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Since we are not providing any drawing and sizing calculations of the ventilation system.

become very important/necessary to provide a detailed technical specifications for the
ventilation system in division 15 Mechanical so as to enable PC contractor to approach a
ventilation system supplier who can design, supply, erection and commission the ventilation
system as per the requirements of the technical specifications.
The specification shall include following minimum requirements:
1. The ventilation system shall consist of explosion proof supply fan located in a separate,
isolated compartment in the kiosk and ducted to the wet well.
2. Air shall be forced in to the wet well with adequate exhaust vents to allow displaced air to
3. The exhaust air from wet well shall be passed through an activated charcoal filter and
exhausted to atmosphere through an exhaust stack extending 4 m above grade
4. The fan isolated compartment shall have inlet gravity louvers with a filter/mesh to avoid
debris entering in to the wet well.
5. The fan wheel shall be made of non-spark material
6. The fan capacity shall be calculated for 30 air changes per hour of the total wet well
volume (_ _ _ _ m^3; Provide volume of wet well)
7. The duct velocity shall be limited to 2000 fpm (10.2 m/sec) but in no case the pressure
drop in ducting exceed 0.82 Pa/meter.
8. Provide list of all applicable standard to be followed ASHRAE, ASME, ASTM etc
9. Provide all other important requirements of Fan, ducting etc