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Math Quiz: Algebra



Please read all of the questions carefully

before beginning the test. Show all of your
work in the space provided. Calculators are
not permitted. Good Luck!




Analyzing Word Problems

Table of Values
Ordered Pairs

1. Thelma is organizing a concert at the Jam

House. Each person will pay $35 to attend.
Thelma will have to deduct the $700 to pay for
the building.
A. Write an equation that represents her profit, p, in
relation to the number of people who attend, n,
minus the cost to rent the building.

Responding to Questions
1 (Working Below); 2 (Emerging); 3 (Meeting); 4 (Exceeding)


B. Construct a table of values with a range from 0 to


C. How many people would have to attend for

Thelma to break even (when p is 0)?

D. What would be her profit if 33 people


E. Graph the relationship. Remember to label each axis.

F. On your graph, label the the ordered pair where n is 40.

G. On your graph, label the ordered pair where p is 280.

H. As n increases by 1, what happens to p?