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Description of Learning Goals, Standards, Objectives

SS8H9 The student will describe the impact of World War II on
Georgias development economically, socially, and politically.
a. Describe the impact of events leading up to American
involvement in World War II; include Lend-Lease and the
bombing of Pearl Harbor.
b. Evaluate the importance of Bell Aircraft, military bases, the
Savannah and Brunswick shipyards, Richard Russell, and Carl
c. Explain the impact of the Holocaust on Georgians.
d. Discuss President Roosevelts ties to Georgia including his
visits to Warm Springs and his impact on the state.

National Technology

Long-Term Learning
Goal or Outcome:

ABCD Objectives or

SS8H10 The student will evaluate key post-World War II

developments of Georgia from 1945 to 1970.
a. Analyze the impact of the transformation of agriculture on
Georgias growth.
b. Explain how the development of Atlanta, including the roles of
mayors William B. Hartsfield and Ivan Allen, Jr., and major
league sports, contributed to the growth of Georgia.
c. Discuss the impact of Ellis Arnall.
Research and information fluency
Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate,
and use information.
a. Plan strategies to guide inquiry
b. Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize,
and ethically use information from a variety of
sources and media
c. Evaluate and select information sources and
digital tools based on the appropriateness to
specific tasks
d. Process data and report results
After completing this lesson students will be able to:
Compare and contrast the economy, society, and politics in
the years of World War 2 and the years following
Explain the roles the media played during World War two
and the years following
Understand the impact of WW2 on the United States
As a result of participating in the WWII Treasure hunt students
will be able to identify key people, places and events which
occurred in WWII and make social connections as it relates to the
Description of Assessment

Assessment Plan:

Students will be assessed by:

Writing a one page reflection on what they learned from
the video clips, treasure hunt, and class discussions
Grades on the treasure hunt

Description of Activities with Technology and Materials

Activity Design:
Day 1:
Students will view short films on World War
Class starter and lesson connection:

Day 2
Students will be asked to describe in a few
words the impact of World War 2 on the daily
lives of Americans.

Teacher and student activities:

Teacher will facilitate discussion about

responses, and then students will be split into
groups of three in order to complete a
treasure hunt.
Teacher will provide implicit instruction to
most groups in the class, monitoring the
activities of each group occasionally.
Gifted students will be placed in a group with
one other gifted student and a student with a
learning disability. Direct instruction will be
given to each of these groups for part of the

Technology Connection:

Video Clips and Internet treasure hunt


Materials and Resources:

Video Clips

Future Actions :

Reflection on Lesson Design

Answer the following questions:
The chapters were used thoroughly and
extensively in order to plan and execute this
lesson plan. The readings were very
insightful and helpful in conveying
Extensive information will be offered on
assessments and a more thorough approach
to learners will be introduced in lesson plan
I would have students explain their findings
in screen-omatic-presentation
He students have research through various
types of information weeding out essential
and non-essential elements. The websites in
the treasure hunt are web sites which guide
the students through WWII history so the
technology is directly related to the lesson.