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Writing Your Own Narrative

Since the beginning of the year, you have had many opportunities to read stories on
your own and in class. Now you have the opportunity to write one.

Your assignment will be to write a 2-3 page (typed) narrative. Think of stories you
have read as models for how to write a story, create narrative conflict, develop
characters, describe a setting, and engage your reader (all things you should do in your

Narrative writing tells a story.

Your narrative will include the following narrative elements:

Well-developed characters
A Detailed Setting

A Complete Plot
And, of course . . . CONFLICT.
(Remember the shape of a story)

Your narrative may be any of the following (as long as it tells a story):
The parentheses offer examples of these types of narratives in your Literature book for you to refer to while writing.

 Short Story (“Amigo Brothers” pg. 352, “Seventh Grade” pg. 122, “A Boy and a Man” pg. 210)
 Humorous Essay (“The Night the Bed Fell” pg. 279)
 Historical Essay (“The Real Story of a Cowboy’s Life” pg. 309)
 Science Fiction (“All Summer in a Day” pg. 298)
 Mystery (“The Dying Detective” pg. 328)
 Play (“Monsters are Due on Maple Street” pg. 696)
 Autobiography/Biography (Tiger: A Biography of Tiger Wood’s pg. 93)

For this narrative, you will participate in all the steps of the Writing Process.

You will:

Pre-write  Draft  Revise

Proofread Publish
You will turn in your stamped pre-writing, drafts, revisions and edits (proofreading) with your final

The Published copy of this narrative should follow the attached rubric and meet the following requirements:
 2-3 pages  12 point font
 Typed  Free of spelling errors.
 Double spaced  Free of grammar errors.

This narrative (with all the above elements included) is worth 100 points.

Due Date: ___________________________________________________