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Integer Review:


We are at that that time in our unit where I will be assessing your progress. When you receive
your assessment after it has been graded, you will see either a 1(working below), 2(emerging
thinking), 3(meeting) or a 4(exceeding) for each of the 4 content subjects below. Use this list of
criteria to properly gage your review. Remember math students are always expected to:
demonstrate their knowledge of content, show step-by-step detail of their problem solving and
to communicate their thinking to the reader as if they have no math background.

Sign Rule

Distribution Property

Understanding of Word

Order of Operations



Understanding that two integers with

the same sign have a positive answer
when you divide or multiply.
Understanding that two integers with
opposite signs have a negative
answer when you divide or multiply.
Understanding that this rule only
applies for multiplication and division.

Ability to solve a problem with

multiple integers with different signs
and have no error.
Ability to model, either on a number
line or with counters, your
understanding of multiplication and/
or division of integers.

Ability to write 2-digit factors in

expanded form.
Student adds each partial product to
get the final product.
Directionality of final answer is correct.

No errors in calculations.

Student indicates relevant information

in problem.
Ability to understand what operation(s)
will be used to solve the problem.
Explanation of strategy is provided.

More than one strategy is evident in


Ability to show work in a step-by-step

Knowledge of PEDMAS

No errors in calculations.

How do I prepare for this quiz?

Review Math Journal Notes from Class
Do review problems
Text book Review