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West 1

Cheyenne West
Professor Malcolm Campbell
English 1103
February 9, 2015
Topic Proposal: Behind Divorce
I will be examining the reasons why divorce rates are increasing and why marriage rates
are decreasing. I will look into the effects that divorce has on children, not only in their personal
lives, but also their social lives. I want to focus on American trends and keep all of my research
in the United States because that is what I am familiar with. Divorce may seem to be an
insignificant problem, however, it wreaks havoc within homes all across the country. In America
today statistics show prior to 1960, divorce was highly uncommon. Then, in 1960, divorce rates
skyrocketed. After that, marriage rates plummeted and divorce rates still remained a normality in
the everyday lives of Americans. Nationalparalegal.edu describes the different types of divorces.
There are two different types of divorce, fault based and no fault based. Fault based is when one
of the spouses, or both, does something to initiate the divorce, no fault based is when no one is to

Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 6:46 PM

Comment [1]: Why is it and insignificant
problem? Is our culture so familiar with
divorce that it is a regular thing?
Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 6:53 PM
Comment [2]: Sounds a little funny.
Reword and say something like Prior to 1960,
statistics show divorce in America was highly
Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 6:58 PM
Comment [3]: Is annulment considered a
type of divorce?

blame but both agree to the divorce. Many people marry again 3 years after the divorce.
According to children-and-divorce.com, Married couples who live together prior to being
married have a higher risk of getting a divorce. When talking with my friends, I found out that
more of them have divorced parents than I would have initially thought. Many of them even
suffered from custody battles and had a tough time dealing with that. It was alarming to me how
people suffer from divorce, but I am more intrigued about their thoughts on marriage and if they
were to get married how they felt about divorce. Some people believe divorce is inevitable, not

Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 7:00 PM

Comment [4]: I find that there are more
divorces in the south compared to where I
used to live in the Midwest. Maybe do some
research on which parts of the country have
higher divorce rates and why
Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 7:01 PM
Comment [5]: Do people really go into a
marriage thinking Ill probably get a divorce
if so thats pretty messed up and there is no
reason for marriage.

West 2

many other primates are monogamous, so many believe it is against our nature to be
monogamous. On the contrary, there are many religions that condemn divorce within their

Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 7:02 PM

Comment [6]: ?? This confuses me what do
you mean by primates? Monkeys apes?

church. I personally believe that if you are willing to commit to a person for the rest of your life
then you should work through any hardships.

Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 7:03 PM

Comment [7]: This is good, adding in your
own opinion. Try and elaborate a bit more

Initial Inquiry Question(s)

My initial inquiry questions are, what caused the high increase in divorce in the 1960s?
Why are marriage rates going down but divorce rates remaining the same? What are some of the
causes of divorces? What are the repercussions of divorce on children? Can common divorces be
the cause of increased crime rates? What are some ways that Americans can prevent divorce,

Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 7:05 PM

Comment [8]: Too broad. What is the
main cause of divorce? Money, kids, job, etc.

both prior to getting married and during the marriage? Why does living with someone before
marriage cause a higher divorce rate?
My Interest in this Topic
I am interested in the topic because my parents are divorced and my mother was
remarried and divorced again. I would like to know how this couldve affected me or my
siblings. I am also looking into my future, I personally am not interested in getting married so I
am intrigued to see if my parents divorces have anything to do with that. If I were to get
married, however, I would also want to do everything possible to not get a divorce, and I am
interested in any possible governmental things that could be put in place to help prevent divorce.
Next Steps

Elliot Panicco 2/11/2015 7:07 PM

Comment [9]: Whats this? Provide an idea
or example

West 3

My next steps would be to research more in depth my inquiry questions as well as other
facts about divorce. I am most interested in finding out why the divorce rates rose in 1960 and
why marriage rates have been steadily decreasing in the past years.