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Kim White

Needs Statement/Project Description

English 309
Literacy Grant for Krause Youth Center in New Castle, PA
Needs Statement:
1. Children in low-income neighborhoods have hard lives, incarcerated
parents, negative adult role models, and little focus on education, to name a few.
Many children have so many life problems that education tends to come second or
be forgotten altogether. Education is a huge beacon of hope to children, promising
them a better and brighter future. Krause Youth Center is a residential option for
children ages 10-18; this Center is home to children who had to be removed from
their homes because of unsafe or uncontrollable circumstances. Krause Youth are
children who are at the bottom with only up to go; education can be their beacon of
The teaching of literacy is an important instrument in developing education
and improving the lives of children in low-income neighborhoods, such as New
Castle, Pennsylvania. Literacy programs not only provide children with an education
foundation in their shifting world, but they also provide children with positive role
models and examples of educated individuals that they can aspire to become like in
their futures. With a high crime rate and severely low economic aspects, New
Castle, Pa, is a prime site to develop a literacy program located within the Krause
Youth Center.
Krause Youth Center could greatly benefit from a Literacy program. By
providing Krause Youth Center with the means to fund a Literacy Program, you
would be contributing hope to children who are educationally stunted, providing
positive role models for children, and showing a low-income neighborhood the
benefits of education. Through BetterWorldBooks, LEAP (Literacy and Education in
Action Program) Grants aim to aid local communities by funding literacy programs,
and by aiding local communities, BetterWorldBooks hope to fight global poverty
through education. Likewise, Krause Youth Center aims to help their community
through educational programs of many kinds and to fight poverty with education. By
funding the Krause Youth Center, a LEAP Grants would be helping one community
and helping the world.
Krause Youth Centers objectives for the Literacy Program are numerous.
Krause Youth Center hopes to provide a safe place for children to learn literacy and
to cultivate an environment that presents learning in a positive, enthusiastic way.
Also, Krause Youth Center hopes to present children in New Castle, Pennsylvania
with positive, educated role models. The Program will encourage children in the
studies of reading and writing, hopefully encouraging these children to establish
long-term educational goals for themselves. All of these objectives are contributing
to the long-term objective that the Krause Youth Centers Literacy Program and the
LEAP Grants have in common, and that is to make a positive difference in the local
Krause Youth Center will provide a Literacy Program for the troubled youth of
New Castle, Pa. Through this Literacy Program, we will show the value of education

to children who come from a low-income neighborhood by teaching them reading

and writing, while providing these children with positive role models.