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Annotated Bibliography
Croce, Mariano. "Homonormative Dynamics And The Subversion Of Culture." European
Journal Of Social Theory 18.1 (2015): 3-20.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb. 2015.
Mariano Croce reports on how the homosexual community has struggled amongst
traditional family structures in the United States throughout the last few decades. She
presents a few examples that people of the gay community have had to go through in
order to get a few state laws that have been passed today. The Author has a lot of
background knowledge as well as references to support the fact that traditional marriage
does not define love. He suggests that this thought needs to be understood and applied by
the dominant culture. This is a credible source and I will be using it in my essay with a
logos style of writing.
Dabelsteen, Hans Bruun. "Same Rights For Everybody? On Secularism, Modest Establishment
And Same-Sex Marriage." Ethnicities 15.1 (2015): 28-52.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb. 2015.
Professor Dabelsteen has created an incredible article in support of same sex marriage.
He focuses his argument around a term called secularism. This means that state and
church organizations need to be completely separated. Professor Dabelsteen has a few
different examples throughout a few countries in support of secularism. It is a great essay
if one would like to read about secularism from his point of view. Since I will not be
discussing religion in my essay though this reference will serve me no purpose.
Encarnacin, Omar G. "Gay Rights: Why Democracy Matters." Journal Of Democracy 25.3
(2014): 90-104.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb. 2015.
The author uses many topics to broaden his discussion on democracy, and gay rights
within the United States. Why Democracy Matters is a scientific analysis on
Democracy and many philosophers are mentioned throughout the essay. It is a very
organized and intellectually stimulating paper, however some of the contents seem to be
missing so it will not be used in my essay.
Gaynor, Tia Shere, and Brandi Blessett. "Inequality At The Intersection Of The Defense Of
Marriage Act And The Voting Rights Act." Administrative Theory & Praxis (M.E.
Sharpe) 36.2 (2014): 261-267. Academic Search Premier. Web. 8 Mar. 2015.
The authors present their article on same sex marriage in which they compare it to the
civil rights movement in the 1960s. It has been such a struggle for the LGBT community
fighting with the beliefs of Dominant cultures. The voting laws, DOMA (Defense of
Marriage Act), and two different cases of people fighting against the state are discussed
in this article. This essay is defending gay marriage so its a great reference to use in my
essay through logos.

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Goldberg, Suzanne B. "Risky Arguments In Social-Justice Litigation: The Case Of SexDiscrimination And Marriage Equality." Columbia Law Review 114.8 (2014): 20872153.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb. 2015.
Ms. Goldberg covers a very wide array of issues against those opposing same sex
marriage. She uses events in the past that have been presented to the courts, and expands
on risky arguments presented to them. She speaks on the judicial perspective, theoretical
concerns, psychosocial explanations etc. This case study is for someone who can invest a
decent amount of time in their reading due to the fact that it is 58 pages long. The
material is gold and I will be using some of it in my paper through logos, pathos, and
Gowen, L. Kris, and Nichole Winges-Yanez. "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, And
Questioning Youths' Perspectives Of Inclusive School-Based Sexuality Education."
Journal Of Sex Research 51.7 (2014): 788-800.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb. 2015.
In this article you will find that sexual education is a huge topic of debate in general, but
the LGBT community has made a stand to address the fact that sexual education courses
do not cover the material needed for LGBT youth. These authors have brought
recognition to this issue using a great persona. I will reference the article using a pathos
style of writing.
Kreitzer, Rebecca J., Allison J. Hamilton, and Caroline J. Tolbert. "Does Policy Adoption
Change Opinions On Minority Rights? The Effects Of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage."
Political Research Quarterly 67.4 (2014): 795-808.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb. 2015.
This case study involves two men who became legally wed in Iowa after a unanimous
ruling that limitations on marriage rights is not constitutional within the state. There are
also statistics in this essay on opinion shifts from the dominant heterosexual community
toward the LGBT community. This reference will be very useful when I discuss
constitutional rights, and discrimination in my essay through logos.
Scott, Mark, and Scott L. Goldberger. "State Of The Same-Sex Union: A Tax Perspective."
Florida Bar Journal 88.9 (2014): 43-47.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb. 2015.
This article addresses the issue of marital taxes and differences between homosexual and
heterosexual couples on a nation wide scale. The authors use the results on a case in
2013 between the United States v. Windsor to support their claim that states such as
Florida should recognize same sex marriage. This article is strictly factual, and accurate,

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which makes this source relevant to the LGBT community as well as the essay I will be
writing. This information will be presented in a logos style of writing.
Tan, Erica. "Mindfulness In Sexual Identity Therapy: A Case Study." Journal Of Psychology &
Christianity 27.3 (2008): 274-278.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 28 Feb. 2015.
Sexual Identity is something that many people struggle with due to multiple factors
within our life such as; friends, family, school, business, church. Ms. Tans article,
Mindfulness in Sexual Identity is a case study on a male named Carl, whom has
struggled with his sexual identity for the majority of his life, which has lead to depression
and anxiety. Carl has taken sessions in therapy for 14-weeks to make an attempt to solve
the problem. Carl is a Christian and an active member in the church. Additional
background and events that may or may not have caused his condition is also presented
in the Article. This case study states that Carls problem can be solved with a term called
mindfulness, which means: the awareness of present experience with acceptance (274).
This was a very productive read and an interesting case study. It is focused on one man in
particular, however my essay will be focused on same sex marriage as a whole so Im not
sure if it will be a relevant source to use. If it is used though it will be addressed with
Sanburn, Josh. "Dixie Diehard." Time 185.6/7 (2015): 14.
Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 Mar. 2015.
Gay rights have been an ongoing struggle in America for years. Josh Sanburns article,
Dixie Diehard is a summary of a state ruling in Alabama that had a major controversy
about same sex marriage between state and federal levels. Two people are Primarily
discussed in this essay. Roy Moore, and Callie Grenade. Mr. Moore is the Chief Justice
of Alabamas supreme court and opposes people of the same sex to wed. He brought
forward a statewide ban, which Callie Grenade (U.S. District Judge) disagreed with. She
went to the extent of joining a committee nationwide (with other judges sharing similar
interests) to overrule the statewide ban. She succeeded in overpowering it, which even
cost Mr. Moore his place as Chief Justice for a few years. He has a lot of respect,
however throughout the state of Alabama and was reelected. Same sex marriage has been
a huge debate between different counties within the state, and many judges still refuse to
wed people of the same sex in Alabama. This controversy is very similar in other areas of
the United States. This article will be used in my essay through logos and ethos, since it
is direct in addressing same sex marriage through opposing views, and through the court