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Spike in Russian military activity is about more than Ukraine
"Spike in Russian Military Activity Is about More than Ukraine | World | DW.DE |
10.11.2014." DW.DE. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2015
Over the past year there have been many different incidence that have
occurred between the Russian aircrafts and international planes in NATO airspace.
Also, there have been foreign underwater activities around Sweden. In some cases,
international planes have almost crashed into Russian warplanes that were trying to
be covert. Russia is trying to move their military and planes all around the world.
This could mean that they are trying to conquer areas. This is a big problem
because during many of these incidence the Russians are pushing their military
limits. This is happening when they are entering areas they are not allowed. This
isnt just happening in the EU but also in the US.
The Russians are continuing to move military forces into Ukraine. This is
beginning to raise awareness all over the globe because Russia is becoming more
and more spread out all over the world like they are getting ready to strike. Many
government officials are saying that the problem has moved bigger than just taking
over Ukraine and now it has become worldwide. Throughout the article the people
had said, That Russias increased military activity extends across the globe. This is
a huge problem in my opinion. I believe that the Russians have enough land and
resources for whatever they want. They dont need to be sending aircrafts and
infantry into other parts of the world. They are going to create a world war 3
because they dont know their boundaries. Seeing how the article said that Russia is
increasing military activity all over the world, this will cause major problems with
other countries especially with Ukraine.

Obama: U.S. and Europe united over Ukraine crisis
"Obama: U.S. and Europe United over Ukraine Crisis -"CNN. Cable
News Network, n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2015.
On Wednesday President Barack Obama called for Russia to de-escalate the
situation in Ukraine and warned of further isolation and costs if Moscow doesn't
answer to the West's call for a change of course. The United States and Europe
recognize that this could have harsher global problems, especially for those
countries that depend on Russian oil and natural gas. Discussions are under way on
making it easier to export U.S. natural gas to Europe, and on other trade issues said
Obama. Moscow's massing of troops near Ukraine's eastern borders worries that the
temporary government in Kiev caused many concerns in other former Soviet
republics that belong to the EU and NATO. The U.S. officials believe that the Russian

buildup gives Moscow the ability to move swiftly into Ukraine without the United
States being able to predict when it will happen.
Crimea is now separated from the rest of Russia by the Black Sea and the Sea
of Azov. United States officials think that Russia might decide to go into eastern
Ukraine to establish a land bridge into the territory by moving closer to the
Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv, Luhansk and Donetska. Russian forces are currently
positioned in and around Rostov, Kursk and Belgorod. The estimated 30,000 troops
are way more than what is needed for the military exercises. Intelligence suggests
that more Russian forces are "reinforcing" the border region, according to both
Obama administration officials. Russian troops already in the border region include
air defense artillery and wheeled vehicles, and all the troops are positioned for
potential military action. As a result, Republican members of the House Armed
Services Committee late Wednesday sent a classified letter to the White House
expressing concern about unfolding developments.