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Angelica Swinhart

P. O. Box 681 Middlebury, Vermont 05753 Cell: 802-734-7223 Email: amswinhart@gmail.com

EDUCATION: The College of Charleston
Bachelor of Science: Middle Grades Education
Concentrations: English Language Arts; Social Studies

May 2015
Major GPA: 3.67

Faculty Honors with Distinction
Faculty Honors with High Distinction

Spring Semester 2014

Fall Semester 2014


Principles of Learning and Teaching: 187 PASSED
Middle School English Language Arts: 169 PASSED
Middle School Social Studies: Registered for 04/08/15

Clinical Practice Intern/ Student Teacher
January 2015-May 2015
7 Grade Social Studies, Fort Johnson Middle School, Charleston, SC

Accountable for all full-time teaching responsibilities of four 7 th grade Social Studies 70 minute class periods
for six consecutive weeks while completing an additional eight weeks of co-teaching responsibilities in
collaboration with the cooperating teacher.
Developed and delivered lesson plans contingent to SC State Standards, with a strong emphasis on
technological integration and student engagement.
Delivered content-rich lessons using a mix of primary and secondary sources in the following units: Imperialism,
WWI, Great Depression, WWII, Holocaust, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War.

Practicum Experience Intern

September 2014-November 2014
8 Grade Honors ELA, 7 Grade Social Studies, Fort Johnson Middle School, Charleston, SC

Worked with the cooperating teachers both in and outside the classroom to plan, develop, and teach engaging
lesson plans that coincide with Common Core and South Carolina State Standards
Developed lesson plans in congruence with the districts annual pacing guide while seeking additional
influence by observing all aspects of the classroom.
Practicum Experience Intern
January 2014- April 2014

8th Grade Honors English Language Arts, Sangaree Middle, Ladson, SC

Communicated and collaborated with cooperating teacher during planning periods, via Gmail, and the
utilization of Google Docs to establish lesson plans which addressed South Carolina State Standards, as well
as the Common Core, and worked in congruence with GT/Honors expectations for student comprehension
and achievement.
Preschool Teacher
June 2013- August 2013

St. Marys Summer Preschool, Middlebury, VT

Developed and executed developmentally appropriate lesson plans inspired by established school curriculum
Maintained responsibility for all preschool students every Thursday and Friday, without additional
supervision or assistance from 7:30am-5:00 p.m.
Camp Counselor
June 2013-August 2013

St. Marys School Summer Program, Middlebury, VT

Facilitated activities determined by St. Marys Summer Program director and principal.
Worked with children ranging from ages five to eleven years, every Wednesday from 7:30am-5pm.

SKILLS: SMARTboard, proficient use of computers (Macs and PCs), Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Gmail, iPads, Weebly,
Prezi, and PowerSchool

INTERESTS: Intermediate Spanish (traveled abroad to Mexico, Ecuador, and Spain to further language
development), Womens Lacrosse, and Field Hockey, Anti-Bullying Initiative