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Jeffrey Heiser

UWRT 1102-016
Final Reflection
Coming into this class after a previous UWRT 1101 class, I thought I had a general idea of what
we were going to do in this class and that I already had everything down pat. However, through
learning about inquiry, making an argument with claims and sub-claims, and also writing about
my own secondary discourse, I feel as if I have progressed much farther as a writer after taking
this course. I had a great time taking this class and this was honestly the most I have ever gotten
out of an English/writing class.
Previous to this class, I had never completed an inquiry project before I start working on the
paper. But after learning about what it is and what information goes into them, I realized how
important they can be to help the paper. It contains everything you need from initial
brainstorming, to clothes and words, characters, key incidents, setting, values, and eventually
forming a claim. I feel as if it helps with not only structure but overall flow of the paper as well. I
feel as if I can take these inquiry projects and apply them to real life as well; plan everything step
by step until I am ready to fully engage.
Forming a claim is can be the hardest yet most important step of writing a paper. It is what the
paper is based around, and is the papers main argument. It is what the writer must refer to and
keep in the back of his or her mind when constructing a paper to make sure he or she doesnt go
off topic. He or she must have a strong claim as it is the overall message of the paper as well.
What makes a strong claim are strong sub claims which back up and reason out the main claim.
Lastly we created a piece of work that I had never done before, and it was by far my most
favorite writing I had ever done. This was assignment number 3, in which we described out own
experiences as we learned and developed through our own unique discourse communities. I had
to much fun writing the paper because it was mine. My view, my experiences, my style,
everything was me. It was a paper that didnt stress me out anywhere near as much as other
papers. I feel great about my paper as well!
Prior to this class, I looked at papers with a totally different attitude. But after taking this class, I
feel better about myself as a writer as I have picked up some great tips after taking this class.
Like I stated before, I feel as if I got the most out of this writing/English class than I ever have
before. Through learning about inquiry, forming an argument with claims and sub claims along
with writing about my own discourse, I feel as if I have bettered myself all around both as a not
only a writer, but also as a person. I can take the experiences and opportunities that I have
learned from this class and apply them everywhere I go in life.