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English Assessment 1 for Beginner

Read a passage (with reference)

Section 1 - Oral Speaking



Attn: Examiner is allowed to select any passage from the six

passages for
students reading assessment.


Self- Introduction (without reference)

Grade: 1
Hello everyone, My name is
I am

years old.

I am from
My hobby is
My occupation is
My favorite food is
I love

and my favorite drink is
color, and my favorite movie is

Section 2 - Listening/Hearing
Listening to two passage, examiner will read out the passages.
Passage 1 - Question
1) What the main language does Kevin speaks?
a) English
b) Chinese
c) French
d) Spanish
2) What is Kevin's sister name?
a) Sinyo
b) Mano
c) Lou
d) Hanna
3) What's Kevin want to be?
a) Dentist
b) Farmer
c) Photographer
d) Train driver
4) How old is Lou?
a) 3 years old
b) 5 years old
c) 8 years old
d) 6 years old
5) What is Kevin's favorite food?
a) Toast
b) Italian food
c) Potato chips
d) Japanese food

6) What does Lou likes to do?

a) Take pictures
b) Cooking
c) Teaching
d) Drawing
7) What Lou wants for her birthday?
a) A car
b) A box of crayons
c) A camera
d) A drum
8) Who is Lou's older brother?
a) Ken
b) Raju
c) Pet
d) Kevin
9) Where do they live?
a) Germany
b) India
c) France
d) Canada
10) What does Lou loves to play?
a) Drum
b) Sandbox
c) Camera
d) Toys
Passage 2 - Questions

1) What does Mari speaks?

a) Chinese
b) French
c) Japanese
d) Hindi
2) How many children that Mari has?
a) Two
b) Five
c) Four
d) One
3) What Mari loves to do?
a) Playing
b) Cooking
c) Camping
d) Reading
4) What Mari doesn't like to do?
a) Vacuum
b) Brush teeth
c) Skiing
d) Eating
5) Who is Ken's mom?
a) Conny
b) Mano
c) Mari
d) Lou

a) Dog
b) Drum
c) Cat
d) Jacket
7) What Ken's father occupation?
a) Train driver
b) Dentist
c) Teacher
d) Homemaker
8) Where does Ken go to study?
a) Star- Kindergarten
b) Flower- Kindergarten
c) Primary Kindergarten
d) Sakura- Kindergarten
9) How many times does Ken brush teeth a day?
a) Four
b) Two
c) One
d) Three
10) When is Ken's birthday?
a) October 20th
b) July 20th
c) June 10th
d) March 30th

Section 3 - Writing/ Composition

6) What's Ken wants for his birthday?

Speak in Chinese, students will write in English.

1) - Sister
2) - Mother
3) - Aunt
4) - Guitar
5) - Music
6) - Flowers
7) - Enjoy
8) - Thank you
9) - Careful
10) - Please