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A Cultural Event


Anchor-1: Good Evening ! Ladies and Gentleman!, The galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency,
invited guests, teachers and my dear friends how different is this evening. Dear audience, you will
yourself discover as the colours of cultural feast unfold !
Well, my first and foremost duty - On behalf of the Principal, Teaching Staff and Students, we
welcome you all to our ANNUAL DAY FUNCTION

Anchor-2: We fell honored to have with us - The Honourable Chief Guest His Excellency Mr Biren
Nanda, the Indian Ambassador To Indonesia, - Sir you hardly need any introduction, you have made
all of us proud by your distinguished work in numerous capacities. You are one of the most celebrated
foreign services dignitary . Guests of Honour : Mr Dexter Kennedy, the Pro-Vice Chairman of the
School, the man of distinct vision and a fountainhead of illuminating ideas, an idol of knowledge and
experience and inspiration to all of us. Mr Vipin Kumar, who is .( add yourself)
Anchor-1: Now, we will have our traditional auspicious LAMP-LIGHTENING ceremony as a tribute to
Mother Saraswati, the Godess of knowledge. (Mother, we pray for your blessings with all humility
give us wisdom to make this world a better place. May all human beings live in harmony with nature
and other forms of life. May the truth prevail. May the darkness of ignorance be swept away by the
dawn of self-realization.)that the by our honourable Chief Guest His Highness Mr Biren Nanda
Sir Please

Anchor-2 : Next, I would like to call upon our respected Principal, the sculptor of human character, a
seasoned scholar and navigator of this flagship of knowledge ----- to present a brief agenda and give
the school presentation.

Anchor-1: Without taking much of your time, permit us to start the programme. ________ do you feel
some turbulence around here ?
Anchor-2: Yes, I do the heart beats have gone up and everyone is eager to sink into the depth of
music, song, lights and joy. Well, here you are. Today, we will have rainbow of cultural programmes
prepared under the able stewardship of our teachers.

First, there will be a FAN DANCE by kids from grade 6 To 8 (This dance is performed with one or
more fans and has a Japanese/Korean Origin. It involves various movements, figures and
mesmerizing formations which engrosses its audience to the core.)

Anchor-1: That was indeed a lovely performance. How captivating ! poetry of footsteps !! A blend of
cosmic tune and divine music !.
Anchor-2: Now HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR another dance performance CANDLE DANCE which
perhaps is one of the oldest dance forms of the world. It hearkens back not just centuries but aeons
ago. Dancing with flames bring us to a more elemental and archetypical state of mind. This
mesmerizing, powerful and alluring candle dance performance requires full body integration.


Anchor-1: I still feel like lost in those melody dipped music notes. ( Anchor-2) Well, come back now.
Lets have a change.
Anchor-2: OK, what is next ?
Anchor-1: Wait, wait dont step over the clock ! Come with me to the theatre of life . Now kids of
grade 2 to 6 will fetch us centuries back . Yes, behold - we now present a drama PIPED PIPER OF
HAMELIN which will be performed by. It is a legend about the abductance of many children from the
town of Haemlin, Germany. It is a high-level costume drama.

Anchor-2: Do you know the magic of ankle bells?
Anchor-1: Magic !
Yes, magic and music both. Here comes a scintillating dance performance which is a BALLET. Its a
formalized type of dance performance which is highly technical with its own vocabulary.
Anchor-2: Really ?
Anchor-1: Yes, A blend of meticulous Pointe work, flowing and precise, weightless acrobatic

Anchor-2: Wow ! incredible. The young dancers really held everyone captive. An essay on creativity.
Firework of rapid moving steps. Awesome !
Anchor-1: Dont you think kids are more creative than the grown ups.
Anchor-2: How do you mean ?
Anchor-1: I mean the kids are more talented.
Anchor-2: Can you wait a moment.
Anchor-1: What is up?
Anchor-2: Surprise. Suspense. Action. Emotion.
Anchor-1: Come on, what is this puzzle ?
Anchor-2: Now our seniors are going g to unleash a breathtaking stage performance a one-act play
Anchor-1: Here you are.

Anchor-2: Now it is time we acknowledged the talent of our brimming buddies- prize distribution
ceremony and annual day report, I request Principle Sir to announce the names of the winners and
our honble Chief Guest Mr. Biren Nanda to give away the prizes.

Anchor-1: Now I would like to call upon Mr Dexter Kennedy to present the Vote of Thanks

Anchoring script for management event

Download this script in pdf format (Open in new tab) - Click Here

Anchoring script for management event

BOTH-----A very good afternoon to all of you.
Kavya -I m Kavya
Kapil- and


Both- Your host and dost for this afternoon.

Kavya- Before entering into second round, we would like to congratulate
you all for your
selections in the second
Kapil-This round is called as
and is sub-divided into three parts:Kavya- First part of this round comprises a quiz
who am I?
in which you will be given
some clues to answer and some
to recognize.

Kapil- In second part, one of your team members will be given a product to
perform an act on
stage to make the other members guess the product. And name of this
round is
Kavya- In the third part of this round, the teams are required to make story
boards of certain
products assigned to them. Before the third part starts, you will be given a
fair idea of what a
story board is. Name of this round is
Kapil- So are you ready RE YO U READY?????????????
Kapil- Lets find who am I??? I mean to say lets start
Kavya- Now we would like to invite
quiz master
Pravin Kumar to take this show forward.

Kapil- I must say Kavya that the performance of all the teams was wonderful,
magnificent even
Kavya-Now we are heading towards second part of this second round which
Kapil- We would like to brief you all about the rules and regulations of the
second part of this
second round.
Kavya- In this part a team member will come here on the floor and he/she has to
pick up a chit
from the box and then has to act so that his/her team members can guess the
product within


Kapil- The person who is going to act will be given 5 seconds to think and
then he/ she has to
act. The number of seconds you will save that will be assigned as your group
score. For e.g.- if
you guess the product in 10 seconds then your group will awarded as 10 marks.
Kavya- Less the number of seconds you will take, more the number of points you
will get.
Kapil- You cant ope n your mouth or move your lips
Kavya- cant draw alphabets/numbers in air or through your fingers which
resembles any
Kapil- If you are found to violate any of these restrictions, you will be
disqualified and shall be
awarded no marks in this round.
Kavya- Kindly decide among yourself within 10 seconds that who would come
on the stage for
(Give 10 seconds for teams to select their
Kapil- So, lets call the first teams presenter from their team to please come on
stage and pick a
chit from the box.
(After the person takes the chit)
Kavya- You have 5 seconds to think and then after the bell, you can start
acting with which,
your countdown for marks will start.
Time up!! Or Very nice.
Repeat the event wi th every
Kapil- Now, the second team representator please come on stage to perform and


Kavya- Your scores will be announced after the final round Now its time for third
and final part
of this round which is STORY BO RD Lets see what is a story board and what you
can do in it.
(Play the story board ppt)
Kapil- Now that you have seen what a story board is, every team has to make a
storyboard on a
common product for all teams. The rules and regulations are as follows:
Kavya- All the team members have to jointly make the storyboard.
In this round a product will be given to all the teams and the y will be
provided paper
and pencils then they have to prepare a storyboard
The time limit for each team to make it is 20 minutes. No extra time is available.
Any query??? You can ask.
Both- Let us welcome our honorable judge for this round Prof. Anil Kumar.
Kapil- To introduce him briefly, he has done PGDM from IIM Ahamedabad,
B. Tech from IIT
Kharagpur). He has 3 decades of corporate experience having worked in top
ranging from manufacturing to software and IT and IT enabled services.
(Stationary will be provided to the teams in between)
Kavya- The product for which you have to make story board is
(Show the product)
Kapil- Your countdown begins now and you have 20 minutes from now.
Time Up!!
Kapil- Friends, now please stop drawing and writing on paper. For those who
qualify through
the second round, third round will be held tomorrow on the main stage.
Very soon your
composite results will be announced but in the mean while, lets see whats there for
(Play the entertainment video)

Anchoring script for management event 2






format (Open




- Click



AD-VENTURER (Event name )
Hey Neha

how are

Hello mrit seeing you after a long
Yes, we are meeting after a long time so why are you here for?
Dont you know we have gathered here for Samanvay?
SAMANVAY!! what is it?
Samanvay is the management meet organi zed by ****** Institute of
Management. It endeavors to hone the entrepreneurial and managerial ski
lls of the
students and offers a plethora of learning to
okkey thats sound great. so is this a National management Fest?
Yes of course but not only management this time we have i nvited B.TECH
graduation colleges also

Thats so exiciting
Do you want to take part in the
yes, I certainly would like to take part in AD VENTURER
Ad-venturer what is it all about?
Ad-venturer is al l about venturing into the advertising. The fun of
& their creation. s such sky has no limits its true with advertisement too.
You can
make a product successful by your ads as its all about creation, i nnovation
& full of
Thats sound so adventurous!!
Ya it is remember that ad of fair & lovely which makes skin tone fair in just
week. But I have never seen any girl becoming fair in just one week. Take
your example
you have been using it from 2 years but no result yet.
Very funny but according to recent research , boys use more fair & lovely
girls & you are also one of them but still no effect only side ef fects.
For your kind information I am using fair & handsome not fair & lovely.

Very smart lets not get into all this ok!!..we welcome all our participants
took the initiative to be a part of this event which was the no.1 event of last
year & this
year also it will follow the same trend with the help or our esteemed
As the participants are here with full of vigour, passion, energy, excitement
enthusiasm so lets start with basics of show.
As ad-venturer basically enhances your creativity, tests your concepts &
makes you
learn that one should think beyond the box.
Here Neha will tell you the further
So, now I am goi ng to inform you about some details of ad-venturer.
It consists of three rounds:

round is scratch your head

Third round is Eyedea
There are some rules & regulations which are mandatory for the
A team can consist of either two or three peo ple
Round 1 will be the elimination round where multiple choice & fill in
the blanks

Their will be no negative marketing
From 1

round 15 teams will be selected for the second round

The participants will be given a questionnaire and they have to solve it.
Time allowed is 20 minutes.
The results will be announced withing 15 minutes after which the
who will qualify would enter into the second round.
Participants are expected to maintain perfect decorum and maintain
Yes of course so pull up your socks as the game is just about to begin
Neha would now try to go out of the stage
Where are you going, leaving me here behind?
Why should I take you along with
kyunki main tere pyaar me pagal ho gaya hun
achha to i odex malie kaam pe
so after this rejection now lets start the quiz which comprises of mcq & fill

in the
blanks. And friends, I am sure you all believe in your brains and will not
be inspired by
each other in this round at least.
You will be provided the test papers now. You can now start writing the test
but keep in
mind that the clock does not wait for anyone.
After 10 minutes: Hey, half time, 10 minutes have been over.
After 15 minutes: Friends, only 5 minutes
After 18 min: just 2 minutes more
Time up guys!! All Done. It seems that our judges will have a tough time
evaluating your
papers. How did you find the questions? Were they interesting? Were they
easy? No
problem, lets all of us hope that we will be there in the second round but
there comes
luck Here everyone cant be in second round and which means only top 15
teams will
be qualifying for the second round.
Well, in the meanwhile, lets see whats there for you
After Fillers and result ready
Lets go back to basics, we have the results ready for the first round.

Friends now lo and behold and let me remove the gap between you and
your result.
Neha, why dont you do this pleasure
So, the teams who are qualified
: I congratulate all the qualifier teams. Certainly, you all have something
extra but
definitely, might have faced tough competition from the rest of the teams.
The judges
too might have felt the dilemma while preparing the result.
So, now are you ready for the second round? Shall we start now?
*************** you may need to accommodate the gap between the
first and
second round.********************
So lets start the quiz & and all the best to all of you


Answer: Hey









Try adding some funny stuff in it..or something like 'temperatures are surely soaring up now..huff kitna
garam ho raha hai na? lekin ab aa raha hai xyz group lekar ek supercool performance!! to tayyar ho


























Osama to gaya bhai! lekin apne agle performance se dhamaaka karne aa rahe hai ABC group..!
hey you have not mentioned what all is there in the performances, or speeches..so cant help you out
All the best..

Good evening. Its an honor itself to honour this beautiful audience who has gathered
here. I Simran/ Anushka with my co-host Anushka/ Simran welcome you all on behalf of
whole global family on this .. Annual Function. Thank you all for giving us your
prized time.

1. Yamistha 2012 Management Fest Cultural Evening 1st June 2012 CET MBA MC
Script Informal Style Events DJ Groove Dance by Kiran and team Dance by CET
SHOW STOPPERS Variety Solo Dance by Rehan Solo song by Isha Menon CET MBA
EXPRESS Eccentric elocution by Rehan CET MBA commercial Give me a chance cover
up Solo Violin Melody by Harilal Hungama Dance mix by Rehan & Team Launch of
Yamistha T-shirt Faculty has got talent Alumni Speak Anandathandavaaaaaaa Belli: What
a wonderful evening this is. Ruben: Yeah after a long day full of games and activity,
everyone seems to be so tired
2. Belli: I have been waiting for this moment. Ruben: What moment Belli: The moment
of songs, dance, and a lot of FUN Ruben: Then what are we waiting for? Let us start the
programme Belli: Yeah No one came here to listen to our conversation Ruben (angry):
You started this Belli (defensive): Me? Hello, I was just ice breaking <Mean while preplanned commenters from audience starts giving comments> Start The
Programme !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DJ Groove Dance Belli (energetic): Hey everybody..
Are you ready ? Audience: YES ! YES! YES Ruben (full voice): Are You ready to rock
on ? Audience: YES! YES! Belli (full voice): Ready to dance and break the floor ?
Audience: YES! YES! YES! Ruben (Full voice): Ready to sing and blast your throat ?
Audience: YES ! YES! YES Belli (excited): Gear up Ruben (thrilled): Hustle up Belli
(shout): Rock on ! ! ! Ruben: Lets set GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
<Background DJ music - full volume. A dancing mob enters and MCs dance away to
backstage> 5 minutes of energetic dance and music
3. DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of dance) Audience applauds CET
SHOW STOPPERS Belli: Wasnt it an amazing beginning ? Audience: YES ! YES!
Ruben: Want some more ? Audience: YES! YES! Ruben: Tighten your shoes Belli: Here
comes the CET SHOW STOPPERS Ruben: the fame of CET Belli: The dancing bulls
Ruben: If you never saw them dance Belli: You missed it all Ruben: CET SHOW

STOPPERS Belli: CET SHOW Stoppers <Stage light goes off> Audience: CET SHOW
STOPPERS ! <DJ music + Laser show + Light effects+ CET SHOW Stoppers pops out
one by one> 8 minutes of vibrant dance DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end
of dance) <Light goes off> Variety Dance
4. When light comes, an eccentric student Rehan is on stage, he is dancing in funny way
and makes the crowd laugh. Note: This eccentric student must be popular in college
MCs come in a WHAT TO DO LOOK on face Belli: Whoaa I have never seen such a..
a a different kind off dance Ruben: Yeah. Thank You Thank You Rehan Lets take
some rest! Rehan grabs the mike and shouts at audience: Do U wanna see more steps?
Audience Mocks and encourage him. He dances little more and falls down. Pre-planned
Red Cross team come and takes him stretcher. Audience laughs off. MCs embarrassed.
Rehan Shouts I will be back with more steps. Audience again Laughs MCs look each
other with WHERE DO THEY COME FROM look on face Solo Song Belli: Ha. Such a
show, such an amazing beginning Audience shouts and cheers Ruben Checks the
programme list Ruben: We have dance, songs, entertainments etc etc on list Belli: why
dont we hear a beautiful song Ruben: yeah a Song by Isha Menon Audience cheers as
they hear Ishas name. Note: Isha is one of the popular singer in the college. Belli: a
melodious song, her signature song Ruben: Guys just sit back now, because Isha will
take you into a new world with her sweet voice. <Light dims, melodious music from the
Tamil Movie- Kadal- Nenjukulle..
5. When Isha starts singing lights fade in.. Slow light shows. Song for 6 minutes
MCs come on stage. Isha is still standing. Audience applauds Ruben has I M IN LOVE
look on face and looks at ISHA Audience laughs off with Rubens expression. DING
(sound of a special bell, marking the end of song) CET MBA EXPRESS Ruben wakes up.
Audience giggles Belli: Wow as usual Isha you are simply superb Ruben: and loving.
Audience giggles Ruben:. Loving song. Superb Belli: Everybody do love this song.
Audience: YES! YES Ruben: Do you love her.. VOICE Audience laughs and gives
salute to the singer Isha bows down and say thank you. Isha leaves.. Belli: Now comes
the most awaited show. Belli waiting for Ruben to say his point Ruben still looking at
Isha as she walks away to the backstage. Audience giggles
6. Belli (shouts): Ruben. Ruben looks at her Belli: it is time to move on Ruben
looks at programme list again and hustle up Ruben: Yes we are now moving on to CET
MBA EXPRESS Audience shouts and get excited.. Note: CET MBA EXPRESS is a
comedy skit played by students criticizing the college events, programmes, teachers,
practices etc in CET in a sarcastic and hilarious way. CET MBA EXPRESS highlights the
usual and unusual happening in CET. This is also used as a platform to express students
view point as there is wider reach and appreciation from other students. Also it is an eye
opener, sometimes problem creator. <Light dims. CET MBA EXPRESS narrator takes
over the charge. When he narrates the stage is set in lime light. CET MBA EXPRESS
starts its journey> 20 minutes comedy skit Audience laughs, giggles and is thrilled
when some truth is criticized, events are portrayed A sarcastic ending to the skit DING
(sound of a special bell, marking the end of skit) Eccentric Elocution Audience applauds
When Light comes, the eccentric Rehan is on stage searching for mike and finding one.
Rehan gives a 2 minutes speech on his experience in CET MBA. He highlights certain
events mentioned in CET MBA EXPRESS in a funny way. It is his experience so a funny

personal touch makes it even more funny. MCs come from backstage in a READY TO
KILL expression Audience laughs and Rehan realizes that MCs are back and he has less
time. He even criticize MCs and escapes from the hand of MCs. Audience burst out of
laughter as Ruben runs behind Rehan to catch him.
7. Belli remains on stage and embarrassed. Belli: I think it is time for us to take a short
break. Light goes off CET MBA Commercial CET MBA commercial music plays in
background Note:- CET MBA Commercial is just like a TV commercial, projected on
screen. This is specially created and directed by Marketing students. The actors are CET
MBA students. Here famous and new TV ads PARODY is given. The Top 5 ads in
YAMISTHA management fest along with CET MBA parody ads are 10 minute Parody Ads
by CET MBA + Winner ads of Yamistha Management Fest (The ads sequence are in
alternating way. (i.e, one CET MBA ad followed by 1 winner ad) Thought provoking and
hilarious ad DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of Ads) Audience applauds
Light comes Give me a chance cover up The eccentric student Rehan is tied on to chair
and Ruben is sweating. Belli comes in a WTF* look on face. (As the following dialogue
happens, stage is set in the background for next programme) Belli: What on earth are you
doing? Ruben: I m tired of this guy, he always steals my show. I do all pain in sequencing
and arranging events and finally Rehan appears from nowhere and do whatever he wants
on stage. Rehan: I just need a chance Belli: For what Rehan: I m a good dancer
8. Audience laughs Belli: We have seen your dance Ruben: It is not upto our mark
Rehan: It is a different style Belli: We have other programmes and we dont want a solo
dance Rehan: I will bring my team MCs are shocked Rehan: Give me one chance
Ruben: So you just want to dance. Ok, let the audience decide. Belli; Hey all, Do you
want Rehan and his team to dance here ? Audienc: YES! YES! Give him a chance MCs
are again shocked but hide their expression Ruben unties Rehan Audience cheers and
encourage Ruben: Buddy, you have 10 minutes to gather your team and dance. Now you
can go Rehan flees Solo Violin Melody Belli: what an eventful night Ruben: Let us tune
into the musical world again. Belli: Ladies and gentlemen Ruben: Friends and brothers
Belli looks at Ruben. Audience giggles Belli: Let us tune into the musical magical world of
Harilal Krishna Audience Wooo as they hear the name Note:- Harilal Krishna is popular
for his instrument (Violin) music.
9. 10 minute Violin melody Audience applauds Ruben claps and comes to the stage
Harilal plays violin in tune to Rubens clap Belli claps in a different way Harilal plays in that
note So on musical battle goes and dancers also joins Harilal plays according to dancers
tap It becomes intense battle Harilal defeats them by his signature end Audience enjoys
the show Finally DING (sound of a special bell, marking the end of violin melody)
Audience gives a standing ovation to Harilal for his performance All except MCs leaves
the stage. Hungama Dance Mix Belli: time has come. Ruben: we still have shows
pending Belli: I mean to say it is time for Rehan and his teams dance Ruben: Oh I
thought he was just kidding. <Dj music + Old Tamil song funny Remix > Mcs stands
apart. Rehan and his team give a funny dance Note: this dance is pre- planned, in the
end of dance MCs also joins and give their funny moves. It is a 10 minute dance with
contemporary, modern, funny style blend
10. DING ( Sound of a special bell marking the end of dance) Dancers freeze in last
position as they hear the bell Audience applauds and Rehan and his team leave the
stage in robotic style Belli: I never thought this could be so amazing Ruben: Rehan you

are stole my show ! Audience applauds Launch of Yamistha T-shirts Belli: YamisthaManaging at its best. This is our first management fest and it is all ready rocking. Isnt it?
Audienc: YES! YES! Ruben: Let us launch something in this historic event of CET MBA
Belli: I invite director of CET MBA Dr Mohanchandran to launch the Yamistha T-shirts (As
director comes to stage promo of Yamistha T-shirt film is projected on screen.) Director
launches the T-shirt. MCs wears the T-shirt and also persuade the director to wear it
Audience applaud as director wears the same Also audience wears the T-shirt Note: This
is pre planned and audience were given T-shirt earlier Fashion Parade < Background
music of Parade!> Belli: Yes it is time for parade ! Ruben: What Parade Belli: Fashion
Parade Background music becomes high and Fashion Parade begins
11. Note: Fashion parade is done by special team and has a unique theme. In between
Rehan and Mcs also joins the parade so as to entertain the audience. 15 minutes Parade
goes on DING (Sound of a special bell marking the end of Parade) Audience applauds
Faculty has got talent Belli: So far we have seen the performance of CET MBA students
Ruben: Students have got talents Belli: Faculty also have Talent Ruben: Oh really Belli:
Ruben have not hear the songs by Nightingale of CET MBA faculty Audience Woos as
they know the Singer in faculty Ruben: Simmy Mam . Audience cheers as they hear
her name Note: This is also pre-planned. However MCs are persuading and escorting
Simmy Mam from audience to the stage. Audience encourages her Simmy Mam gives a
small intro and then sings for 3 minutes DING (Sound of a special bell marking the end of
song) Alumni Speak Audience applauds and cheers her Belli: That was a lovely song
Mam Ruben: I Love your song Mam Belli: You rocks! Am I right? Audience applauds
Ruben: Friend time is ticking and we are almost coming to the end of programme
12. Belli: Before that our privileged Alumni has to say something to us Ruben: Mr
Abhilash Kumar, who has passed out from CET MBA in the year 2010 got placed in IBS
as Management trainee. Now he is the Project Manager of the same company. He is
here with us today. Belli: I invite our sophomore Mr Abhilash to speak a few words
Abhilash gives an insightful speech for 5 minutes DING (Sound of a special bell marking
the end of speech) Anandathandavaaaaaa Audience applauds Belli: Thank You Senior
Ruben: I m inspired Belli: That was really good Ruben: thank You once again Belli: Now
we move on to final destination Ruben: hostel? Belli: No I mean we move on to our final
event of todays cultural fest Belli & Ruben : Anandathandavu Belli: We have our all star
DJ Savio to rock you all Ruben: Everybody tighten up your shoes, we will have our final
DJ mix show. Exclusive for Belli: Dancing Ruben: shouting Belli: Singing Ruben: Howling
Bellli: Anandaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ruben: Thandavaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
13. (Heavy Background DJ music begins) DJ show goes on for 30 minutes. Audience
shouts and howl. Highlights of CET MBA Yamistha 2014- Management fest is projected
on screen with fading music Ruben: Wasnt it an awesome show Audience shouts &
howls Belli: Dont you love this show Audience shouts & howls Ruben: Yamistha
Rocks.. Audience shouts & howls Belli: Yamistha Rocks. Audience shouts &
howls Audience shouts & howls Ruben: Before going we have to thank many for
organizing and helping this event Belli: we thank the management Ruben: We thank the
College authorities Belli: We thank teaching and non teaching staff Ruben: We thank all
performers Belli: we thank each and every one of you Ruben: Thank you everybody
(Background music scores high) Audience disperses slowly

14. Note: All the events in the show are planned even though MCs acts in certain events
as if it was unplanned.

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