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Ashim Nabith

Professor Ditch
English 113B
5 May 2015
Reflection Essay

This semester I learned more about gender nonconformity, culture and

grammar. These all helped me improve my essay one after the other. In
Project Space I learned how to address culture and how to incorporate my
personal experience without going off topic. In Project Text I not only learned
more about non-conformity but I improved on how to use scholarly quotes to
support my thesis. This greatly improves my writing because it makes my
essay more credible. This semester I learned many tools and skills that
improved my writing in class, and I know these same tools and skills will help
me in my future papers.

This semester of English 113B my writing has improved greatly. I

improved on how to improve my thesis formation, how to organize my
essays, and how to properly use grammar. In Project Space I specifically
improved on, how to support my thesis, and using my personal experience of
living in different cultures. In my work I show that I relate my personal
experience, of living in two different cultures, to my thesis. In the beginning
relating my personal experience to my thesis was very difficult to me

because I would go off topic, I would talk about how the they affected me
instead of relating it to my thesis. Now I can stay on topic while talking about
my personal experience in the paper. The grammar I learned in class would
greatly benefit me in my writing and will benefit me in the future. In the
beginning I wasnt good in understanding when and where to put the comma
or semi colon. Now I understand what sentence fragments are, how to
properly use commas, and when to use a semi colon. I saw how important
grammar skills are in writing. Learning how to properly use grammar showed
me that my writing could be improved in a different level. Project Space was
my first essay that used my personal experience as evidence to support my
thesis. I enjoyed using my personal experience as evidence, and learned how
to properly use it in the paper.

In Project Text I worked on how to incorporate quotes from the book to

support my thesis; nonconformity in World War 2. I felt very confident about
this paper because, last semester I worked with nonconformity in society. In
Project Text I improved my writing by having the right scholarly sources to
support my thesis. This particular paper was easy for me because I already
know how in certain situations people break out of their traditional gender
role. My scholarly sources are what really improved my writing. It made my
essay more legitimate because it correctly supported my thesis. Grammar
did also help improve my writing; I learned when to use commas and semi
colons; especially when it came to introducing scholarly quotes from my

articles. Even though in Project Text my grade didnt change I believe I did
improve, compared to Project Space I made less grammar mistakes; I
improved on how to correctly use commas and semi colons. Project Text was
where, I believed my improved. Besides small minor mistakes that could
have been avoided through revising it, I believe it greatly improved on the
amount of context and evidence it had. I used evidence that directly support
my thesis. The book, The Guernsey Society and Potato Peel Pie Society,
showed me how to begin my quotes and how to explain them through the
minds of the characters. The book also showed me the condition people went
through while under German Occupation; they had a chance to break out of.
Overall Project Text was when I really saw difference in my writing as a
whole, I saw my essay structure, thesis and essay organization greatly
improved compared to my past papers. These differences will continue to
improve greatly as I write and read in my future classes.
The entire time in this class I greatly improved in my writing. From
Project Space to Project Text I notice great change in the way I organize my
essays, my thesis structure, how I introduce my scholarly evidence, and how
to correctly use grammar skills. The class really taught me more on how to
properly use grammar in essays and more about non-conformity during
World War 2. The most important thing I believe I learned in class was the
grammar; I was always confused on how to use commas and semi colons.
The grammar quiz we took really showed me that I improved on grammar. I
can properly put commas and semi colons in the right places and I can notice

the mistakes or other peoples work. This class taught me more about
English that I would use my future classes. I learned how to correctly use
grammar in my essays and how to use my personal experience as evidence
to support my thesis. In the end this class improved the way I write. I still
need practice in my grammar, and thesis formation, however I learned the
basics. These basics will hopefully improve as I write and read in the future. I
enjoyed being a part of this class; I learned so much from it about culture
and nonconformity. I will take these things I learned to my future classes and
use them in my writings. I will also take these things in my life, seeing
cultures and gender in a different way.