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Noemi Flores

English 113 B
Professor Rebecca Lawson
21 April 2015
The Hunger Games Trilogy
We all see how we live in a world where entertainment is a huge part of society
and can even control people. We see how entertainment is such a distraction in our every
day lives that we dont pay attention to real issues in life. We are so distracted by
entertainment, that we fail to see that we ourselves are a government, that we as people
have let government control us. We fail to see all our flaws and all the economic
inequality the 99% vs. 1%, we have created in our world. For example, in The Hunger
Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins we see how although Katnisss world may be fiction
we see a reflection of how our world is just like Katnisss world. The Hunger Games
trilogy tells us about issues like entertainment and government control. We should not let
government control us like in her world, and entertainment should not distract us. In the
hunger games, the capital and the districts are both blinded by real issues, just like our
real world governments control us like the hunger games in a less extended version.
Government Control and Entertainment blind citizens in their society, to give opinion and
just agree to any issue their world has.
The capital in the hunger games is blinded to the real issues in life because of
entertainment and fashion and dont pay attention to the government they have. In the
Hunger Games by Suzann Collins we see how the capital clearly does not care about
district 12 Somewhere far away, I can hear the crowd murmuring unhappily as they
always do when a twelve-year old gets chosen because no one thinks this is fair, which
demonstrates the capital does not care about real issues in life. The capital does not care
to even send a 12 year old to die. We can clearly see the capital just wants entertainment

if they dont even care about a 12 year old that shows that capital does not care about its
citizens. The capital is blinded by real issues in life because of their luxuries and their
entertainment. Just like in the United States the Kardshianes and other elite groups are
the 1% that has everything while most of the United states just live day to day. Though
we are the most powerful country most of us cant afford to travel like the people in the
Capital. And the Kardashians like the Capital in the United States are blinded by all their
luxuries that also just pay attention to how they look. Moreover, though the poor
contribute to have a better life for the elite the elites does not acknowledge the poor.
Katniss is from District 12 in which the people live in deep
Appalachian poverty. The 12 districts seem to serve the elite and
privileged population in the Capital. Wood, Cedric. "MOVIE REVIEW:

'The Hunger Games'." The Monitor, (2012): . which shows the Capital or the
United States care about Appalachia or district 12. The Capital acknowledged the
poverty in district 12 but does nothing about it. Like in the US I didnt even know
we had a state named Appalahia. I never hear the president or the US ever talk
about this state. Even though we are the most powerful country the elite never
really cares about the poor and are to distracted by media and wealth to even
care for the poor.
Poor people from the districts are blinded by real issues in life because they are
forced to live day-to-day, and are afraid to rebel and afraid of the games. In the
Hunger games by Suzanne Collins we see that the poor are to afraid of
rebellion. A group of peacemakers marches us through the front door of the
Justice Building. Maybe tributes have tried to escape in the past. Ive never seen

that , which implies that the district are to afraid too rebel against the Capital.
The new tributes were afraid going to the games, but the districts together just
listened to what the Capital said. Even past or future tributes are to afraid to even
try running away from the games because they are controlled by the Capital. No
one in the districts have even thought to refuse to go to the hunger games
though that meant they would most likely die. The districts do not rebel because
they must listen to the Capital. The poor are also to afraid every year to be that
one un lucky person to be sent. They dont even have time to organize districts
together because they barely can find their own food. Furthermore, the districts
are not organized enough to go against the capital because of the day to day
needs they must do to live. "The Hunger Games" is anchored to an
existence that can already be seen today in the unending flood of
reality TV shows. It's a cautionary story of what happens when people
start to lose touch with their humanity.