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3 Lesson 8 Problem-Solving Investigations

Course/Grade Level 4 Grade Mathematics


Unit Topic

Understand Multiplication & Division

Time Frame 90 minutes

Linden STEAM Academy


Jerry Qiao

Essential Question: What strategies will help students solve word problems?

Common Core Standard:
Solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four
operations, including problems in which remainders must be interpreted. Represent these problems using
equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity. Assess the reasonableness of answers using mental
computation and estimation strategies including rounding.
Learning Goals:
-Students will check answers for reasonableness.
-Students will utilize the four-step plan in solving word problems.
Math Students Will
-do ch. 3 lesson 8, pg. 179-180 as a teaching page
-plan their solutions to solve exercises and then determine the reasonableness of their answers
-do pg. 181-182 independently
8:15- Frame the
-Review the 4-step plan; mention we used it in the last chapter
8:30 Lesson and -Mention relevance of this plan in every other subject as well
-Go over the 4-step plan (write Understand, Plan, Solve, Check) on board
-Understand: what information do we know?
-Plan: what strategies will you use to figure out the answer? Are we adding?
Subtracting? Doing both? Multiplying? Dividing?
-Solve: use your plan and figure out the answer
-Check: does the answer make sense? Is it reasonable?
-Modification: discuss the meaning of reasonable
-Scenarios: is it reasonable to eat dinner at 6pm?, is it reasonable to snow in July in
Boston?, if Yasser has 11 highlighters and Luccas gives him 10 more, is it reasonable to
say Yasser has about 20 highlighters?
-Ask two students to share a math statement and ask the class if its reasonable or
-Highlight that if an answer is unreasonable, then find out where we might have made a
8:30- Guided
-Flip to page 179
8:45 Lesson
-Have student read the question; have 2nd student read it again
-Ask about first step (what info do we have? Strategy: underline key info)
-What do we need to find out? (total number of tickets altogether)
-Key word: altogether! Shows we need to find how many Starr and Suzi have combined

-Starr is easy: tells us 4

-Suzi is a little trickier: doesnt give us the exact number but tells us enough to figure it
-Plan: got to figure out how many Suzi has and add it to how many Starr has
-Solve: 4+(5x4)=24
-Check: is our answer reasonable? We get the answer of 24, so it is reasonable.
8:45- Guided
-pg. 180
9:00 Practice
-Have student read the question; have 2nd student read it again
-Ask students to explain what you do in the Understand step
-Give students a minute to underline important facts and write it on the lines
-Ask what do we need to find?
-Highlight that reasonable estimate means you are rounding. Tell students that if the
answer theyre checking against is an estimate, you can estimate your own numbers.
-Note that about means the same as reasonable estimate. Reread the question with
about 400 inside it.
-Give students time to complete the section on their own. Announce that students who
have finished should wait before we go on.
-Walk around room checking for student work. After enough students have completed
the work, bring the class together
-Ask students what their plan was, how they solved it, and what their solutions were
9:00- Independent -pg. 181-182
9:25 Practice
-Remind students to use the space on their papers to do the 4 step plan. Underline key
facts and think of a plan before you begin solving. Always check answers for
-Tell students to skip #3
-Walk around class ! look for interesting methods/answers from students to potentially
use as a recap question/question for review in tomorrows lesson
9:25- Recap
-Ask students to look back on pg. 180
-Give every student a half sheet of paper
-Ask the students: How could I change the problem to make 400 a reasonable answer?
-Give students 6 minutes to solve it
-Call on 2 students to share their answer and how they showed that 400 was reasonable
-pg. 183-184
-Practice 6 times table