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I declare these have been my experience during this six day fast.
The Holy Spirit quickened my body, daily feeding it with supernatural life as I stayed of solid food.
He has given me a rewarding experience bringing the reality of the spirit realm to me, and giving
strength to my body.
This has been an experience of joy within my soul and not weakness in my body.
As I worshiped and praised I felt the tangible presence of God within me bringing the reality of the
throne of grace within my life.
There has been an over flowing measure of grace during this fast and I have experienced the mercy
of God in my life. This has brought events and opportunities into my life today that can be described
as breakthroughs.
He has stirred up my hunger for spiritual things, increasing my sensitivity to His leading in my life.
I have heard the voice of the Spirit leading me on the way to go in all my endeavors.
He has opened my eyes to relevant scriptures concerning all my needs and given me a breakthrough
experience in understanding.
He has further deepened my spiritual experiences in the scriptures.
He granted unto me utterance so that as I declared Gods words to my situation, I felt virtue and
power leave me.
He replaced the natural food I stayed off with spiritual nourishment to my spirit and soul. As I
meditated on scriptures, I felt a new lease of spiritual life enter in raising my life to another level.
The Holy Spirit has been active 24/7 in my heart and in my members
He showed me all the little adjustments I had to make that held back certain things from my life.
The Holy Spirit has further changed my heart making me a more compassionate person, being more
sensitive to the needs of people around me.
He has cleansed my heart of all bitterness, anger and resentment making me free of all guile.
I found strength to release everyone from any ill feeling and as I called upon God in prayers, He
answered saying here am I.
He caused all forms of darkness to shine as the noon day.