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Laurie Ross

Concentration: Kindergarten (undecided on subject)

1.) Name: ABCya
a. Website: http://www.abcya.com/kindergarten_computers.htm
i. This website is productive for the young childs sense of creativity and
language. It consists of games and fun activities that assist in reading,
spelling, and their alphabets. Not only is this centered on Kindergarten
grades, but it goes all the up to fifth grade.
2.) Name: K5 Learning
a. Website: http://www.k5learning.com/free-preschool-kindergartenworksheets/numbers-counting
i. This website is focused on worksheets. I liked this site primarily because it
allows the teacher to print free worksheets for their classes from grades k5. The subjects are accurate and they really focus on the targeted specifics
such counting by even or odd numbers.
3.) Name: IXL
a. Website: http://www.ixl.com/math/kindergarten
i. This website is categorized into sections by grade and then subsections of
subjects for each grade. For my targeted grade, I found it very interesting
the different lessons that was covered. Under math, there was counting
with money, probability, and addition. Each lesson was almost like a game
and it was very colorful the way everything was presented.
4.) Name: Starfall
a. Website: http://www.starfall.com/
i. This website is one of my favorite because it was not only fun for the
children, it was also very informational. This website teaches the children
their letters and all the way up to making music. One of the characteristics
of this website I enjoyed was how it ensured the child knew how to read
and how to apply when reading through picture books.
5.) Name: Cool Math
a. Website: www.coolmath.com
i. This website was based on everything math! Though its focus was on a
lot of upper level mathematics, there some fun activities for the younger
students. Some of my former students would get lost in the Arrow
Jumping game, which helped the kids practice directional skills and handeye coordination as well.
6.) Name: Apples4teachers
a. Website: http://www.apples4theteacher.com/
i. This website is a useful tool for teachers when creating lesson plans. It
features the months and their respectful holidays so that the teacher could

teach around it. For example, under February a teacher might want to print
a Valentines Day coloring sheet.
7.) Name: Education Place
a. Website: http://www.eduplace.com/rdg/sv/index.jsp
i. This website was primarily focused on helping teachers find textbooks for
their classrooms per state.
8.) Name: Reading A-Z
a. Website: http://www.readinga-z.com/
i. This website is primarily for student worksheets and other teaching
materials that are available to be ordered online.
9.) Name: Fun Brain
a. Website: http://www.funbrain.com/
i. This website demonstrates fun and education all in one. It features games
and educational activities that children can utilize for learning.
Name: ABC Mouse
a. Website: www.abcmouse.com
i. Though this site is not free, I used the free trial and found this to be a very
educational website for kindergarten children. Parents have voted this
website the best for teaching their children and engaging their minds
through interactive activities.