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Tyler Strasser

UWRT 1102
Professor Dagher
24 March 2015
Dialogue with Dave
Daves Questions
Are architects focused or
unfocused on the topic of the
construction and design of
educational facilities/ schools?

Why is the construction of schools

and other educational facilities

What is being done to schools?

How are they evolving?

My Answers
Architects as a whole are neither
focused or unfocused, however,
different firms focus on the
construction of different type of
facilities. For example, the
architecture firm I personally
intern at focuses on the design of
public safety facilities (police
stations, fire stations, jails, etc.)
Therefore some architecture firms
focus on the construction of
schools and other educational
The future of our society depends
on the education they receive.
Therefore, the architecture of
schools is very necessary. We
dont want the future to be
learning in buildings and using
technologies that are stuck in the
Adolescence is more focused when
there are more things to look at.
Architectural features help
students focus. If a room is boring
and bland students loose interest
and are bored. Rooms with warm
colors and other features to look
at allow for less boredom. Colors
are being put on the wall. Posters
are hung. Students work is being
displayed. Technology is being
heavily incorporated with

How is architecture being

influenced by technology?

Why do you personally like


Does the evolution of the

architecture of educational
facilities have to be new

Does renovating allow you to save


Does LEED lay a role in the design

of schools and architecture in

Architecture as always been

influenced by the current
technology. When I was going
through middle school and high
school, Smart Boards took over.
These took the role from overhead
projectors. Technology is
continuously getting smaller,
faster, and allows for more
storage. There is no longer a big
need for space to hold computers.
Televisions are being replaced.
Files are now being stored digitally.
Large filing cabinets are becoming
less common.
Architecture is one of my passions.
I have always been in love with
the city and the design concept of
buildings. One day I plan on
becoming an architect.
No. Architecture doesnt mean
destroying buildings and making
new ones. Architects are just
allowing schools to change into
present day schools with modern
technology and modern
architecture. Renovation is key.
Renovating allows you to save
very large amounts of materials,
time, planning, design, and money.
There are entirely way too many
older schools to completely start
from the bottom.
Yes, conserving resources
definitely plays a large role. We
are in a time era now to where
everything is measured. No one
wants to spend unnecessary
money. But also, LEED requires
many things.