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Bryans in Rwanda

Serving at Kigali International Community School

Masters degree

March & April 2015

Its with pure joy that I announce that

Im finished with graduate school! Im
thankful to those who prayed and also
individuals and First Mennonite Church
(Berne, In) who financially support us.
You all paid for my last year of my
masters degree and Im grateful. Im
also privileged to have Douglas who
encouraged me when I thought it was
impossible. I feel relieved to be done!

Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss Week was celebrated in a very
splendid and quirky way. Each day the
elementary had themes including
Wacky Wednesday and Hat Day. One
afternoon our administration
dramatically read Green Eggs and Ham
while students feasted on these colored

New Mens Bible

Study Group
After several changes with small groups
this year, the most recent decision was
to start a mens bible study. The church
leadership and other group members
decided to start a mens group because
of a lack of female attendees. The first
week was wonderful studying Gods
Word. There is an opportunity for me to
mentor someone in the group who has
great ability and skill to be a small group
leader. I am excited to be a part of this!

Walk for Growth!

To raise money for KICSs Gifts 4 Growth campaign, our fabulous
PTO organized a Walk for Growth. Students raised money (both
cash and online) with the motivation of the winning class receiving
a pizza party. (Kids are motivated by the same things all over the
world! J) Our families raised over $20,000 in just a few weeks,
which is a true testimony to Gods goodness and faithfulness. The
walk was on a Thursday and we had great weather (even during
rainy season!), pumping music, and energetic kids. Each student
in the school walked or ran in the walkathon and everyone had a
great time. The PTO did an amazing job organizing this to raise
money for more materials at our school.

Bryans in Rwanda

March & April 2015

Please pray!
Prayer Requests:
Pray that the world will
learn from Rwanda so
that there are no more
Pray for KICS as we
finish hiring staff for
next year

Looking forward, but remembering

Genocide Memorial Week

April 7 was the 21st anniversary of the beginning of the 1994 Rwandan
Genocide. At the end of March we traveled with our staff and visited a
few memorial sites outside of Kigali that neither Douglas nor I had ever
been to. These were both in churches, where people went to take
refuge when the fighting started. However, instead of safety in Gods
house, there were people waiting to kill them. Now the buildings are
full of clothes from the bodies, items people brought with them to the
churches, examples of types of weapons used to kill, and a lot of skulls
and bones. These memorials contained mass graves full of the bodily
remains of those murdered. They spoke of testing genocides in
earlier years, when the perpetrators were seeing if it would work to kill
off an entire ethnic population. This broke me. How did no one stop
this? Too many unanswered questions.
Rwandas people have worked hard and forgiven much to get to where
they are today. When we left one memorial, the guide said, Please
share what youve seen today. We dont want this to ever happen
again. They are doing a lot to ensure that history doesnt repeat itself
again. We serve here, in this beautiful country, and teach future
leaders. We know people who are changing the country for the better.
We are in constant amazement when we hear of how people forgave
the murderers of their families, just as Jesus forgives each one of us.
When you think of Rwanda, I hope you think of a bright, beautiful place
that is ready to shine its light to the world.

Pray that we finish

strong with the last 3
weeks of school
Pray for our busy
summer in the states
We live in a peaceful
Reconciliation and
forgiveness are
happening here.
There is hope for this
beautiful country and
were happy to be here
witnessing that.
We serve a loving God
who is good all the
We have exciting
news! (See next page)

Want to join us here?

With love,

There are still a couple of open positions

at KICS for next year including: a grade 1
teacher and a grade 5 teacher. If youre
interested, check out our website:

Douglas & Kerry Bryan

B.P. 6558 / Kigali, Rwanda

Bryans in Rwanda

March & April 2015

Were having
a baby!
Although our purple themed newsletter makes it
seem like an indication that the baby will be a girl, we dont actually know yet (but
hope to find out in a few weeks). Im 17 weeks along and due on my brother
Andrews birthday, October 10. We plan to have our baby here in Rwanda. No need
to worry as its very safe and tons of women give birth here. We have an amazing
Canadian midwife and another American friend who is completing midwifery school
to help us. Well still come home for the summer and then plan to return to Rwanda
at the beginning of August.

So what will Kerry do next year?

I plan to stay at home and help out at KICS as Im needed and able.
This means that our stipend and housing benefits will be cut in
half, so well be looking for more individuals to partner with us
monthly or with one-time donations. Also, insurance will be a big
thing. The school is switching insurance companies, and our new
insurance requires you to be on their plan for a year before they
cover any pregnancy costs. Were looking into it, but we are
preparing to raise money for our pre-natal and post-natal
appointments, as well as the
delivery. The good news is that
all of these are a fraction of
the cost that they would be in
the U.S.. If youre interested in supporting us
financially, email us with questions or check out
www.bryansinrwanda.weebly.com to donate.
Thank you! (Hope you enjoy our cheesy pictures.)