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WSTDL: #3 Diversity Title: Tutoring Students in a Special Education Classroom Date: Fall Semester, 2012

Artifact Description

The artifact is a review from the teacher for the UW-Platteville class Introduction to

Inclusion where I tutored in a special education classroom in Belmont, Wisconsin. I tutored

around 10 students ranging in grades from 3 rd grade to 12 th grade for Angela Klein, the

special education teacher. I helped these students with reading and writing comprehension,

correcting work books, teaching basic math concepts and testing students to see if they have

succeeded in learning new concepts. I worked with students in small groups of two or three

but also did individual instruction. Before beginning lessons I would discuss the students’

progress from my last visit and the lesson plan for the day with the Mrs. Klein.

Alignment Reflection

My experience aligns with Wisconsin Standards Teacher Development and Licensure

number three. Number three is Diversity and it states “The teacher understands how

students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are

adapted to diverse learners”

My experience aligns with this standard because I had to use many different teaching

styles and methods with a wide range of students. Some students were kinesthetic

learners while others were visual; some students preferred to have a choice in what order

they completed and turned in homework, and other students needed an authoritative

style of teacher to tell them what they needed to be doing at all times. I am more

competent in this standard because I now fully understand that some students learn in a

similar style, but others may have a completely different way of learning that I need to

make accommodations for.

UW-Platteville Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Alignment

My experience aligns with UW-Platteville Knowledge, Skill, and Disposition Alignment

KSD1.b. : This standard states “Demonstrating knowledge of Students: The candidate

displays knowledge of the typical developmental characteristics, learning styles, skills,

interests, developmental backgrounds, and cultural heritages of students and is always

aware of the broad ranges and variety present for each of these students characteristics and


My experience aligns with this KSD because each and every student in the classroom

had different learning styles, skills and interests. During my time tutoring, I learned that

each and every student has a different way of learning.

KSD2.d. : The candidate can establish clear standards of conduct with student input. The

monitoring of these standards is subtle and preventive with respectful student self- and peer

monitoring also occurring. The candidate can respond to misbehavior effectively, being

sensitive to individual needs.

KSD3.d. : The candidate can provide timely, high quality feedback that is useful to the students in

their learning.

Personal Reflection

What I learned about teaching/learning from this experience.

From my experiences, I learned that students have different approaches to learning. This needs

to be addressed by the teacher to more effectively reach the students. When I become a teacher, I

plan on addressing this by having lesson that appeal to these different learning styles. I will do

this by understanding student's different developmental characteristics, learning styles, skills,

and interests by learning about my students.

What I learned about myself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact:

From what I have learned, when I go into the classroom, I will try to teach in many different

styles to accommodate as many students as possible. Whether it be visual or audible, I will try to

design lesson plans that appeal to all types of learning.