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Michael Candelaria

4872 xxxxxx Peak Circle Riverton, Utah. 84096 | 801-xxx-xxx | Candelaria3@xxx.com

April 30, 2015

Troy E. Burrell Jr.
Professional Engineer
Burrell Engineering, Inc.
12005 N. Florida Avenue
Dunnellon, FL 34434
Re: Engineer in Training Position
Mr. Burrell:
I have seen the career opening for a position inside your company. I would like the opportunity to
see if I match the criteria your company is looking for in an engineer in training (E.I.T).
I do have experience in Auto Cad 2013, knowledge of Mircostation XM, Mircosoft Excel,
Mircosoft word. I am Currently enrolled in Salt Lake Community College the Pre-Engineering
program at Salt Lake Community College to learn the programs I might be using in my day to day
operation as a E.I.T.
I am Confident that after reading my resume you will agree that I can be a valuable part of your
Engineering team. Our experience for both your company and I will excel and grow into the
future. Thank you and consideration and for the opportunity. If you have any further question do
not hesitate to call.

Michael Candelaria

Table Contents
Resume ..... 1
Instruction .... 3
Learn how to download photos or text files into Dropbox of certain compatible devices.
Project Two, Option One . 4
Analytical Report comparing two types of engineering companies and their day to day operation
Project One, Safety Presentation ....16
Presentation on how safety works into an environment either in a confine building or outside on a

Michael Candelaria
xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx Circle, Riverton, Utah 84096



Meridian Engineering and Surveying


Salt Lake City, Utah

Survey Crew Chief

Design Topographic Surveys: I worked in the field doing Topographic surveys were I
would collect all the data on the project using either GPS or Robotic Total Stations. I also
processed the acquired survey data using Mircostation for conversion to AutoCad and
using line work coding and corrected line work errors found in the course of the surveys.
Projects I worked on included State Street from 7200 south through 8800 south, 5400
south from Bangerter Highway to 4800 west, BYU etc.

Construction Staking Projects: Projects that I have been involved with consisted of BYU
Housing 5 and 6, the Lakeside Power Plant in Lindon Utah, and Hartvigsen Elementary. I
did all my own calculations for the Grids lines, Drainage, curb and gutter and anything
else required the projects to substantial completion. I have also performed many smaller
construction staking jobs that I was the lead on.

Boundary Surveying Experience: Gathered research and surveyed information for

sectional break downs as well as surveyed secondary control for each boundary survey.
Each boundary survey was either for residential, commercial, or municipal.

Certification Acquired: OSHA 10 hour and OSHA HAZWOPER 40 hour.

Survey Crew Chief

Forsgren Associates

Salt Lake City, Utah

I worked in the office drafting boundary plats including the Mountain Green subdivision
plat, Taylorsville City Annexation Plat, Frostwood Juniper Landing Plat and several
other plats. I gathered the research for the different plats in the counties which are located.
Legal description preparation was also part of the work I performed for the PLS in charge.

Control setup: Control was established by data collected by country survey site or by
OPUS. I performed the calculations from the grid and bring to a ground coordinate system
for calibration in the field. SR-73 in Utah County was an OPUS calibration and project in
Salt Lake County was developed using the County control. Equipment used was Trimble
(5800 GPS, 5800 and S6 Robotics) using the Trimble software.

I was in charge of all the construction that came into the office. Did all the require
calculation for the field crews. Put together the as-builts when required for the projects
when they were completed.

All projects were done in using Trimble Geomatics office (TGO) for downloading,
AutoCAD from 2000-2004, Mircostation Inroads survey with the required field codes for
Mircostation. Excel, Word. My experience in these software packages is fairly efficient.
Survey Crew Chief


Phoenix/Prescott Valley Az.

I was in charge of all the staking calculations in the construction of the structures that I
was on. Plus the billing for the project contract. Some of the projects I worked on included
a Best Buy, Cost Plus, Bank One, Granville Elementary school, and other structures. The
contract consisted of building layout, drainage, utilities, curb, etc.

Some of the various boundary and/or topographic work included multiple sectional ALTA.
Residential topographic work filled in all other time.

U.S. 60 Highway widening 6 miles west bound Slope stakes, Blue Top for subgrade and
Finish Grade. Both side roads blue top. East bound mill and fill station only.

SR-51, Red Mountain, San Tan Freeways, SR-51 design Build are all freeways jobs that I
have worked on with other survey crews.

Vineyard Estates subdivision curb layout, Pad Grades.

Survey course at Phoenix College in Arizona
Surveying/Engineering APE course at Salt Lake Community College in Utah
graduation date 2020

Michael Nadeau, PLS Frank Verucchi, PLS Thomas Liuzzo,PLS Frank





Instruction on how to Download a Tablet or other Device to Dropbox

These step are after you have created an account with Dropbox and are all setup inside there
system. Will not work if you DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT with website.

Set 1: With the type of device you are using make sure the power is ON the device you are using.
Set 2: Open the gallery or pick the file that you will transferring to Dropbox off your device.
Set 3: If not already created a file go into Dropbox and create a folder were you will be sending
the Files/Pictures.
Set 4: If youre downloading pictures/files select one. We will start off these steps with the
pictures you will be sending to a Dropbox folder.
Set 5: If it is pictures you are doing? If you click the picture it will highlight and turn a Green
Set 6: In the upper right hand corner if Dropbox has already been download onto your device a
Dropbox Icon will appear in the area or look around the screen and look for the Dropbox Icon.
Set 7: Click on the Dropbox Icon and that will take you to a screen that as you choosing your
location for you pictures to be.
Set 8: Choose your location that you have created and you will have your pictures in the file
folder you have already made inside Dropbox.
Set 9: Click the Add on the screen and your pictures will be sent to that location.
Set 10: If it is a TXT, CSV, file you have to fine in on your device and then click on the file you
want to send. A SHARE Icon will appear somewhere on you device.
Set 11: Once you have pushed the Share Icon a pop up with the Dropbox Icon will appear on your
Step 12: Just like the picture you have to follow the same step as above. Chose a location for your
file and Add it to that location.
Following these step it should make it easier for you to understand how to download your
pictures/files into the Dropbox account you created. With some practice and a few times you will
have it down. Thank you and good luck!


Lesley Bradshaw


Michael Candelaria


Technical Writing 2100


March 7, 2015


Project Two, Option One

The Analytical Report that follows is for my Technical Writing 2100 Project Two,
Option One. We will be looking at this subject titled Difference in Engineering Company to
Engineering Company. Is there a similar ethical work attitude that in the profession.
The format that we will be following comes from the book Technical Communication
Today. Chapter 10 outlines the order of operation that this analytical report will closely follow.
From the introduction of the topic discussed all the way to the conclusion.
It is my belief that time I get this report finished I will have a broader idea of the
Engineering field and all comparisons. Plus, any reader of this report will have grown with
some kind of idea what he/she might expect if the chosen career path is leaning towards

The Organizational Culture between different Civil Engineering Companies and their
Influence for their design projects and how they communicate within their division
Michael Candelaria
Salt Lake Community College
English 2100 Technical Writing
Project Two

The analytical report I will be comparing is an organizational culture difference between
different Engineering Companies. Their day to day operate. How an engineering company
communicates with their employees that they have working in each department of an office. A type of
work ethic that one company may have that works better or worse than their competitor.

The reason for comparing civil engineering companies is to explain that all engineering
companies have a different standard work ethic that they follow. For an individual that might be
going into this type of field needs to know that company values and practices and organization do
not all have the same beliefs in this industry.

What factors does each civil engineering company have that the other company may do have or may
not even get involved in as part of their work requirement?

The hypothesis is that the engineering companies that are smaller in size with good communication
with their employees will strive better then a larger company that the employees are not much as a
factor in day to day operation.

Methodology / Research Plan

For this report I will be analyzing two engineering companies and giving an analysis on
the following two companies.

Meridian Engineering will be the first Civil Engineering Company will be looking at. The
company communication skills with their employees from the top, starting with the owners of the
company is very defined. The design projects starts with a well define scope of work that comes
down from the top then follows a chain of command. Meridian does a lot of work with
municipalities around the Salt Lake valley. One of their biggest contracts that Meridian has is with
Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). UDOTs coding requirements is very important for
the ways all the design software that UDOT use is based on that specific coding. The information
being analyzed therefore is based on personal experience from working for this company.
Secondly, we will be looking at EPIC Engineering which is another civil engineering
company that does design work on a different level. The communication with their employees is
very undefined in which direction they are looking for in a design projects. That could lead to
issues that could potentially produce larger problems with their quality of work they are trying to
design. Coding Epic uses is different, but serves the purpose for which they have the design
software setup for inside their company. The analyzed information is based on working for this
company and the personal experience had while being here.

Civil Engineering Companies Selected

Meridian Engineering

My experience for writing about Meridian Engineering is I worked there for over three
years. In those three years I gain a vast knowledge on how Meridian operates on a day to day
basis. From the in action with the owners to the employees that work there. The communication
that is throughout the company is very easy to follow. No need to make an appointment when the
door is always open for the most part to get clear understanding of what is need for each
individual project. Knowing that the each project follows the same standards, and gathering
information need for each project does not change. They are a small enough company that each
employee ideas matter in the long run to make the company as a whole prosper in the civil
engineering market. With the work that they acquire from UDOT they have to have good
reputation to keep getting the project they have done and are doing. Meridian does have a website
at www.meridian-engineering.com if there more need for information on employment.

Epic Engineering

Working for Epic Engineering for a little over a year I seen the communication form the
owners is not as vast as it is with other engineering companies. Their day to day operate is not as
clear as one should think it would be for a bigger company. The employee inter action between
division is almost no existent. That could lead to huge problems when projects that are being done
are not being done per the requirements they are need to design a project. The standards being put
out here by the company as a whole need to change to make this civil engineering company work
as proficient as possible. Until this happens bad reputation can be seen heading in this direction.
Just getting a project should not be a enough. Keeping a client coming back for return business
should be top priority for any business. Epic as well has a website if more information on future
employment at www.epiceng.net.

Research for the project is all done from experience in working for both.

Organizational Cultures

History and Mission

Some back ground history into Meridian Engineering. It was founded in 1997. There are three
gentlemen that are the backbone of the start of this civil engineering company. Darryl Fenn L.S.,
Steve Johnson P.E, Randall Vickers P.E.. They pulled their diverse knowledge of each of their
fields to form a thriving company that Meridian is known for today. Since opening their doors
Meridian as hire individuals who are skill in respective field and are also diverse on the project
they are working on. Have a good work ethic and leadership to make a project successful.

Dress Code

Depending if youre a field worker or a office individual the work attire varies. If you are a field
work the clothing you might be wearing is just jeans and a regular shirt. Also keep a thought in
mind. Dress for the weather. If you are a office employee, slacks and a nice shirt is more
appropriate attire you that you will be seeing around the office. If you are working with clients a
more business look would better off.

Offices Stories

There is a story that circulated around the office that one of the owners does not really care to
hear about very often. Actually does want to hear about at all to tell the truth. One of the Field
crews a few years back left a Goble Positioning Systems (GPS) out on a job site collecting data
for a job they were on. A concerned individual called the police department which in turned called
the bomb squad and they came out and proceed to blow up the yellow box that had TRIMBLE
written on it. Needless once the office was in form of what happen they didnt see the humor of
the situation and that story to this day still circulates around the office even now.

Rules and Regulation

Like all companies you have a Company handbook that layout what you can and cant do while
you are employed at said company. One of the main points in the handbook is that while you are
out in the public eye you are a representative of the company and the action you are displaying
shown on the company as a whole. They do encourage too should some initiative whether a office
employee or part of field crew in your work. If you see something wrong to bring to attention of
your supervisor so it can be correct. Cause in the end it is a company a whole that makes it work.


Work Space

The layout of the office since it is a basement of a large building has a conference room up front
and assorted smaller offices with cubical in the middle of a larger room. With right around 25
employees now work in the office/field. Verbal communication in that type of environment with
cubical in a large room make it easier for any question to be answer and worked through.

History and Mission

Epic Engineering was established in 1997. There is multiple owner of this civil engineering
company. They consist of Professional Engineers as owners. They have many different offices
here in Utah and North Dakota. Epic as a hole, like other engineering companies do try to hire the
most diverse people in their field to that show a certain quality, leadership skills and a good work

Dress Code

As a dress code standard again, it is all about what division of the company you are working for.
If you are working with a more cliental position dress ware would be appropriate attire to ware. If
you are just in the office you would be able to dress down in pants and clean shirt. The field
crews dress in the attire that would be consistent for the weather outside.

Offices Stories

There is a story about one of the field crews that drove his crew truck in to a farmers field to do
some work. He was not paying attention and the under carriage of his truck caught the high grass
on fire and with the truck fully load with all the equipment inside burn the crew truck to the
ground. All he had at this point in time in his hand was a receiver and a gps rover. In the end not
was the company out of a brand new truck, but the company had to reimburse the farmer for the
crop that were destroy by the fire. That is adding insult to injury.

Rules and regulation


As a civil engineering company their standard handbook reads about the same as most. You have
to be considerate of the people around. You represent your company when you are in the public
eye. Your action may or may not define what people see about your company though you. If
there is a problem with something you follow the chain of command. They encourage you to think
outside the box but to a limited point.

Work Place

Epic does have multiple offices and each place as it own design. The offices here in Utah are
multiple stories for the different division of the company. Communicating is sent more often by
emails and phone calls. Person to person inaction is lost when the offices are setup in that type of


Discussion of Results

It is probably notice that a larger company communication to its employees is not a

personal able as that as a smaller firm. The majority of communication is through emails or phone
calls. Where a company that is all in one building can communicate with just a standing up and
walking over to the individual cubical or office and ask the question need or get the answer
require for that certain project.

Both companies try to hire the most diversed personal that are qualified to fit into their
company environment. Having an employee tried their hardest to improve their division in each of
their own way. The mission in each company is to provide the client with the best end result of the
project. Each employee has to have that same work ethic on getting their part done.

While both companies have been around since 1997 they have gone in different direction.
One company does a lot of UDOT work while the other does a lot more commercial design. Both
companies do their best on whatever direction they head. Bigger does always mean better design.
Just means communication needs to be more relevant.

The work environment in both companies is considerably different. It is a fact that Epic is
a larger company. Stress working there is more in the fact that the communication is just not there
for the employees. Maybe do to the fact that they have multiple offices and communication gets
lost coming down the channels. Where a smaller company like Meridian has just the one office
building and all the question that need to be answer are just in the next cubical or in the same


As I compared the two companies I keep my hypothesis in mind. The companies do have
similarities on how they operate from day to day. While a company communication that has
fewer employees were everyone works together to accomplish a project. Is more proficient then
a company that is larger were the communication is lacking for all the different channels it has to
go through to get a project done the way it was expected to be design.


Colton Sillitoe and Michael Candelaria
Intro (Colton)
Today Michael and I will presenting Personal Safety, using our jobs as examples. Our focus
is for a general audience.
Creditability - (Michael/Colton)
I am Michael Candelaria I have been in the Construction Field for over twenty years. In that
time Safety has been a large part of my Job. Between working on major roads to working on
(Colton) Ive been working as a corrections specialist for over two months, in that short
amount of time I have learned the importance of safety and vigilance required while
working in a life or death facility.

Personal safety outline (Michael)

Personal safety outline
(Adult Detention Center (A.D.C.) and Construction
Personal Awareness
Personal Safety Equipment
Works Cited
Questions and Answers


What is Personal Awareness? (Michael)

The dictionary defines Awareness as; the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge;
Working in hazards environments demand constant vigilance at all times.
What is Awareness at the A.D.C. (Colton)
What is Awareness at the A.D.C.?
This slide depicts how the jail processing starts. Officers were gloves while collecting personal
items from incoming detainees. If warranted a strip search is required for all Sex Offenders,
Federal holds, and US Marshal holds. If hand cuffs are required they are placed on the detainee
while being search. From there depending on the status of the detainee they are placed in a
holding cell or what is called a holding pit until booked.
What is not Awareness? (Colton)
This slide shows a housing unit where a civilian corrections specialist is handing out bail sets and
promises to appear. This scene is unsafe for a few reasons. First is the amount of inmates around
the corrections specialist and second there is not an officer close by.

Personal Awareness at a Construction (Michael)

On a construction site you always have to be seeing the whole picture. You have to be alert about
whatever danger is around you. You have to know if the cranes can see you or not, If they cant
then you are in a blind spot.

What is not? (Michael)

Here you can see that a Column is being support by straps, we see where the area has been dug
out the construction fencing is not in place, for personal not to fall in.

A.D.C. and Construction Personal Equipment overview (Michael/Colton)

A.D.C. (Colton)
N 95 Respirator
Stab Vest

Vinyl gloves
Utility belt
Hand cuffs
Tactical boots

Construction - (Michael)

Hard hat
Safety glasses
Reflective vest
Safety harness
Steel toe boots

N 95 Respirator (Colton)
When toxic chemicals are released into the air this is worn to prevent breathing in the hazards
Stab Vest (Colton)
This protects you from being stab in vital organs.
Vinyl gloves (Colton)
Are used to keep contagious bodily fluids from transferring to officers, civilian personal, and
other inmates.


Utility belt (Colton)

Used to hold and give quick access to frequently used handheld safety devices, such as and not
limited to: Hand cuffs, flashlight, mace, keys, empty gun holster, and so on.
Hand cuffs (Colton)
Used on detainees and inmates while in transport to be safety moved without injuring
themselves, officers, and other personal.
Flashlights (Colton)
Used when power outages accrue and at times to wake sleeping detainees/inmates.
Radio (Colton)
Communicate with fellow officers and civilian personal about actives and events happening in
the facility.
Tactical boots (Colton)
Worn for protecting feet and giving comfort and support while constantly walking on concert.

Hard hat - (Michael)
To protect your head from any falling objects that might be over your head or being lifted over
your head. By such things like a crane or forklift.
Safety glasses - (Michael)
Protect your eyes for any debris that might be in the air or being kicked up off the ground.
Reflective vest - (Michael)
A visual cue for people to see you either in traffic or while you might be working at night.
Safety harness - (Michael)
When your more than 6 feet off the ground and you might fall off whatever you are working on
you dont get seriously injury.
Steel toe boots - (Michael)


Crushing hazard if something fall your toes dont get cut off or smashed.

Conclusion (Michael/Colton)
- (Michael) We started the presentation with the dictionary definition of awareness and this is our
rendition on the topic.
(Colton) We define Awareness as knowing your surroundings, constant vigilance, and an eye
for danger.
(Colton) Doing so not only keeps you safe but your friends, co-workers, and inmates alive.

Works Cited

Q and As
Thank you!
This has been brought to you by,
Michael Candelaria and Colton Sillitoe