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Alexa D.

Annotated Bib
University of Texas at El Paso

Nuila, R. (2015). Patients like Rogelio who have lived in the United States for years but cannot
qualify for federal funding through Medicare or Medicaid must visit emergency rooms,
sometimes twice a week, for life-saving treatment. Virginia Quarterly Review p.88-105
This article consists of a story that man named Ricardo lived when he worked at a
hospital in Houston Texas. He attended a patient named Rogelio, he was an immigrant
person with economic problems and chronically ill, and he was not able to receive
medical aid care. Ricardo did not agree with the way that the medical health care treat
immigrant population, like Ricardo. Because of the lack of help, many immigrant persons
suffer of severe illness and they do not have the opportunity of taking care of it because
of the prices of the doctor appointment and medicines. At the end of the article, Ricardo
was able to help Rogelio by sending him to Riverside, which is a clinic where they offer
help to people like him, so he could receive the treatments and medicines for his illness.

The source is from an article of Virginia, and provides good information about how
immigration is in a city of the State of Texas. The author talks about his own testimony,
something that he lived so it is a biased source. Also, it fits perfect for my research
project because it talks about how the immigrant population deserves the same rights as
any other one in the United States.

Nuila, R. (2015). Taking care of our own. Virginia Quarterly Review, 91(1), 88105.

Wang, Q. (2013). Most recent statistics from the U.S. SBO show that between 2002 and 2007
the number of Hispanic-owned businesses grew by 43.7% to 2.3 million, in comparison
to an 18.0% growth rate of all businesses.
This scholarly article gives information about the Hispanic businesses in the United
States. The article consists mostly of comparing several businesses and found the
relationship between ethnic business and co-ethnic residential neighborhoods. Hispanics
population owns several minority businesses mostly in Miami and Atlanta. Those
businesses help the country by generating more income.
The article is from a journal of urban affairs in the University of North Carolina at
Charlotte. The information is trustable because as mentioned before, it has several
statistics and charts talking about the minority businesses, which are the businesses of the
Hispanic population, in the United States, and at the end it has several references of
where the information was collected. This works perfectly for my research project
because it will help me analyze immigration in several topics, and one of them is

Quinfang, Wang, (2013). Beyond ethinc enclaves? Exploring the spatial distribution of Latinoowned employer firms in to U.S. immigration gateways. Journal of Urban Affairs, 35(5),

Motumara, H. (2015). Lee is right that arguments in favor of legalization for unauthorized
children often assume or assert that children who were brought to the United States by
their parents have claims to belonging that are much stronger that claims of unauthorized
migrants who came as adults.
The article is an investigation of a book written by Professor Stephen Lee. The review
explains how the immigrant children are innocent with guilty parents. Also, the author
explains how the immigrant children could integrate their families into U.S. society and it
will be successful. The children are not a reflection of their parents, not because the
immigrant parents did something against the law, that means that they children would be
the same, the children might not suffer the consequences of the actions of their parents, is
what the author explains. Finally, it makes commentaries on how the decision of the
parents affect the life of their children, a great example will be the immigrant children
that were brought ti the United States.
This source compare with other sources because it talks about immigrant children or
students and how they do not do wrong to our country on the contrary they could be good
students, citizens and children. The information is reliable because it is an analysis from a
book of a Professor, and because it is a school article. This article fits perfectly in my
resource because I want to focus on the immigration students and children and how being
immigrant can affect their lives.

Motumara, H. (2015). Children and parents, innocence and guilt. Harvard Law Review, 128(5),

Sladkova, J. (2014) This research provides insight into the rarely explored psychosocial
aspects of undocumented migration, illuminates how Honduran migrants who attempt
this journey make sense of their experiences, and proposes interventions to mitigate the
potentially tragic consequences of this migration
This article analyzes the undocumented migrant experiences in the U.S. Also, it relates
stories of 21 immigrants from Honduras and all the obstacles they went through before
they came into the United States. This journey affected their health and mind because
they spend many days traveling and facing difficulties before they could get to the United
States. Many of them did not succeed, there were six female and fifteen male adult
participants. Many of that people came from the lower socio-economic area and they
came to here in search of a better economic situation.
The goal of this article is that people know all the difficulties that the immigrant faces
before they can get into our country. They are willing to take the risk because they want a
better economic life. This article it is similar to my other sources because it talks about
immigrant people and all the issues that they face.

Sldkov, J. (2014) The guys told us crying that they saw how they were killing her and they
could not do anything": Psychosocial Explorations Of Migrant Journeys To The U.S.
Psychosocial Intervention, 23(1), 1-9.

Ridley, S. (2015) The real global goal should be economic equity that can preserve culture
while encouraging positive migration in all directions: essentially, a world without
In this newspaper article, Ridley write that the real fear that people have for immigrant
population is the cultural contamination and not jobs or resource allocation. We as a
nation need to teach the immigrant people the tools so they can be good citizens, such as
filing taxes, opening bank accounts and many others. Ridley share that letting immigrant
live legal here will be the beginning of a new global understanding of how we can share
the benefits of our country. Also, there are other writers opinions about what Ridley
wrote, some of them support his idea and some others do not.
The goal of this newspaper article is to give immigration population an opportunity to
live legally here and what would happen if we support them. It is just an opinion of an
author it does not mean that it will happen but it could be an option. This topic about
immigration helps me because it gives an option of letting immigrant population live here
and how they will be good for us and for our country.

Ridley, S. (2015, March 21). Our Immigration Policy. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Costello, M. (2014) For at least a decade, headlines like these have shaped the way students
and their families think about immigration.
This magazine article is trying to concentrate more on students, and teach them the
importance of immigration in the United States. What everyone thinks of immigration it
varies depending on what they learn about. Immigration policy is something that
everyone should be aware of, and that includes students. Also, it tells us a little bit of the
immigration history, for example, in the 1940s is where the country started asking for
paperwork. Before that time there were no boundaries between countries and nothing
called immigration, and deportation. Finally, the article ends stating that students should
know what immigration has faced and that immigrants have been allowed or turned away
based on the economic situation.
The article is focused on the students and that it is necessary to know the immigration
history of our country. It is similar to my other sources because they all talk about
immigration and students. This article has helped me to remember that there are many
areas of immigration that no everyone knows but it is important that everyone be aware
of it.

Costello, M (Summer, 2014). An Educators Guide to the Immigration Debate. Teaching

Tolerance. Retrieved from http://www.tolerance.org/magazine/number-47-summer2014/feature/educator-s-guide-immigration-debate

Portes, A. The countless literary sagas of immigration portray it as the journey of people who
struggle to leave political oppression and destitution behind and who seek, and eventually
succeed, in rebuilding their lives on freedoms shores.
There are many experiences with immigration and that is only one part of the story.
Immigrant comes not because of dreams and needs but for interests and plans of
prospective employment. The majority of people immigrate to obtain a better job because
of economy needs. Later on the chapter it gives us a resume of the history of
immigration, the political economy and results of immigration in our country in the past
This chapter it is compared with other sources because they all talk about different issues
that immigrant population faces. The information provided is objective because it shows
statistics and dates where immigration started and more. In this chapter, the author
explains several topics of immigrant population, and those topics will be useful for the
research project.

Portes, A. (1996). Introduction: immigration and its aftermath. In Portes, A. (Ed.), The New
Second Generation (pp.1-7). New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation.

ProCon (2015) Some people say that illegal immigration benefits the US economy Some
people say that illegal immigration benefits the US economy
This webpage consist of different topics about illegal immigration. On the home page the
first thing that appears is a question What are the solutions to illegal immigration in
America? and it brings up two points of view, the solution to people who support
immigrant people, and the solution to people who does not support immigrant people.
There are links where are resources, pros and cons of immigration, and different projects
about it. The webpage was made by an organization named ProCon and they create it to
present studies and questions about illegal immigration in the United States.
This webpage is related to the other sources because all together will bring different
topics and points of view about immigration. The goal of this webpage is to present
research, studies and pro and con statements about immigration. The illegal immigration
webpage will help me in my research because it has information about immigration and
topics that I never thought before.

ProCon.org. (2015, February 5). Illegal Immigration Solutions. ProCon.org Retrieved March
26, 2015, from http://immigration.procon.org/

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