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Ferrari Club of America - http://www.ferrariclubofamerica.

Founded in 1962, the Ferrari Club of America has grown from a small
organization of about a dozen diehard enthusiasts to 5,000 members
who participate in hundreds of diverse and interesting activities every
year. Our members can participate in activities in their Home Region
and any of the other 16 Regions and 36 Chapters across the United
States, Canada and Mexico.
Regions and Contact Info
Florida Region - tbarone@bellsouth.net Tom Barone
Mid-Atlantic (Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., West Virginia,
Virginia) - Ron Johnston jm.ronj@gmail.com
(Northern California, Northern Nevada) - Randy Steyer
Penn-Jersey (New Jersey, Pennsylvania) - Dave North
Classic Car Club of America
The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) is about vintage automobiles
and the pleasure of the sport. Since its beginning in 1952, the
Members of the CCCA have been dedicated to the collection,
preservation and enjoyment of the worlds finest cars. As in the
beginning, automobiles manufactured during the Grand Classic Era
from 1919 to 1948 remain the primary focus of the club today. CCCA
members have held Grand Classic car shows, enjoyed CARavans and
published The Classic Car magazine plus other materials every year
since the Club's founding.
Regions and Contact Info
Chesapeake Bay Region (Maryland & Virginia)- Brenda George
Metro Region (NYC Area) - Michael Paone suburbanoptik@verizon.net
Northern California Region (Northern California & Northern Nevada) Bob Fracolli bob.fracolli@gmail.com
Southern California Region (Los Angeles Area of California & Southern
Nevada) - Fred Lax fredmlax@aol.com

Porsche Club of America - https://www.pca.org

The Porsche Club of America celebrates the finer things in life. We
desire the comfort of good friends and good conversation, and we
praise to a fault the world's finest automobile. Since its founding in
1955, our close-knit community of Porsche owners has grown to 141
regions throughout the United States and Canada.
Regions and Contact Info
Mid-Atlantic (Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia,
Virginia, and West Virginia) - Cheryl Taylor Zone2rep@comcast.net
Corvette Clubs of America
The Corvette Club of America, Inc. is the oldest Corvette Club in the
world, established in 1956. We welcome all Corvette owners to our
corvette club and encourage them to take advantage of our monthly
meetings, shop nights, social gatherings, competitive events, and

Porsche Club of America http://pca-chicago.org/cms/concours