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secret to education is respecting

the pupil. ~Ralph Waldo

Fair, Neutral, Kind,
Respect, Comfort

Teach and be taught

Every student can learn
just not on the same day or
same way.
~Joseph Chilton Pearce


My Teaching Philosophy

Enjoy going to school and

inspire learning

You can discover more about a person
The best teachers are those who tell you where to look in an hour of play than in a year of
but not what to see.
~Alexandra K. Trenfor

Educator, Friend, Shoulder to

lean on, Role Model
Adolescent Development

Every child you pass in
They still need a period of relaxed,
the hall has a story that
unpressured time to deal with these
needs to be heard. Maybe
changes and put them together in some
you are the one meant to
meaningful way.
hear it.
~David Elkind

~Bethany Hill

Music, Games, and Social


I will allow my students to propose ideas that spark
their interests for projects and class activities. I will
also allow students time to be kids and let their
mind wonder and relax.

Enjoy going to school and Inspire

By using highly interactive lessons and
allowing creative outlets, students will
have fun at school and realize you can
have fun at school and realize you can
have fun and learn at the same time.

Music, Games, and Social Media
I believe allowing pop culture in the
classroom is very beneficial. It
encourages students to use abstract
thinking to apply class concepts to
everyday life.

Teach and be taught

I will continue to read books about
education and my concentrations to better
educate my students. I will also continue to
challenge myself to develop activities for
me to teach but to also be taught by my

I will create a classroom where all

students respect each other.
Students will not feel
uncomfortable participating. I will
be fair and neutral when it comes
to evaluating students work.

The future depends on what you do today. I believe in adapting to my students individual
needs. One teaching style does not fit how
~Mahatma Gandhi
every student learns. To be a good teacher you
need to know how to explain and teach
individual students.

Educator, Friend, Shoulder to

Lean on, Role Model
I promise to always be there
for my students. I will
encourage my students to trust
me and to come to me with any issues
that come up at school
or at home. I will also do everything
I can for my students

Fair, Neutral, Kind, Respect,


Adolescent Development
I will use my knowledge
of adolescent development to
design developmentally
appropriate practices. I will use
these practices to help students
reach developmental milestones.