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Date: February 12, 2015

Name: Bridget Callahan

Subject of my paper: Student-athletes, alcohol, effects of alcohol

Purpose: I am a Business Management major and am on the

womens soccer team at UCF. I have been through many experiences
here having to deal with drugs and alcohol abuse and would really love
to write about what it does to athletes performances and just people in
general. I care deeply about this subject because I have witnessed
many things that I wish I never had to because of alcohol

Preliminary Thesis/ Argument: The increasing number of alcohol

related incidents and deaths is quickly rising. In college athletics, it
may seem that athletes are ones who stray away from the party scene
because they do not want to effect their athletic performance and
relationships with authority. However, It is a very common usage in
athletics, not only as a coping mechanism for various problems, but a
way to have fun.

Intended audience: My intended audience is my ENC1102 class,

which has no student-athletes in. I do not want many people to hear

about this issue, however, I think athletes abuse alcohol much more
than some may think and we suffer very severe consequences.

Types of research areas: I will be going on the internet for

secondary sources and stories involving alcohol and student-athletes
or professional athletes in general. I will also be interviewing some
people on various teams, some at UCF, some from other schools and
how drinking alcohol affected not only their careers in their sport, but
their lives.

Kinds of sources I will use and why they will benefit my paper:
I think this goes hand in hand with the above subtitle types of
research areas. They will benefit my paper because they are firsthand accounts of how alcohol affected the student-athletes way of life,
on and off the field.

Graphs or charts:

Documentation Style: I will be using MLA.

Tentative List of Resources: I do not like to name names for who I

am interviewing because it is a personal matter, but I have three
athletes I will be interviewing, a trusted website online, maybe a book
(auto bibliography) written by an athlete, and I will put my personal
experience in there.

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