students individually by creating activities and lesson plans, developed reading
skills, and tutored.
Child Growth and Development
Littlest Eagle Preschool, Bridgewater College
Taught and created lessons along with supplemental materials, learned how to interact
with preschool children, observed behavioral development, and assisted students with play
and safety.

Fourth Grade Bridgewater, VA Mar 2014-October 2014
Ensured student received clarity and practice in classroom materials. Employed creative
study methods.

After School Leader

Rockingham County, Penn Laird VA Aug 2013-May 2014
Managed sixty students afterschool interacting in homework and games; ensured safety of
all students.
Shift Manager
Klines Dairy Bar, Harrisonburg VA Mar 2009-Present
Manage employees, process money, stock inventory and provide excellent customer
service and teamwork.
Youth Minister
Vision of Hope United Methodist Church, Harrisonburg VA Apr 2014Present
Employ strategies to teach youth meaningful concepts effecting daily lives. Involve youth
in community service.

Points of Interest
BC Eagles Cheerleader, 2011-2013. Teamwork experience and represented my school
with pride