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Freedom of Fair Elections in Russia

UN Election Observer Report

I recently got to observe the elections in the United Nations, seeing how they work
and what could possibly be wrong with how the elections work. It was obvious to see the
elections in the United Nations needs improving, even though they work so well the way
they are. Everything always could use some improving to make it better.
The United Nations has been a vital part in improving the nations it works with and
provides international assistance when it comes to the way the nations involved in the
United Nation work with each other.
Before going to observe the United Nations Elections, it appeared to me that too
often the election results are based off of political favors, trades, and promises between
nations. I was hoping that this is not what I would be witnessing during the United Nations
There are many groups that work to make sure the elections are not impartial,
including the Electoral Assistance Division (EAD), UNelections.org campaign, United Nations
Electoral Roster, and UN Peacekeeping. I think that these groups and campaigns are doing
what they need to in order for the election results to not be impartial, biased, or rigged.
In the United Nations elections, there is the election of the General Secretary of the
UN, who is recommended to the General Assembly of the United Nations by the Security
Council, who then appoints the Secretary-General of the United Nations. The SecretaryGeneral of the UN is chosen by the General Assembly and Security Council, which means
they can choose who they want for the position. In the security council there are 15
members, 5 of which are permanent and 10 are nonpermanent. Since the Security Council
has 5 permanent and 10 nonpermanent members, the ones who are nonpermanent may be
able to change the vote more for who they want to recommend to be the General Secretary
of the United Nations.
Voting in the United Nations can be rigged if a nation that is a member of the United
Nations is more powerful than another nation that is a member of the UN. If the United
States did not like something that was going to be passed in the UN between the Security
Council, they can veto it, something only the 5 permanent members of the Security Council
can do. UNlike the Security Council that could be rigged, the General Assembly cannot be
rigged, since no one has the power to veto and any nation may join the assembly, but every
nation only gets one vote.
When observing the last elections, it appeared to me that they were not rigged, but
there is always the chance it could have been. During the elections all the nations seemed
to get along, with the occasional disagreement that was able to be settled before getting out
of hand. Unlike other elections around the world, the elections for the United Nations are
organized and under control, whereas a country like Russia may have completely rigged
elections that are completely obvious. I enjoyed witnessing the elections and being able to
understand more about how they are so controlled and work so well. The United Nations has
a goal to maintain international peace and security, ensure there will not be a WWIII and
act as a mediator in international disputes. During the elections it is obvious that the goals
and objectives are always going to be met and if there is someone to be elected into a
position that could damage the way the UN works, they will not be elected into office.

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